Weapon Request : saltz of the pyre: victor™

A total bliss is what it feels like to play as warrior priest, his by design lack of ranged is troubling sometimes.

I know you guys are not like a place where we call 1-800-SHARK and ask for stuff, but i thought this idea is good so i will just dump it here, please give it some thought would ya? also happy new year!

Please add a throwable 2 handed hammer for wp, make it as big as a staff and slow to throw like it requires preparation, no quick switching no scope, people gotta have victor clear of enemies for the animation to complete and make it a stagger monster as well if its thrown while fury is active have some AOE burn on the impact zone.
the throwing animation could be something like this:

spoiler alert, he dies.

As for recovering it, instantly if you pick it up from the crater but if you somehow mess it up and lose it you have a similar reload animation from sister of thorn spear but PAINFULLY Painfully slow.
like you should feel physical pain if you throw it off the cliff.

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It’s even weirder when you know that nothing stop a WP of Sigmar from using a ranged weapon (At least a gun)

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Probably just saltz looking at Slayer&GK and going like “What if that but Sigmar&hammers?”

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I think its more because Fatshark likes flexing their awesome melee combat system.


I settle for the 1 handed flail.