Warrior Priest - Righteous Fury minor rework

At the moment righteous Fury is pretty random and often times it’s lackluster as it triggers at the end of a wave.

Instead of triggering automatically, once the bar fills it won’t start dropping down. Player has to manyally use it by pressing F and it gets used before the ult (so you still have to use it at some point, only you have more control over it). Other than that it will work the same (bar drops down if not filled and outside of combat or after triggering it).


Oh we had pretty much the same idea except the activation part

Or maybe use the R key which currently has no uses for WP?

Nah, I don’t want it to be available all the time as a secondary ult like the Sott’s second ult. It’s a tradeoff, you get control over it’s activation but you are locked out of your ult untill you use it.

I don’t like that at all.
Just make it charge up a bit faster and it will get more relevant uptime - it’s not like it’s never relevant anyway.
More charge and less decay so long as you’re in combat should do the trick.

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Its in very good situation right now, If it will be more uptime its starts to be too good its support class, and I would say very strong in what its supposed to do. You guys powercreeping him wont help this.


If you want a melee class that can windmill though hordes and elites with excellent monster damage play GK.

WP is really good as a support class, and being able to prevent damage to allies hooked or grabbed is an amazing buff. Righteous Fury is about right I think and players are getting used to keeping it up or stopping it decaying already. Giving it a buff with just make him really hard to kill with huge damage potential and really bad power creep.

It also frees them guaranteed due to the aoe stun when the shield runs out.

It’s not more uptime, it’s the exact same amount of uptime except you can somewhat decide when to spend it.

So pretty much more uptime because if you start it on start of horde you refill it with it being active.

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Yeah, i’d like that to be a thing too.
Filling the Fury Meter and manually activating it via “R” when you need it the most at the beginning of a Horde or mid-Horde to counter sudden surprises like a bunch of Berserkers, a Pat or a Horde mid-Boss fight. The extra 20% dmg via Fury could help with that alot. it is SO rare to have Fury up for a Boss fight where you could need it the most.

Or have it activated when using the Career Skill on yourself or someone else.

Okay i had a moment to think about it and i came up with an idea how to make Righteous Fury better.
Keep the Fury Meter build up by enemies killed around him, but:

  • Victor taking damage from any type of source fills/refills his Fury Meter equally to the damage taken. (Getting hit makes everyone pretty angry by logic.) It would help alot in overwhelming Hordes where Enemies around you sneak a hit or two on Victor or when a Boss lands a big hit on him, fueling his Wrath for “Retaliation” even further.
  • Optionally, activating his Career Skill could also fill/refill his Fury Meter by 25-50%, for either jumpstarting his Fury right at the beginning of a Horde or Boss fight; topping off the rest of the Meter if it just needs a little more to become activated OR to refill an already active Fury to stretch out the duration a little longer.

Over all my suggestion revolves around Victor taking damages helps to build up his Fury additionally.


On Tzeentch Twins + Bombs event, you could have it up for half of the match. I’m guessing they actually may have balanced it around Cata+, or never intended for it to have a lot of uptime. Especially since it procs off Bosses, and you rarely get a Horde insantly (and within range) to get use out of it.

The timing for it is weird though.

i really like warrior priest but every time i get fury activated, there is nothing to kill. even worse, when there are things to kill, other careers kill things much faster than me. the grail knights with their ult, the sisters with their ult, and it’s based on the enemy’s health. that 30% extra super armor damage cannot compete with gk/sister one shot ults. idk how i’m even supposed to heal the team if i dont have a fire bomb. being able to control when i use the fury would be so beneficial.

I stumbled into that same problem. Just barely healing the group by killing the trash because others make the killing blow. i really rarely benefit from the skill when active.
So now i took the Shockwave and it’s much easier now to keep the large clumped up hordes at bay when they get too close for comfort. it does help to stay near squishy team mates and give them some room to breath with one or two pushes into the horde.
I’ll have to see how i can make the Fortune Talent work out better again.

press F to kill, careers are boring to use, lowering skill input, and kill fun for others.
i have been saying this for quite some time, the cooldown is so low on these that if your team has two of those careers your probably never gonna kill a CW on cata with actual combat, its laughable. i always advocated that these skills need to be tied to someform of player skill, like huntsman having to headshot, im fine with that.

but i realized that not a small portion of the comunity enjoys this, and likely won’t change as a result.
i can only hope that Darktide won’t go that route.


i totally agree that some of these ults are boring to use. i played gk a bit and it made me so lazy when i switched back to slayer and didnt have a “panic” one-shot button. personally i feel like it promotes bad habits. idk how long the careers been out but probably too long for a rework?