Warrior Priest - Righteous Fury minor rework

At the moment righteous Fury is pretty random and often times it’s lackluster as it triggers at the end of a wave.

Instead of triggering automatically, once the bar fills it won’t start dropping down. Player has to manyally use it by pressing F and it gets used before the ult (so you still have to use it at some point, only you have more control over it). Other than that it will work the same (bar drops down if not filled and outside of combat or after triggering it).

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Oh we had pretty much the same idea except the activation part

Or maybe use the R key which currently has no uses for WP?

Nah, I don’t want it to be available all the time as a secondary ult like the Sott’s second ult. It’s a tradeoff, you get control over it’s activation but you are locked out of your ult untill you use it.

I don’t like that at all.
Just make it charge up a bit faster and it will get more relevant uptime - it’s not like it’s never relevant anyway.
More charge and less decay so long as you’re in combat should do the trick.

Its in very good situation right now, If it will be more uptime its starts to be too good its support class, and I would say very strong in what its supposed to do. You guys powercreeping him wont help this.


If you want a melee class that can windmill though hordes and elites with excellent monster damage play GK.

WP is really good as a support class, and being able to prevent damage to allies hooked or grabbed is an amazing buff. Righteous Fury is about right I think and players are getting used to keeping it up or stopping it decaying already. Giving it a buff with just make him really hard to kill with huge damage potential and really bad power creep.

It also frees them guaranteed due to the aoe stun when the shield runs out.

It’s not more uptime, it’s the exact same amount of uptime except you can somewhat decide when to spend it.

So pretty much more uptime because if you start it on start of horde you refill it with it being active.

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