Warrior priest need a tiny rework on fury

Managed to show how amazing Slatozpurin new career is to a friend who recently got the game, he was mesmerized by it, went out and got it BUT he cannot trigger fury, apparently the thing was meant for highier difficulties where the mobs are hyperdense while as at the new player friendly difficulties the thing just won’t trigger at all, even on legend sometimes you get it only AFTER the horde is done and gone.
ITs a bliss to play with him and i understand the danger of tweaking this up too much turning him into OP healer but coudn’t fury get a tiny bit easier to trigger? specially with the tome and hammer?

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They need to nerf warrior priest he is a support and ive seen people finish with top damage

nerf warrior priest please nerf tome & hammer

the fury is poorly tought trough, it already has an difficulty scaling but it really doesn’t feel like the intended amount of uptime in any difficulty below cata exept you modify horde density or frequency


We get it, they nerfed your pay2win elf, shut up.


I feel like his overall dmg output is too low because dev assumed him to have Fury activated most of the time in their mind, which unfortunately is not true especially when fighting against monsters. He should either have better chances at activating Fury or have Enemy of Chaos applied against monsters as well.


even on hordes its activating quite late if at all, i find it quite frustrating to play towards fury, as it requires constant dmg output, if there is just a slight downtime in killing, chances are you can start over from zero, and lets face it there are many part in maps that have some form of downtime, or you might be in shooty party that creates more downtime for melee only classes (nothing inherently wrong with that) but combining all factors i think its a major hassle to play towards fury and currently just a unfun mechanic