Warrior Priest Feedback and Suggestions

Hello there!
After dedicating some time to Saltzpyre’s new career, Warrior Priest of Sigmar, I’ve noticed some minor questionable moments in his kit.
Here’s the list of them with possible solutions.

  1. Player has little control over Righteous Fury meter. I found myself having it activated and no enemies around to hit more times than I’d like to. Or when there were several chaos warriors in front of me, I could quickly kill them and restore health of my teammates if had Righteous Fury active, but instead their deaths fill the meter leaving me with nothing but an empty hole in my soul.
    It would be much better if Righteous Fury got turned on by press of button (“R”, for example, it’s not used in Warrior Priest’s kit at all). Decreasing of the meter’d be possible in two cases: if it’s not full or if it’s activated by player.
    Will it be more convenient? Yes. Will it break the balance? No idea, but here’s an example from another game. Team Fortress 2 once had a new weapon added, Soda Popper. At first it had similar mechanic (player does %action_x%, meter gets filled and activated, providing player with %buff_y%). Because of its clunkiness it’s been changed several times and now it has meter activation by a button press. Now this weapon, still being a gimmick, has its niche.
    Thus, I suggest not to invent the wheel and simply do an equal change to Righteous Fury.

  2. Warrior Priest gains no Righteous Fury from fighting a monster, only after it dies which is kind of pointless unless Saltzpyre has “From Fury, Fortitude” and deals the killing blow. It’s not exactly super helpful to have Righteous Fury active during a monster fight, but extra damage is extra damage. Also, it makes little sence that Saltzpyre remains perfectly calm in presence of somthing like a rat ogre.
    Which is why I propose a change: Righteous Fury gets filled from monster receiving damage.
    This one, however, is completely optional.

  3. Warrior Priest has weapons and talents that make it more profitable to go for single big HP targets aka elites (and monsters).
    Which is why I think that THP on cleave should be replaced with THP on kill. From my experience, the former is better than the latter, but THP on kill fits him thematically.
    This one is also completely optional.

  4. Players, protected by Shield of Faith, still can be grabbed by disablers.
    Though it has a reason from balance and “git gud” perspective, it’s completely ruins immersion and common sence. I mean, it’s a force field, it block all projectiles, sword, maces and claws, but can’t block a hook. This is just weird.
    Which is I propose following change: Shield of Faith should protect its target not just from damage, but from being disabled as well. It should also “enable” the target, if it’s being disable in the moment of talent application. Monsters’d still have an ability to throw the protected target away.
    This one is the least balanced change and probably should be abandoned, but it’d be nice to have it.

As it comes for the feedback overall, Warrior Priest is pretty nice as a career. He feels and plays as an actual support, but still capable of fighting back.
That’s about it. Thank you for your attention!


From Faith Fortitude’s healing interaction on activation is host dependent - if you are on client and land the killing blow nobody heals. If you are host and fill the bar killing something you get HP for that kill (useful for monsters and CWs) but not on client.

But I’ve said over and over that it’s the best choice on a bad row. I have come around a little on Empowered Smite for dunking elites but since so much of your utility is killing hordes and they usually aren’t proccing on horde enemies it’s a trade off. The push one is just wasted here on a career overflowing with CC.


:no_good_man: oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Nein, absolutely non, THP on cleave is the most consistent one. He already has to compete with his team to get his passive to function, don’t make him compete just to live, too! My man can’t even kill an ambient rat without taking a combination of Javelins, fire magic, and a whole MWP mag dump straight to the back! Thank Sigmar most Kruber’s are playing as Grail Knight and not Huntsman, WP would just never play the game!

Anyway, change Righteous Fury to generate on damage dealt, not kills, or both at the same time, or cut his charge bar to 40 instead of 100 so it’ll actually turn on when he’s in combat, or all of the above because his current passive sucks and I see no way how it could be OP.


@dannylew8299 beat me to it on this, but yeah that’s literally the worst WP suggestion I’ve ever seen and it’s not close.

I have a counter proposal I think is a little more nuanced. Just increase the stagger of the ending burst a bit. It’s already possible to build it to guarantee it stagger packmasters it’s just that the requirements are absurd. It’s actually quite trivial to spec for the dot to kill Cata packmasters outright. Making the stagger breakpoint reasonable to spec for would give WPs more interesting build choices in what they wanna focus on doing.


I’ve said it before but I refuse to see that passive become an activated steroid. I like the way it’s intended, though I definitely agree the delivery needs some tuning. Goes with your second point as well, but I think a tweak to any or some of these would put the passive in a good place :

  • fury gen on damage
  • more fury gen on kill
  • less decay rate
  • longer time before it decays
  • pause the decay for 3 second when in combat
  • against monsters : add an extra passive generation so long as a monster lives

Isn’t life all about competition? Don’t be a baby, fight them! Show them who is the true boss of the chapel!

Jokes aside, this is why I made this one completely optional. It’s worse in every aspect except maybe some hypothetical sinergy with several talents. Meh.

Vtide² is a 3v1 co-opetitive team game where players try to outrun the elf while also racing each other to kill elites before being downed by moonfire damage.
FF stands for FFriendship


Easy solution to this is that the Fury meter does not decay when out of combat, yet decays slightly faster whilst in combat. This should keep it somewhat balanced.

For reference, current decay rate is 6 points per second and the meter has 100 points.

I’m not going to go into how this should be changed as it is far too subjective, and I have zero interest in discussing it.

Also, fury gained per kill should inversely scale with difficulty because this is just another scenario where a certain mechanic is near-enough unusable at lower difficulties.

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It… does though? I believe it’s 75% generation on Cata, 100% on Legend and Champ, 125% on Veteran, and 150% on Recruit. Those numbers might be slightly off, and maybe that’s not enough scaling I dunno, but I do applaud that FS at least thought of this issue and tried to build in a mechanic to combat it.

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He also doesn’t have enough burst to land the kills for Life on Kill. That’s why his Crit from kills Talent isn’t that good too.

On Righteous Fury. I enjoy how it works, but getting it as a Horde ends feels dumb. I feel like landing headshots on Bosses could give it a bump along too.


I forgot to comment on this in my previous post. I agree and I don’t. It is a strictly multiplicative increase, which is definitely not to be underestimated, especially against Super Armour where you already have 30% bonus damage (plus potentially Smiter, Rising Judgement, and power vs properties). I don’t think there’s any other buff in the game that is straight multiplicative with every other boost, especially with empowered smite boosting it up to 40%

However, the reality is WP has pretty limited damage/power boosts to combo with it, so it’s kept in check pretty easily. However if they were ever to fold to whinging and give him more damage/power boosts Smite, and especially Empowered Smite could get out of hand pretty quickly. Even as he is now he can get up to +90% damage vs CWs before power properties (yes I know you’re not always gonna have max stacks of Rising Judgement, please just indulge me for the math hypothetical). At +100% damage boost Smite is effectively a +40% power property, and Empowered Smite +80%. That’s kinda nutty.

So yeah I do think it’s getting kind of underrated as a passive, though I fully agree how it is now really isn’t great and it definitely needs some QoL fixes.


Personal opinion: the only damage boost WP needs is for his passive to activate logically. It’s why I’m so obnoxious about getting it changed.

No other career has to wait as long or work as hard for a 20% boost.


If it does then at least that part is taken care of. I haven’t played the lower difficulties in a long time and this important detail for some reason went generally speaking unadvertised.

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