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  2. Bounty Hunter
  3. Zealot
  4. Warrior Priest of Sigmar
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These are discussion threads, where the aim is to share and test different mechanical interactions or gameplay strategies that aren’t made clear by game descriptions or by general gameplay experience. For that reason I will not be focusing on breakpoints too heavily.

Links to other guides:

These are links to builds and in-depth information on every Career and Weapon. My guides are more to share information and mechanic interactions that aren’t obvious or take some testing:

For in-depth guides with specific stat builds and breakpoints, check out Sleezyrats and Royal w/ Cheese’s guides on Steam guides:
Steam Community :: Guide :: Tweaking Your Build (Supplement to the Build Guides)

Movement Speed techniques with all Characters/Careers/Weapons:
Steam Community :: Guide :: In-depth Movement Guide

1. Witch Hunter Captain:

1. Witch Hunter Captain:

Health: 150 (with 20% Health on Necklace)
Cooldown: 90s (45s with 50% CDR)
Cooldown Reduction On-Hit: 0.5
Cooldown Reduction On-Damaged: 0.2


  • Unlisted Passive 25% Headshot damage
  • Unlisted Passive 5% Crit Chance
  • Potential 25% Passive Crit Chance (Base 5% that all Characters have, Passive, Items, Wild Fervour)
  • Potential 50% Crit Chance, with Career Skill
  • Potential 50% Cooldown Reduction
  • Potential 45% Dodge Range (Rapier- and even further with Rapier dodge tech: video linked in Weapons tab)
  • Potential 70% Stamina Regeneration with Cast Away (170% with Handmaiden’s Aura)
  • Any player can trigger the Witch-Hunt tagging Passive, the enemy takes increased damage from all sources
  • Witch Hunt increases DoT damage, including from Flense
  • Eternal Guard (Passive): No block cost from frontal light attacks within the inner block angle. “Light attacks” means any attack that would take 2 stamina (1 shield) or less to block
  • Fervency causes your Career Skill to no longer benefit teammates
  • The Bill Hook Special Attack can Crit and proc Killing Shot
  • Ranged Attacks proc Killing Shot, including the Rapier Special Attack

General opinion:

WHC is a glass cannon Career that excels at Horde clear and deleting Elites, and supporting the team.

Avoiding as much damage as possible whilst landing as many headshots as possible is the best description of how to play WHC. He has potential to survive and outkill in the most difficult scenarios.

The most support he can offer is running the CDR build with Wild Fervour. Feeding people Crits and Swiftslaying, while knocking large groups of enemies on the floor. When Crit stacking with Rapier this seems like the most effective build there is on WHC, in terms of AoE team value.

Most of his Melee Weapons work, given the right build. Flail and 1H Axe do work, but always feel slow or clunky when compared to the alternatives. Spam Crits with 1H Axe can be pretty fun though.

Rapier is obviously the best Weapon for him, due to it’s Attack Speed, allowing you to dodge around Hordes and put Flense on as many enemies as possible while fishing for headshot Crits with Lights.

For range, Repeater Pistol and Volley Crossbow feel weakest, but can still be made useful. Crossbow, Brace of Pistols and the Griffon-Foot are best though.

Griffon-Foot Crit stacking and Scrounger with Always Prepared is a fun build, which actually generates a lot of ammo back, due to 50% Crit Chance.


A solid Tank Career always makes WHC feel a bit less squishy, and being able to float around the back of them fishing for headshot Crits is a fun playstyle.

Any Career that can give WHC some bonus Power, as it applies to Flense. E.g. GK’s Quest.

WHC benefits GK (Crit Talent build), any Kerillian build, Pyromancer, and the majority of Careers that rely on Crit, if he’s running the CDR build.


Does the Attack Speed being the best stat after 20% Crit Chance rule still apply when considering WHC’s Passive?
Heavily depends on difficulty since Killing Shot is tied to enemy max health, but in general unless you have range breakpoints to reach just run AS.

Eternal Guard Block Cost interaction?
Weapon Block Cost/property Block Cost Reduction has nothing to do with Eternal Guard. If the attack stamina damage base cost is <2, Eternal Gard works.

Witch Hunt stacking interaction?
Currently it doesn’t stack with Huntsman Make 'Em Bleed, Bounty Hunter Open Wounds, melee trait Off Balance.

2. Bounty Hunter:

2. Bounty Hunter:

Health: 120 (with 20% Health on Necklace)
Cooldown: 70s (63s with 10% CDR) - (Just Reward reduces it by 14s per Crit)
Cooldown Reduction On-Hit: 0.25
Cooldown Reduction On-Damaged: 0.23


  • Potential 40% Power with Volley Crossbow (Hunter) and Weight of Fire AND Assassin- Prize Bounty Recommended. You can land the triple shot on both Armoured and Unarmoured in one shot (for Hunter)
  • Using the Rapier Special Attack uses up Blessed Shots and grants Trait buffs. No need to run Crit for Swiftslaying if you’re using Blessed Combat
  • Rapier Special Attack Crits work with Just Reward Cooldown Reduction
  • Open Wounds: Crits cause enemies to take 20% increased damage for a short duration 15 seconds. Does not stack with similar effects
  • Locked and Loaded (Ult): Victor fires a powerful shot that pierces enemies and ten weaker shots in a cone
  • Double-shotted: Modifies Victor’s sidearm to fire two powerful bullets in a straight line. Scoring a headshot with this attack reduces the cooldown of Locked and Loaded by 40%. Each bullet can trigger this talent, meaning it can grant 80% reduction if the enemy doesn’t die to just one of the bullets
  • Bombs eat Blessed Shots, but do not Crit or give any other bonuses, not even Just Reward CDR
  • Ultimate aim is not altered by suppression
  • Rapier Special-Attack, Repeater Pistol, Griffon-Foot, Brace of Pistols and Volley Crossbow left click (non-ADS) shots benefits from Open Wounds on the first shot

General opinion:

Bounty Hunter is extremely good at dealing with single enemies from range. While he is squishy until DMGR stacks, if you build for sustained melee fighting, you should be able to maintain THP, keeping you outside of one-shot range. This works if you’re not running Job Well Done.

While Double-Shotted is currently a bit too strong, Just Reward and Indiscriminate Blast are completely viable as alternatives. A CDR build with Just Reward works, without the need of headshots, and Indiscriminate Blast works with Hunter builds to delete corridors of enemies.

Most Melee Weapons work, but as BH doesn’t get much in terms of Dodge or Stamina/BCR Talents or Passives, it means some struggle, unless played with optimal builds.

In terms of Range, all of his Ranged Weapons are viable, including Power stacking with Repeater Pistol (Hunter) and Prize Bounty, since the Crit that procs Hunter benefits from Hunter, allowing you to delete Hordes.

Playing a support build with Open Wounds on the Griffon-Foot is also viable, but a bit of a meme. It does allow people to avoid Shrapnel though, so Outcast Engineer’s Bombadier build would be good for Bosses.


Any melee heavy comp, that can create space for him to deal with Specials, Elites and Bosses, or benefit him in being a melee clear with the Volley Crossbow (Hunter) build.

RV feeding him ammo with a ranged Hunter build would be best.


CDR in seconds Double-Shotted?
28 sec per headshot, max 56 sec. Pre-SOTT patch you can get 100% CDR by landing 3 headshots.

3. Zealot:

3. Zealot:

Health: 180 (with 20% Health on Necklace)
Cooldown: 60s (54s with 10% CDR) (Flagellant’s Zeal removes 30s)
Cooldown Reduction On-Hit: 0.5s
Cooldown Reduction On-Damaged: 0.2s


  • 42.5% Power Potential
  • Power effects Ranged Weapons
  • Due to the high amount of Power, Zealot should carry Bombs for Chaos Warriors and Bosses
  • Potential 75% Attack Speed
  • Potential 120% Heal increase (Boon of Shallya) 145% with SoTT
  • Potential 40% Damage Reduction or 80% with Barkskin active
  • After using career skill/during Career Skill, Zealot can walk through enemies. This is very good for picking out Elites inside Hordes
  • Due to Bandages clearing wounds if you heal someone else, after you’ve gone down, Zealot is one of the few Careers that should prioritize Bandages on Cata+, so he can stay low True Health
  • Heart of Iron (Passive): Become invulnerable for 5 seconds on taking lethal damage. 2 minute cooldown

General opinion:

Zealot is fairly straight forward. His Attack Speed and Passives make him one of the best Horde clearers, and allows him to generate ridiculous amounts of Temporary Health. Combined with Saltzpyre’s Weapons having a good amount of Dodges and Dodge Range, you’re able to be almost unkillable outside of being bursted down.

The build I tend to play with him has 20% Health/10% Chaos DMGR (Boon of Shallya) on Necklace, Crit/Chaos Weapons and Cooldown Reduction/Crit on Trinket, so it’s had to get killed with an overhead while generating THP damage you take, if you manage to take any with how aggresive you can be with him. I barely ever Push or Block, and just spam Lights/Heavys while Dodging.

In terms of Melee Weapons, everything works due to the versatility of Saltz Melee Weapons combined with his Passives.

Ranged Weapons receive the same Power from his Passives (for some reason), meaning they mostly work, with Repeater Pistol being a bit lackluster. Volley Crossbow can have nearly unlimited ammo with Smite.


Zealot is designed to be strong alone, but works well with anyone that can buff him, or someone with high Boss damage and Chaos Warrior burst.

He has extremely good synergy with SoTT, due to her passive Heal Increase, and either Chaos Warrior/Boss burst or Walls that give him damage increases, or allow him to make use of the Stagger they create. Using your Career Skill as the Wall breaks is recommended. You can also run Faith’s Flurry or Feel Nothing, as you’ll generate so much THP that you can trade with multiple Elites to reduce Career Skill Cooldown. 2H Sword Zealot with SoTT is one of the strongest combos I’ve experienced in V2.


Anything that heals him for True Health.


4. Warrior Priest of Sigmar:

4. Warrior Priest of Sigmar:

Health: 180 (with 20% Health on Necklace) - 203 (with WPoS Passive)
Cooldown: 70s (63s with 10% CDR)
Cooldown Reduction On-Hit: 0.25s
Cooldown Reduction On-Damaged: 0.25


  • Bombs and Barrels grant Sigmar’s Executioner (Crit from Elite kills)
  • Bombs and Barrels grant From Fury, Fortitude (heal team on-kill). May be worth running bomb dupe or feeding WP with bombs
  • His Career Skill shield breaking grants both, when it’s DoT kills an enemy
  • Landing a kill on Bosses does seem to grant From Fury, Fortitude- so let him get the last hit
  • Flail and Shield has a block built in to the Heavy 1 (not sure how long the block window is)
  • Career Skill takes it’s damage from the Weapon you’re equipping at the time you use it
  • The DoT from the end of Shield of Faith (Career Skill) will kill a Packmaster on Cata, if you run one of either Skaven or Monster + Enhanced Power
  • Shielding Sienna after she spams Ranged, so she can safely burn Overcharge is difficult to do, but extremely helpful
  • High-end players should use the Shield for setting up Boss bursts or Bomb bursts on high density
  • Career Skill Shield blocks friendly fire
  • Opportunist on your weapon does not affect the Career Skill’s stagger strength
  • Holding your weapon inspect bind and then pressing your Career Skill bind, will let you inspect his tome
  • The Health Passive Talent can be used to avoid being in ‘one-shot range’ of Elite attacks. This is especially helpful for modifiers where enemies have increased damage, such as the Deed modifier ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’
  • Skull-Splitter Hammer and Tome’s fully charged Heavy 2 works on corpses, and does not use up your Rising Judgement stacks when you hit them
  • You can charge Skull-Splitter and Tome’s Heavy’s with the Special-Attack button before you reach enemies or for mobility
  • Rising Judgement gives stacks during the Heavy Attacks too, meaning Dual Wield Attacks will benefit from 2 stacks for every Heavy
  • Rising Judgement only increases damage, not Power or Stagger, so the AoE explosion from Skull-Splitter & Blessed Tome does not receive this bonus
  • Prayer of Hardiness is calculated from Base Health

Here are some interesting segments from Royale w/ Cheese’s guide:
Steam Community :: Guide :: Warrior Priest of Sigmar DLC Guide

Shield of Faith
  • Press Career Skill key(default key: F) will put the shield on Victor. Holding Career Skill to target an ally and using the attack input to place it on them with a range limit of 20(double the range of Ironbreaker/Witch Hunter Captain career skill). Can target allies behind walls and objects.
    The inner radius explosion is able to stop normal elites all attacks, but cannot stagger Chaos Warrior overhead/Monster/Lord; the outer radius explosion can only stagger trash mobs. It also applies a fire DoT inside its AoE. The inner radius fire DoT lasts 5 seconds, has a base tick rate of per 0.7 seconds; outer radius fire DoT lasts 2 seconds, has a base tick rate of per 1.5 seconds. The explosion and DoT damage source are always counted as Warrior Priest

  • Both inner and outer radius explosion is able to stagger off most disablers except Hookrat, but the inner explosion + DoT damage can kill Legend Hookrat or kill Cataclysm Hookrat most of the time(need 7 ticks of DoT)

  • It can also free you from Halescourge/Nurgloth bee attack when it explodes

Righteous Fury:
  • Victor can only restore energy when enemies die within 6 units(similar to normal aura range)

  • Need to store 100 energy to trigger Righteous Fury. After triggering it/after 5 sec out of combat, you lose 6 energy per sec. Currently, for host as long as anyone in the team is hitting enemies, you are not counted as out of combat. However, for client Warrior Priest need to hit enemies himself to be counted as not out of combat

  • Horde units generate 2 energy, elites generate 6, specials generate 8, bosses generate 200.

  • On Recruit you generate 150% energy, Veteran generates 120%, Champion/Legend/Cataclysm/Cataclysm 2 generate 100%, Cataclysm 3 generates 70%
    -Only works on melee attacks. Does not work with push, bombs or Skull-Splitter & Blessed Tome AoE explosion.

  • The second attack deals 20% of the original hit, dealing increased damage if the original hit landed a headshot/critical attack. It also fully benefits from stagger bonus and all Level15 talents.
    The second attack is able to apply a secondary stagger(same stagger power as light push, e.g rapier/dagger push) to enemies but does not generate temporary health from Level 5 talents nor generate career skill charges.

Divine Excoriation:
Performing a push during Righteous Fury will send out a shockwave around Victor. Does not require Victor to land the direct push on a unit. The stagger level of the shock wave is not affected by your push strength.
It drastically increases your trash horde control ability during Righteous Fury, as the shockwave is 360°. However, it cannot stagger normal elites at all without extra stagger power investment, and due to the mechanic of Righteous Fury, you are most likely won’t be able to trigger it at the beginning of an event, which are scenarios that strong AoE stagger ability is most valuable for. In most games, this talent just further boosts your horde control.

Empowered Smite:
An additional 20% damage increase during Righteous Fury. Its stagger power also increases from light push level(rapier/dagger push) to medium push level(normal weapon push). Most likely you are still not going to stagger elites, but against Marauder and Gor it will perform better. And due to the mechanic of Righteous Fury, the damage boost part will most likely only trigger during horde fights. Overall an ok damage boost talent to increase your horde clear DPS

From Fury, Fortitude:
During Righteous Fury, all units you kill will store the whole team’s Permanent Health, doesn’t matter the distance between Victor and his teammates and can be triggered with explosives. The amount of health you restore is equal to 50% of THP on kill that the slain unit can provide, and fully benefits from all increase healing effects.
When playing as host, the last hit/kill that triggers Righteous Fury is also counted towards this talent, so if you landed a killing blow on a Boss, you can be guaranteed to heal your team 25 Permanent Health, doesn’t matter if you have Righteous Fury active or not beforehand. Also, as Righteous Fury can be triggered consistently during horde fight, this talent can provide a noticeable amount of Permanent Health in each horde, as long as there aren’t many range horde clear careers in your team, since it requires Victor to land the killing blow to generate health for the whole team.

Unyielding Blessing:

‘Warrior Priest lvl30 talent Unyielding Blessing allows the blessed target to trample through lesser enemies and effect, giving the blessed target an aura that constantly sends out short-range low-level stagger shockwaves that can stagger trash mobs/assassin all moves/leech grab. It also makes the blessed target immune to range attack knockback, so they can approach gunrat/firerat safely. The explosion can also free you from Halescourge/Nurgloth bee attack, and with DoT damage kill Cataclysm hookrat most of the time.’ Man too righteous to be disabled - YouTube

General Opinion:

Warrior Priest works well as a tank/frontliner/support and deals damage at a slow pace with some ramp up. His main role is to enable and make space for his team. Whether that’s Shielding them offensively, healing them, with From Fury, Fortitude, or just through Passive Buffs.

His damage may seem low, but Warrior Priest’s survival Passives and high CC Weapons cause him get a lot of damage uptime, meaning he can stay in the fight for longer, and deal lots of sustained damage throughout the map. His Talents Sigmar’s Executioner and Rising Judgement combined with Righteous Fury give him periodic burst damage throughout fights.

On difficulty modifiers with increased enemy density, he can maintain Righteous Fury for the majority of the match.

Warrior Priest is capable of being built as a full DPS, but is still supportive and defensive. Depending on what you’re aiming for WHC can also be built as a DPS/support that is more offensive. You just need to weigh up how much space you wish to create, compared to how much raw damage you want to create.

Shield Weapons give him decent Elite density CC.

Flail and Shield Heavy 1 spam, while dodging backwards, will allow you to easily deal with Stormvermin density, making an anti-Skaven build more appealing, as Hitting the Packmaster killing breakpoint with your Career Skill can be game changing. It’s also really fun to go against a SV Patrol with a Speed Pot.

WPoS has good synergy with Ranged Careers, as you can stay within 5 ft of them, and shield them during Elite/Special density so they can continue spamming. With Melee Careers, it’s best to continuously Shield them offensively, so that they can deal with high density without being damaged.

His synergy with all of Sienna’s Careers is really strong. Taking the Health Passive Talent increases the amount of Overcharge she can burn, therefore making her capable of dealing more damage. Using From Fury, Fortitude works to the same end. Pyromancer can be extremely strong with a WPoS in the group.

Warrior Priest has good synergy with Waystalker and GK, due to Waystalker’s Passive AoE Health Regen, GK’s Quest AoE Health Regen, and WPoS’s From Fury, Fortitude.

His Passives give lots of support:
Prayer of Might (25% Stagger Passive) is generally good and the best choice, due to giving everyone safety, but especially with a Handmaiden (not sure what Stagger breakpoints are reachable).

Prayer of Hardiness (15% Health Passive), has most synergy with Sienna and Caster characters, so they can burn more HP for more damage. It’s also good for staying out of enemy overhead one-shot range.

Prayer of Vengeance (35% Crit Damage) makes Shade even more OP (with AS Crit Power build), and is also good with Pyromancer/Longbow Huntsman/GK (Virtue of The Knighly Temper). Outside of teammates using Crit builds, PoV isn’t worth taking due to the way Crit Power is calculated.


Is Righteous Fury tied to damage Cleave, or does Stagger-Cleave trigger the damage effect too?
Only works with Damage-Cleave.

Does Shield of Faith count as a shield block? Asking for interaction with Off Balance


What is Barkskins interaction with Implacable (20% damage dealt over 3 seconds)?
It is not procced by Implacable.

Does Skull-Splitter and Tome’s fully charged Heavy 2 only stagger surrounding enemies or deal any sort of damage?
Blessed Tome’s explosion works just like the flail in terms of radius and cleave. It does a lot more damage at the cost of stagger. A lot of enemies in the outer cone (since the max damage radius is tiny and around the size of the actual attack hitbox) will take more damage from the blessed tome than they would standing in the inner cone of the flail. It is way better at horde clearing, you destroy clumps of slaves every hit.

Does Righteous Fury trigger on Bombs and Barrels?
Only works on melee attacks. Does not work with Push, Bombs or Skull-Splitter & Blessed Tome AoE explosion.

Any interesting breakpoints for Cata?
Firstly Smite/Empowered Smite. They do indeed work as expected, giving a multiplicative damage increase in effect. All the numbers I got lined up exactly (accounting for rounding) with the smite hit being 20/40% of the damage of the hit that procced it.

Shield of Faith end AoE breakpoints. Firstly, it is possible to stagger Packmasters with it, but the investment is pretty absurd. 30% power properties, Prayer of Might, AND EP to make it stagger packmasters.

With 2 power properties, or 1 power property + EP, you can guarantee that the dot from the end of Shield of Faith will kill a Packmaster on Cata.

5. Links to other discussion threads:

5. Links to other discussion threads:


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Blessed Tome’s explosion works just like the flail in terms of radius and cleave. It does a lot more damage at the cost of stagger. A lot of enemies in the outer cone (since the max damage radius is tiny and around the size of the actual attack hitbox) will take more damage from the blessed tome than they would standing in the inner cone of the flail. It is way better at horde clearing, you destroy clumps of slaves every hit.

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It is not procced by Implacable (unless UI is bugged), so not a terribly good option. I’ve been running boon on him and it feels good to me.

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Yeah, I tend to use Boon on everything now, because in QP people just AoE Hordes down while everyone is on 20% HP. rofl

Edited this and added links to an edited version of the Outcast Engineer version of this thread.

Wondering if they would get more discussion in feedback, or just turn into people talking about balance. I could potentially make one for every Career in the game, but it would be way too much spam, so I’m sticking to DLC Careers for now.

These actually may be better suited to the Player Guides section.

Could you clarify this question? Not sure I understand what you’re asking here.

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I meant from the Stagger/Cleave limits. As some Weapons can Stagger Cleave through more enemies than they can Damage Cleave, as I understand it?

If this is true, and you hit 4 enemies. Your damage stops on the second enemy, but the other 2 are staggered, does Righteous Fury trigger on them?

I see. In theory it would either trigger but do no damage, or not trigger at all due to 0 damage initial hit. Would be easiest to test with empowered smite, but not sure the answer to that question currently.

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Update: Added Careers.

I’d be happy if someone wanted to rewrite any of this, since Saltz is my least played Character. WPoS has changed that a bit.

Also how do I get these moved to player guides HELP!

By pinging forum wizards. Hm, let’s try it with … @FatsharkJulia

Alternatively, you can simply copy the source text and redo the thread in the guide section.

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Yeah, I could do that and then ask for these to be deleted.

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On Skull-Splitter Hammer & Blessed Tome, is there a special timing to get a faster charged Heavy 2?

Sometimes, even without Swiftslaying, you get quicker charges of the Heavy Attack, but I’m struggling to find a way to do it consistently.

Yes, I was aware of all of this.

So sometimes, even if you’re spamming Lights, you’ll perform a Light, but still charge the book a tiny bit, doing this multiple times during Light spam, obviously eventually causes your next fully charged Heavy to be quicker.

That’s what I was experiencing.

you’re aware that you can store the charge? @Kitten
charge up a heavy fully, cancel animation and use it instantly and fully charged when needed

as for Heavy 2 you need to almost charge it fully then after performing a light or heavy quickly charge up the rest to quickly get acess to the heavy 2 charged version.

the visual indicator on the book, lets you see how much charge you need and helps getting the timing

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It’s quite simple. Have the book charged, do the L1 and immediately H, it will chain to H2.

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I didn’t read the comment section, so apologize if someone else has already answered these :slight_smile:

Does the Attack Speed being the best stat after 20% Crit Chance rule still apply when considering WHC’s Passive?
Heavily depends on difficulty since Killing Shot is tied to enemy max health, but in general unless you have range breakpoints to reach just run AS…

Eternal Guard Block Cost interaction?
Weapon Block Cost/property Block Cost Reduction has nothing to do with Eternal Guard. If the attack stamina damage base cost is <2, Eternal Gard works. You can check out Prismism’s block cost table/calculator(for cata) for the enemy attack stamina damage: Vermintide 2 Block Cost Calculator (Cata) - Google Sheets

Witch Hunt stacking interaction?
Currently it doesn’t stack with Huntsman Make 'Em Bleed, Bounty Hunter Open Wounds, melee trait Off Balance

CDR in seconds Double-Shotted?
28 sec per headshot, max 56 sec. Pre-SOTT patch you can get 100% CDR by landing 3 headshots.

Zealot Career Skill:
IMO it’s worth mentioning after using career skill/during career skill AS buff, Zealot can walk through enemies. This is very good for picking up elites inside horde.

Is Righteous Fury tied to damage Cleave, or does Stagger-Cleave trigger the damage effect too?
Only works on units that you damaged with melee weapon, so if you only cleave them with stagger cleave it does nothing.


Thanks again.