Warrior Priest - Righteous Fury minor rework - take 2

After playing a little bit more with WP I actually find Righteous Fury being random a good thing, especially when holy Sigmar blesses you with his Fury in the darkest of hours. Moreover I like that it’s not just another “press X to be powerful” perk.

However currently it’s a little bit too random and unreliable at times turning the “feel good moment” into a “feel bad moment” when your Fury activates in a random place without enemies and disappears quickly or sometimes even right before something meaningful is about to happen.

In order to battle this I suggest one minor change:

  1. Appereance of a Monster activates Fury if not active or fills the bar by 50% if Fury is already active - the most common issue I have seen on the forums is that Fury is basically useless against Monsters as it’s almost never up when they appear.

They should make the aura OE Spotter size or something, charging the bar with QPs takes so much longer than with bots because the range is so small. Bots also help you keep the Fury buff active for quite a while for the same reason. The tick rate out of combat is also way too fast, could be slowed by like 2/3 and it’d still be gone before you hit up the next chunk of enemies only to make a pittance of bar and lose it again. Those are my main complaints with it, it disappears so fast and your teammates are usually robbing you of bar instead of contributing to it since WP’s damage output is only OK despite being melee only. Unless it’s your bodyguard of bots, who are like always in range of that tiny aura.

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Been thinking, Fury is a lot like the Slayer’s passive if slayer needed 100’s of enemies to die before his damage stack would activate.

The more that thought lives rent free in my head, the more I see WP’s passive as mechanically flawed from the ground up. A class with low burst and the lowest damage potential in the game shouldn’t have talents or passives that require him to kill anything.

Put any character into a position of needing to slaughter or be present at the deaths of hundreds of enemies before they get access to their career passive and it just sounds bad.

What even is the damage boost of Fury equal to? Is it equal to a 20% damage boost or some mathematical craziness (like how people are saying Implacable is an actual 4% damage reduction with some flavor).

If 20% is the real damage bonus, then what’s the point of making WP jump through every hoop in the circus to get it? Cut 25% off that bar and rework how fury is gained to just be the WP’s kills and damage dealt/ taken/ blocked, ect. Don’t even need to worry about activation methods and complicating his gameplay with needless micromanagement if Fury was guaranteed to go off if he plays aggressively and guaranteed to go away when he’s not fighting.

But, unfortunately, green HP healing is tied to his passive via a talent, so I don’t see his passive getting a QOL change without becoming OP.

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he doesn’t need to kill anything to activate it… it fills up if stuff dies near him

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That’s beside the point and also Sigmar’s Executioner exists.

So, a class with the lowest dps potential in game shouldn’t have a passive or talent that requires him to kill things. He shouldn’t be required to kill things. His team shouldn’t be required to kill things for him, either, because that doesn’t even make sense. It doesn’t make sense that the things one would reasonably want to use his passive against have to already be dead.

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According to ? Definitely doesn’t feel lacking in damage in any way…

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I don’t get why this is the hill y’all want to get stuck on while ignoring the topic (WP shouldn’t be required to kill so many things to access his talents/passives). Here’s some reading material Steam Community :: Guide :: Warrior Priest of Sigmar DLC Guide

Fury is his primary way to increase his DPS, but to get there is a team effort requiring an absurd amount of kills resulting in his passive activating at the end of typical encounters (in cata, fury generation is reduced to 70%).

No other career has that problem, no other career has to sit out most of the map waiting to activate their passive or an entire talent row.

The QP cooperative experience is not in his favor unless he’s host and/or absolutely everyone is performing less than he is.

He has one of the lowest DPS in the game. He spends most of a map not performing above an IB’s melee.

If that is what FS wants, if that was their vision, ok! I’m going to beat a drum asking why they gave him talents requiring him to kill things he isn’t expected to.

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I don’t actually think that’s much of a problem when, again, it’s predicated on him beating his team mates to kills, and doing so without enhanced smite to bump his DPS up. Worst case if it became overtuned they could easily nerf that talent down to, like, 30% of THP on kill amount instead of 50%. It really would be trivial to further balance that talent with number tweaks.

Increasing the range at which kills count towards fury generation would definitely help, and make him feel less like he’s actively playing against his team to ensure he’s getting his passive active. I still think something to give the passive worth against boss encounters might be enough on its own to make it feel worthwhile enough. At very least being guaranteed to have it up when a monster is around would make it feel a lot more like it’s actually something that procs when things get dire, which seems to be the intention behind it.

Assuming it works like it sounds, then it would be a 20% multiplicative bonus, as opposed to other +damage talents which I am fairly sure are additive with each other and possibly also +power talents? So it’s nothing to scoff at, and ought to be more powerful the more power vs properties you already have (presumably also multiplicative with his +30% super armour bonus and Rising Judgement). It’s definitely nice, but nothing so insane it needs to be as much work at it is to get going. If he didn’t have a dearth of other power/damage boosts to actually stack it with, it might be a different story.

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I actually agree with you here, but that’s not my point.

I disagree with these statements :

You’re not useless without your passive. It’s not because you’re not on steroids that you can’t play.

Same argument, you have immense stagger and control, you’re not lacking in elite nor horde damage, and I’d argue even monster damage.

Again I don’t experience that, but you might be playing with top tier IBs, idk

This is kind of an issue to me, specially considering the fact that teammates are actually not aware of when your fury is active, as only you see the glowy hammer. I think that giving Warrior Priests running From Fury, Fortitude an ostentatious shiny divine aura when in fury state would help a great deal, as other players could then let him deal with elites and get to use his talent to heal them. The other row 20 talents need less be obvious to the group, in my opinion, and not giving them the same aura would communicate right away “hey, this guys can heal us”.

Aye, agree. Thing is I don’t know how slight the changes need be for it to feel good, and I’m afraid that [ bigger aura + faster charge + less decay + fills on monster tag + fills on dealing/taking/blocking damage + … + all other suggestions I’ve seen around here so far ], or any combination of buffs might be too much to overtune it. Perhaps just changing the area would be enough, perhaps just a bit more charge would be enough, perhaps it proccing on monster spawn/tag would be enough ; all in all I think this needs trial and error on fatshark’s part, or more realistically some mod that would do the number tweakings with a more manageable update cycle of a couple of days each until it feels right and hand that over to FS.

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Yeah that’s pretty much where I’m at. The more I play the class the more I enjoy it as is, and when conditions go in your favour Righteous Fury actually does feel really good. Thing is conditions certainly don’t always go in your favour, and some party combinations they’re almost guaranteed not to.

It’s for sure a very tricky balancing act. I would hope FS (if they do modify anything at all), start with one suggestion then see how that goes and go from there. I think it’s probably fine enough for hordes, so I’d give it auto activation on the presence of a boss, stay active till it dies, then immediately deactivate and clear the bar when it does die. It’s loreful, it’s a somewhat niche buff, and he’s at no risk of turning into a boss dps monster anyway, so seems like the safest place to start.

Edit: I really do need to play the class a lot more on Cata to be sure how it feels there. Legend at this point I’m fairly sure it’s not an issue with 100% generation vs 70% and everything dieing quicker.

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I agree, and that seems reasonable.

Less sure about that, as if you’re in the middle of a horde I don’t see why it should deactivate right away. Either have the bar fill up normally, but have the Fury state anyway when a monster is around (so you could have any level of fury but still have the passive for monsters, and no fury added to the bar from his death), or something like -50% or some temporary increased decay rate (that wouldn’t apply if you’re in combat).

I do play in Cata, and the uptime is pretty much the same as in Legend - at least I don’t feel that big of a difference. In either difficulty, you need to kill 8-10 elites in addition to some trash for it to actually proc, and that alone seems a bit too much. Also the fact that it decays faster than it refills even though you’re in the middle of a horde doesn’t help.

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Yeah I might be being overly cautious with the buff there. Your suggestion here is probably better.

I don’t think it’s tough to do. Take one of the drake weapons, or MWP, or Trollhammer, even Greataxe. Play aggressive as heck and you’ll be a dps tank. IB can dish some mad damage. I consider FK pretty low on the dps train, too, but spear and shield is disgustingly good. All other classes are capable of better dps than they are. The only reason to bring this up was in comparison to WP and his mismatched on kill talents.

The original intent of my comments was solely around the existence of talents that require him to kill enemies and also how Righteous Fury functions. Yeah, support talents like Comet’s Gift is sex on wheels, I’m not criticizing or down playing that.

The topic is Righteous Fury, its bonuses aren’t wildly more powerful than other classes but require more work to get. It feels great when it’s going, but it starts towards the end of encounters and goes away soon before the next encounter starts.