WPoS - The Warrior Priest of sigma should be more than that

Here is a Chinese player of warhammer:vermintide2. I’ve been playing this game for 1,181 hours and I love it, so I thought I’d give some advice that might be useful.

Warrior Priest of Sigma, is the character weak enough to need tweaking? Maybe not. But the image of Sigma is different for this game. As the man who have a statue in the lobby, as the god with the strongest presence in the game, Sigma is something more. Now, our leader, Victor, finally been blessed by this great god he has always believed in, he should be stronger then this. Think of the Sisters of Thorns. Making a strong character and then slowly tweaking it according to the player’s opinion, This is how you roll out a DLC.

Righteous Fury: The fury stack mechanism changed to deal/take damage.
The current Fury mechanic doesn’t make much sense, it makes the Fury difficult to control. For example, it’s almost impossible to be used when fighting Boss, and player will get full fury after killing it. The change made it easier for the full Fury to be control and sustained.

Shield of Faith: All kinds of shield should be able to allows the target to trample through lesser enemies and effects.
Ranged power is very important in this game because of the special restores. Warrior priest should be compensated more for giving it up. A character can give up ranged, but must never give up the ability to counter special units.

United in Prayer(30-1) : Instantly detonate the shield when cast, giving Victor 100%Fury. Increases the target’s power by 20% and damage reduction by 40% for 8 seconds. No longer gains immunity damage.
At present, Victor’s offensive ability and auxiliary offensive ability are too poor, the player should have a more aggressive option.

Sigma’s Executioner(10-3): Killing a elite enemy grants 1%critical strike chance buff, stacking up to 30 times. Lasts until end of mission or death.
The talents now is completely useless.

Enemy of Chaos: +20% bonus to Power vs Chaos
It was 30% bonuse to Chaos Warriors and Beastman Standard. I don’t understand why Victor hates only those two, but this is clearly not the “enemy of Chaos”.

Hope you like it.


just no, lore, looks and appeal should not influence balance at all…

what? sister is in a horibble overtuned spot that sucks out the fun for every other player, and the issue still persist. how is that a good release, don’t get me wrong here i think in concept and design sister of thorns nailed it but on numbers/dmg potential and the fact that she is anything but the support she was meant to be is just a mega fail…

i Disagree, giving him agressive options would result in everyone taking those options to combat his lacking dmg, effectively removing all other options. the fact that he can’t choose offensive things is actually a good thing. does this mean he should suck at damage, no but giving him talent options is the wrong move here.

Well, looks like we have a different point of view, but that’s okay, I’m just sharing some thoughts. I might be a bit obsessed with the offensive ability, but I still think WPoS should have a better counter to special units. And it’s frustrating that the Fury mechanic doesn’t work in boss fights.

im not saying he is perfect as he is, they should help him a little, but the way you suggested is creating more problems, thats all i meant. and atleast your making suggestions, which is never a bad thing.

but if you give the players the option between DMG and Defense on a very tanky hero, that is lacking dmg in areas, no one in their right mind would choose to increase defense further, effectivly killing the choice, and we end up with a talent that is mandatory.
talent choices should be a specialisation in certain areas,
it should give you the option how you want to do dmg not IF you want to do dmg. same goes for defese and utility…

First up, I generally agree with your rebuttal of OP’s suggestions here, but to nitpick a little, there definitely are some damage options in his tree. Besides bonus heavy attack damage and crit chance on elite kill on the second row, enhanced smite is very much a damage over support option if one should want it. It’s a decently strong one too, though obviously somewhat tied down by the inherent issues of righteous fury. Arguably 8 second ult is a dps option too since it’s longer for you to mash the attack button with no potential consequences.

Honestly the more I think about WPoS the more I feel like righteous fury lies at the heart of his problems.

I like the suggestion from the other WPoS thread to have fury auto charge in the presence of a monster/lord. It’s flavourful and buffs it in a very niche way, that also helps elevate his boss DPS from awful to the lofty heights of “ok”. Or just lets him do a better job of fending off other threats while better suited team mates focus the boss.

People keep saying this but I’m still struggling to see it. Even if implacable worked properly, it’s still only 20% DR in any non lethal damage scenario, and it’s his only real in built source of tankyness other his ult which is not up nearly often enough to be a major consideration. Yes he has bonus health and conditional healing as options in his talent tree, but it still doesn’t measure up too well to other tanky careers. FK has more DR by default, can spec it up to 40% with team coordination, or multiple other avenues such as giving his whole team access to 80% BCR, which with his extra stamina makes even non shield weapons have borderline unbreakable guards. Also he generates ult so fast from taking damage that just mashing f as soon as you start taking hits pretty reliably saves for from too much burst damage. Then IB is obviously IB. I presume that comparison doesn’t even need to be explained further, they’re not even comparable in tankyness.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not asking for buffs here, I think when Implacable actually works he will be hardy enough, I just don’t think he’s really all that tanky and I don’t get why people keep saying this.

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i didnt meant to sound like that he doesnt have dmg options (even tho i pretty much said so) just wanted to point out a flaw in Dmg vs defense vs utilty logic

yeah i agree if they work his fury out and make it more reliable/useful that would already fix lots

fair enough, ur right he isnt that tanky among other tanky bois, but he has 150hp base wich is already enough in my book to stay healthy all game, also his ult obviously

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