Warrior Priest

I like him. On paper and in practice, he feels very well balanced.

  • I like the support in his career ability and in his level 20 row
  • I like the ramping up in the passive that leads up to a steroid (and not a “press to be OP” button)
  • I like the moveset on his 2h hammer
  • I like the enhanced skull splitter heavies by the blessed tome, and charging them up on weapon special
  • I like the block on shield and flail’s heavies charge
  • I like the fluff of him being immune to curse

Mixed feelings :

  • Flail and shield has the same heavy issues as just flail
  • Holy Warrior Challenge seems a bit excessive, 50 melee kills in 8 seconds is indeed a challenge (I haven’t attempted it properly yet) ==> Edit : apparently doable with concentration pots, as it has to be not in one shield activation but without the shield dropping.
  • Cosmetic upgrade giving everything away, and challenges giving a lamer version of the frame
  • Might just be me, but I feel like his THP generation on cleave is way less effective than that of a Merc or FK… ==> THP on stagger works wonders
  • I haven’t tried it out yet, but Zealot with Holy 2h Hammer looks sweet, perhaps a bit too sweet.
  • Is he lacking in cosmetics ? He only has 2 skins + default, where others have 4 + default…

On the one hand, doesn’t feel like Saltzpyre (half of his arsenal is Kruber’s/Bardin’s)

On the other hand, Holy 2h hammer literally has the attack pattern of a Chaos Warrior (or Mauler on Zealot). Punches for everyone! <3

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I also absolutely love the small details, like how the page to which the book opens when you hold F is different for each version of the ult (you can actually also hold examine and look down to read the pages.
Another one is that the premium careers have intro speeches to missions now - and I also love the dialogues that trigger between the Warrior Priest and other characters in the keep.

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