Thank you Fatshark Warrior Priest is AWESOME!

Thank you, I love this career (love the Warrior Priests in Warhammer anyways and would have wished for an Ulric, Myrmidia and Verena one too).

I think the class is well balanced, does what it should (SUPPORT) and does it very well.
Love the weapons, extra Stylepoints for Hammer and Tome as well as Tome Ultimate.

Here a few Screenshots of the last 3 Legend Runs as “proof of work”.

First one is Legend Rightous Stand (3 Tomes, 1 Grim)

Second one is Legend Chaos Wastes Dwarf was with me from start, Elf came half way into 2nd map and Wizard at the end event 2nd map

Third one also Legend CHaos Wastes, Dwarf with me from beginng, Elf since 2nd map and Kruber joined in the 3rd Map

In conclusion, THANK YOU! It is a GREAT career. Don´t let the haters on the Steam Forums put you down.


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