Just finished all careers on Legendary; wanted to give feedback.

Hello everyone! I very recently finished all careers on Legendary. I have just over 300 hours into the game, and thought It would be proper to give some feedback to Fatshark.

I’ll keep it simple since this isn’t a “advice from pro legend player” post.

Stuff that I love:

-I love the weapon balance and career changes, and that they were so drastic. There’s so much more room for choosing a weapon that you like the flavor of, instead of being locked to “the only viable weapon for a class”. Which, I admit, I was a halbarding Kruber for my footknight days. There may have been some beam staff Sienna pyro shenanigans before that was fixed. And yes, I was lucky and never did witch hunter captain or mercenary until after the patch; I just did other careers and it just so happens that they got a great boost by the time I played them. Regardless, the balancing was excellent and the game is overall more fun.

-I laugh every time Sienna says “healing… stuff.” and every time Bardin starts singing. The banter between characters has a nice balance and I like it. No one likes each other! And Kruber and Sienna are kind of stupid. lol!

-I love the feeling of impact from my weapons to enemies. And although the initial hit is long-gone, seeing my first wave of rats on recruit was an awesome experience, and seeing my first WAVE of RATS pouring towards me on legendary kicked ass.

-Rhyming Mondstille patch updates made me laugh really hard.

-All the portraits and cosmetics are fun to collect and play around with. It’s kind of funny that if anyone wears the red costumes from Champion difficulty, oftentimes they look like a Stormvermin momentarily when it’s battle-time.

-I love that when I join a game and say “praise Sigmar” people start saying funny things. It’s a testament to the characterization that most people can roleplay around with each other, in-character, and have fun doing it.

-the noises Bardin makes when attacking rule. I often crack up when a slayer just starts swinging while running when there’s nothing there. It looks and sounds hilarious, in a good way.

-Chaos warriors feel awesome to kill.

-I loved the old bug you guys fixed where blood splatters would happen in incorrect places. Rest in Peace.

Stuff that I’d like to see improved / implemented:

-The social wheel was a great addition, and it could see further refinement. People use Thank You, Yes, No, and Patrol. Sometimes there’s a Come Here, or telling someone to pick up an item. Here’s an idea for one that would be helpful: “I got the key!” In wave 3 of the sanctioned mods there’s a “key pickup notification” mod that rules, I wish everyone knew about it and had it installed. Oh, and uhhh… it might be too evil, but I’m always a fan of the Killing Floor 1 “Insult Players” command. Would really fit in with Kerillian well :wink:

-Would it be too crazy to add voicelines to social wheel prompts? It felt strange to only have a text notification, which carries no emotion, as what the social wheel makes for you. I guess I’m just spoiled by the fun characterization that’s already present in the banter.

-I guess I have like, a billion weapon scrap parts and dust and all that. You guys solved the duplicate reds problem fairly. Just feels weird to have 6000+ scrap metals. Can i make a statue of Sigmar somewhere with them?

-Perhaps take a cue from Overwatch with their commendation system. The ending scoreboard is kind of interesting, but doesn’t mean much to any level-headed player that’s really about teamwork; If there were a way to vote for “MVP of the round” or “True Leader” or “Reckless Berserker” kind of things, it would be fun.

-Could there be an “item swap” function where someone is holding a potion of concentration, and the Shade is holding a potion of speed, and they both swap somehow? It’s kind of funny that you have to find a 3rd potion on the ground to change them out instead of trading in that situation.

-Could there be an option to turn on that lets you choose which career you’d like to play before connecting in quickplay? Career composition of the team plays a larger role in success than weapon choice in my experience. I don’t like joining an in-progress team as a pyromancer when they really need a tanky unchained; there’s already a career selection window that pops up when your career is chosen in rare instances when connecting, but there’s no way to know which choice rounds the team out the best.

It is a smaller concern for a smaller portion of the playerbase, but this would be immensely helpful in keeping me interested in continuing to play the game now that my obvious “making progress” milestones are complete and I have to truly play for fun. I’m guessing most people just want Legendary done on their favorite careers. I don’t know how many make it to full completion. Now I want to join games as anyone, but it’s hard to do that intelligently!

Stuff that isn’t so good:

-Two handed hammer attack for Bardin can be cancelled after a LMB by quickly hitting the RMB. Really useful. Sometimes you can tell that you shouldn’t commit to an attack. Two handed axe, however, cannot do this. Not sure why.

-About half the time I join a game from the lobby menu, I get a quickplay bonus. I like this, but I don’t deserve it.

-After seeing how insane the secret puzzles in Bogenhafen were (I’m looking at you, secret bricks in The Pit) I was immediately taught to google guides for that kind of stuff.

-Weird little detail; Giving someone a bomb in the Keep is done via right click, but giving someone an incendiary bomb is bound to your “interact” key. Mine is E, i think.

-How is someone supposed to learn that Maulers have superarmor on their head? The headshot noise is misleading. It’s always something told to a new player to not aim for the head.

-If I am downed while using a ranged weapon, for a split second after being revived i’m vulnerable to all incoming attacks as the camera zooms / swaps perspectives back to my character. Maybe just always have a downed player be revived with their primary weapon equipped? I’ve died (been killed?) a few times this way, and I’ve killed (let someone die?) a few people reviving them in this manner as well. It doesn’t feel good.

-There’s that one explosive barrel in Righteous Stand on the 2nd level of the 1st grimoire room that sometimes gets bugged into a falling animation, but it knows it shouldn’t be falling, so it warps back to its original spot. Not sure if that’s my own settings or everyone’s experience.

-Man, what’s the deal with Pack Rat hitboxes? I swear I’ve shot straight through their chest a bunch of times with arrows and bullets. Fire works the best, I guess.

-Deeds are too rare to collect. After having gotten to where I am with my 300 hours in game time, I think I’ve collected ~40. There’s an achievement for completing 1000? Seriously?

-It’s impossible to know which enemies are classed as “Infantry” without going online and googling stuff.

-There could be more work done to make the target dummies represent the rotbloods and skaven more accurately, and let people do their weapon/trait selection testing and feel more confident. Lots of people online talk about the problems with the dummies and their shortcomings as useful testing tools.

Okay! That’ll do. Thank you for making an awesome game Fatshark. I look forward to seeing where you take it, and I hope you found my feedback useful, or at least entertaining. Praise Sigmar!


They should take a page out of L4D2s book and put in all sorts of detailed stats. Like melee damage done, ranged damage done, ranged hit%, friendly fire damage, healing used, healing done to other players, temp HP gained etc.

That makes sense to me, you could hold down RMB to pass it to them, and then they could take out their potion and hold RMB too, which completes the swap. Not being able to give someone a potion if they are carrying a tome or grim is a game difficulty mechanic, but I don’t see the issue if both players have potions.

Some of those puzzles are impossible to solve legitimately. The Horn one involves pressing 5 secret buttons, but there are more than 5. If you mess up the order or press an extra button you have to restart the level, but it doesn’t give you any indication of what you did wrong.

The base game doesn’t mention armour types at all, this is something you can only learn from a guide or the Bestiary mod. Another confusing thing in the same vein is the voice lines that tell you to attack stormvermin in the head, when in reality it’s as armoured as the rest of them.

Oh is THAT what’s going on? They should just revive you with melee out every time because that lets you block even before you get control back.

I reported this bug months ago, there are a couple other level objects that “twitch” like this.

I’m not convinced these hitboxes are 100% accurate. Gutter runners are hard to hit too because their cloak doesn’t count, only the body.

In theory you are supposed to have the 4 players pool their deeds together, 250 per person is much more manageable but still ridiculous. I would like the ability to craft/upgrade/reroll deeds using the same crafting system that we use for weapons. That would solve the overabundance of scrap.

I’d like to see some that let me tell people what I’m going to do, like if I’m going to try and push forward or stay put where I am.

Agreed, it’s also pretty silly that you have to do this sort of juggling to swap health items and tomes.

You can kinda do this using the lobby browser, but then you miss out on the qp bonus. I’d like to be able to just hit ‘search’ and have the game let me pick my class after it finds a game with any free slot, or better yet, let me choose whether I want to QP as a particular class OR just join my nearest host with a free slot.

This sort of thing is a carryover from pre-internet days, when you couldn’t just bring up your phone and have it point you straight to the solution. I don’t know why game devs continue to use these outdated methods when they know people are going to just google it the moment they get stuck. If your plan pushes people to tab out of the game, it’s time for a new plan.

I get that too. I thought everyone did.

Aiming for their legs is pretty reliable.

To the best of my knowledge, the Maulers’ head have normal armor, not super armor. It was superarmored at some point, but it was changed later - afaik, at release or even before it. To be honest, superarmor on their heads doesn’t really make sense, as there would be no sense at all to headshot them on any weapon if that were still the case.

It is still armored, true, but any weapon can harm them (even significantly) on headshot, instead of only armor-piercing strikes, and even those still do clearly more damage. Same goes for crits, actually; fishing for crits may be a valid tactic against Stormvermin on a few Careers and weapons.

I’ll chrck but IMo his head behaves same as CW’s head. May be wrong, though.

Mauler’s head is superarmor. With X-bow as Bardin I was dealing EXACTLY the same damage to his head as to CW’s head - 11,75 - with 10% chaos/10% skaven.
Vs Stormvermin body armor the same X-bow deals 30.
So it is pretty obvious that it’s a different armor category and it’s generally advised to shoot them in the torso.
Even handgun deals significantly more dmg vs body than vs head.
Maybe Saltzpyre with certain weapons can deal more dmg with headshots than with bodyshots, but that’s it - with brace of pistols it’s like 4 vs 40 dmg.
So in general - don’t shoot or hit the head.

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