The new career

This is a feedback. My friend bought it.

  • Too dark tones on skin, on the suit as well.
  • Kinda funny how she shouts in evey ult. Literally hurts my ears.
  • The concept is good for a support, but I waited for a “BOOM”. Sadly it didnt gave me that.

And the biggest disappoitment is: do you really used the sound of the Khornado for the staff lifting ability? That much effort yould you put in into the character development? So sad guys.

After the patch in chaos wastes the first thing? Crash with no report. just poof, desktop. No mods installed. Second? Connetion failes, timeout. Game restarts, backend error. Do you even fix the issues or just write some stuff into the patchnotes to calm the players?

Jeez, what to expect from Darktide if a team develops who dont have resources to record and make a totally new sound to a staff? Who cannot fix problems, bugs? I saw on the trailer of the Darktide that the power hammer has the exact same pattern as the 2 handed hammer of Kruber. C’mon…

This career is a totally no-go for me. Boring.

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