So, yes, im more dissapointed than enjoying.. My overall about game

I think enought time has passed, and enought time bein played to say that im loosing to complete dissapointment instead of havin fun. I leveled up 3 out of 4 chars to 30, and only ogryn half way there.
I am huge fan of V1 and V2, but to be more specific the MAIN story missions gameplay and not Winds of Magic or Chaos Wastes. I don’t like them, and i think its completely wrong turn for the game.
I am not fanatical about Warhammer lore, i am more Fun above Accurance, thou don’t think i want to see really stupid things like pink unicorns. No, when i see that there no BOSS fight because by lore heroes can’t beat something, thats boring. (Oh well i can already see people overexpanding this sentense)

Well about the game. Short version is…Darktide feels like Vermintide 3…:Chaos wastes. And thats not compliment…AT ALL. Chaos wastes does the same stuff as Darktide. It feels fun and fresh at the beggining, but quickly shows its dull boring emptyness, and then hits you in the face with horrible finale. Darktide exactly like that, its fun at first and you see more and more bad stuff, well you see bad stuff at the very beggining, and here i go to big text wall.(i think :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). I don’t think there will be alot of original complains. And somewhere the ill ask questions, that mostly rithorical… but im interested if there is concrete answers.

Chapter 1) The very beggining.
A) Game meets us with only 4 classes aka characters, yes there are 3 voice archetype for each one, but it barely saves us from fact, that we stuck with only 4 classes. And equipmed ant does.'t help to sepparate one zealot from another, okay one zealot can have rifle and be more effective at longer distance, than zealot with flamer, they both still melle oriented butchers. Bardin ranger and Bardin ironbreaker completely different playstyles.
And most ironic that we can have full squad of zealots, while V couldn’t have barding berserker and ranger at same party.
B) Its hard to create a good lookin character, and if males are well okay, females is scary and ugly. But for me its not the biggest problem. I am more annoyed that most of hairs looks really bad, and spetificaly colors, feels like only hair that looks okay and don’t blend with modes is white.
Also is so hard to separate face item and head item!? I don’t want to wear helmet with mask, i want to wear only mask and have my beatifull white hair shown. Yes its small issue compared to others, but lookin at shop, SWAGtide doesn’t actually work.
C) We have only 5 characters slot awailable. 4 slots taken by every class. Obviously there will be new chraracter (Ratling, Comissar, Felind!? :smirk_cat:). He will take last character slot, and whats gonna happen if we get ANOTHER character? I have to delete one of my babies that i spend time growing!? Or you gonna SELL new character slots for cash!? Huh huuh?

Chapter 2) We’re in, lets play.
A) Having at release fully workin skins shop, that works only for real cash, and not workin(even now not full operating) forge is INSULTING! Movin on…
B) Weapon shop is complete annoyance. Random set of stuff, mostly useless, when you really want new shotgun, that changes onse PER REAL TIME HOUR! Who in clear mind thout that will be a good idea!? We don’t always get reward from mission completion, so there is need in shop, but most of the time it ends up with dissapointed walking away with nothing new. I feel that horrible working shop made specificaly beacuse crafting isn’t working yet, yes because when it launches people simply go and craft stuff they need, and shop will be forgotten, wich is actually fine. When our hero gets cooler, he won’t need to go at simple shop)))
C) Melk’s challenges is horrible. Hes is extremely situative, and 99.9% useless. Why grind these annoying chalenges only to get orange weapon, that i can simply upgrate from blue!? For me doin every challenge fro one char takes me actually one week, im not playin that much to do challenges in 2 days! And yeah ONE CHARACTER, why does challenge sepparated to each character!? WHY!? It make me play 1 class 3 times instead 3 chars per 1 mission.
Challenges must be changed drastically. Onse make them interconnected per hero, so i won’t stuck to a single class. Secondly those challenges should give us paid currency and Melk shop should be removed completely. Those challenges should help people to earn good cosmatics by playing the game, yes make reward small, so to get a skin pack we need to spend 1 monts, doin all challenges every week, but atleast that will be reason to do these annoying challenges.
D) Our main hub is boring. Firstly in takes forewer to load in, because hey look at these random people running around(Mosty staying at shop), who spend their money on expensive skins!!
We can’t castomise it. It was fun to place painting on walls in keep, see new flags hung on cellars with every dlc campaighn, and trophys in treasures keep.
Its not fun to be there…

Chapter 3) We had a job to do.
A) Okay, i want to play a desert mission today…okay where is it? Only treat lvl 1 awailable…
Why do we have random activating missions again? What the reason to make this annoying random generated mission table? This need to completely reworked, why people can’t play the game how they want? Do missions they want!? What, havin fun is forbiden!?
B) Why can’t i host a game, and play with bots? Why can’t restrict classes, so on mission well have 1 each class and not 4 zealots? I dunno why, but mostly i get allies same class as me. I play zealot, here yea go 2 more zealots to your team. I play psyker, here ya go 3 psykes…That kills immertion and sometimes balance.
And mostly about bots! You know it was really good to level up every character in Vermintide, give them weapont and perks you wan’t, and then those bots, those BABYS you grew will help you play the game as bots, and they gonna look like you made them!!! Amasing!
In Darktide im stuck with random hobo lookin bots, feels they are always lvl 1 and have same weapon every time. Do i need to say why its bad?
C) Where is the story? Villians? Heroes? For 30 levels we bein mixed with dirt, said that we have traitor on board, only at finale in one cutscene we got accepted in inqusition and traitor died!?
No finall boss, hell nothing at all. Where is beggining? Where is conflict!? What the motivation?
What mission can be called first, and what last?
I don’t know how it can be fixed. Yes, i simply don’t know. We’re gonna have new missions, but how squze me for callin this a story can be advanced?
Right now we have dead world with nothing happening, and how existing missions and story goin to work with new content if we gonna have?
I don’t belive story part goin to be saved in Darktide honestly… As small content packs will be added in future. that won’t work for a good story.
Heck we got 1 new story mission to Vermintide 2(Thank you devs, THANK YOU), in november and still nothing about second part. I alrady forgot whats happened in first part, and lost all hype. Same effect will be in Darktide.

Chapter 4) No time thinkin, time to kill.
A) Optimisation is horrible. My PC is strong anought to hold 60 fps until horde or alot flame arond. But this is just unacceptable. I suffered alot of crashes before, mostly at the end of the mission, wich is enraging. But even now sometimes i crash, thank fully i always manage to reconnect. 2nd month game begins, and doesn’t feel we close to good optimisation.
B) There are not many content right now, really. How much do we actualy have? Five? Like 3 levels dirt and pipes, 1 is desert and 1 is Bloodborne on PC. Then we have 5 levels at same leveles backward, yes they more different, but when you start mission from point where you actually extracted last mission is so deflating.
Also absolytely dead decorations, yes some, water, some coveuor belts. But we barelly enteract with levels, and level barely interact with us. Dead static soldiers at beggining of the levels. I spetially aggroed enemies on bridge closer to barricares with tons of soldiers and freakin TANKS and not a single shot came from them? Really?
Only 2 Monsters and 1 BOSS!? Yes one because same lookin dude with shot gun or plaspistol on different level doesn’t make him different BOSS. Also no proper boss introduction!? Really? You made this really good in V2, why nothing here?
C) Events doesn’t work, bacause of randomised missions on desk, i barely seen dark levels in 2 WEEKS, but tons of dogs.
D) Finale also look so underwelming. Those dead unmovable characters posing in shame. Can it be a little more active? Like you know, there is good examples like oh emperor forgive me Deep rock galactic? (Please don’t rock and stone here), how satisfaying finale is here. Actually same goes to level begins, because in lobby everyone stands with melle weapon, why can’t we stay with our gun!? Again you askin us to pay for skins, and we can’t even properly show them!? Yeah, that a nitpick but still this one is big, and if ill got all nitpicks it will take forewer to write, and im alrady typid tis for one hour))

P.S. It looks like everything is bad about the game, and kinda yes. But the core gameplay is amazing, shooting is satisfaying, and movemend work great.
Game sounds, no SOUNDS AMASING. Shots, hits, screams, talk just joy for my ears. And the musics is ugh just 10 out of 10. Jesper Kid is Emperor himself! Sadly track composed badly, i mean i expected it to be 1 long track that goes from slow to fast, but not 3 different track(((

P.S.S. This post is a soul scream of sadness. This game was my most antisipated, and luckly first impression was mostly good, wich satisfied my hype(Even with all this crushes). But now hype is gone, time is passed, and holidays comin to and end. And will to play slowly fades away, and that too early for that feeling. Sorry for bad english, not my language, trying my best, thats why writing this took hour. and probaly a forgot to mention something, cause i don’t any scanario for this post. Thank you, please make Darktide great again.