New Hero?

Here is a suggestion For a 6th hero that we can get in the future.

The best candidate for this would be the Warrior Priest. ( I am not a fan of empire but he seems to fit in this games lore)

The Warrior Priest will be a close combat / close quarter caster. Main emphasis on Crowd Control, Support and Auras.
Range combat: Warrior priest does not have ammo for his range combat instead has a pool of “Holy Energy” that depletes on casting spells and fills slowly over time or fills faster by hitting enemies in melee combat.
For the time being lets say the pool number is 100 and majority of his cast cost around 10 energy and it takes 4-5 melee hits to get 10 energy refilled.
Unlike other heroes all Warrior Priest Careers can cast the Main fire of the selected range weapon by pressing the “Alternative Attack button” in Melee combat. (R3 on PS4)
Unlike Seinna the energy pool depletes rather than filling up on use and compels you to use melee to get ammo back for casting. Depleting the energy has no repercussions.

Melee Weapons: 1 handed hammer, 2 handed hammer, Dual hammers, hammer and shield, flail, Flail and Shield.

Range Weapons: Holy books of sigmar.

1: Holy Book of Smite: ( visual: a book in left hand and right hand used for casting animations)

  • Main Fire: blast in cone shape. it gets wider the further it travels. think of this like a shot gun but not as powerful. has big knock back effect. 10 energy per shot. Total 10 shot on full 100 energy
  • Alternative Fire: AOE on the ground like seinnas conflagration staff. But does less damage and has a bigger knock back. 15-25 energy per shot depending on charge.

2: Holy Book of War: (visual: a book in left hand and a hammer in the right one for casting)

  • Main Fire: Throw an arcing Hammer that has mini explosion on contact with enemy or terrain. The arc is not like arc of the fire ball of sienna but more like a grenade throw.(meaning it drops quickly) 14 energy per hammer
  • Alt Fire: charge shot. Hammer no longer arcs and has no drop, Instead now it travels straight. Allows the caster to zoom in and take head shots. 14 energy cost per hammer.

3:Holy Book of Wrath: (visual: a book in left hand and a scepter in right hand for casting)

  • Main Fire: A Horizontal slash that throws a wave of energy shaped like a bracket " ) " These waves has lower damage compared to other books but has piercing. and the wave is wide enough to hit 3 enemies Horizontally. 14 energy per shot
  • Alt Fire: Charged attack. The wave does more damage and has knock back but becomes Vertical rather than Horizontal and looses Piercing. 16 energy per shot

4:Holy Book of Protection:(Visual: a book in left hand and hand casting for the right) Unlike other books this is not an offensive weapon.

  • Main Fire: Aim at friend. Give Friendly model Temp health. 1 TP per 3 energy.
  • Alt FIre: Charge. you are surrounded by 2 shields rotating around you. you take 10% less Dmg till it last. 25 energy to cast.


The Protector:

  • Aura: Defensive Buff 20%
  • Skill: Cleans Ground: A Circle is casted around the Priest and enemies are thrown out of this radius. Enemies can not enter into this circle for 5 secs. Any harmful effect inside this area will be cleansed.
  • Passive: Regenerate Stamina faster.
  • Passive: Using Health items and potions has 10% chance not to be consumed.
  • Passive: if last man standing take 20% less damage and added 5% attack speed.

Wrath of Sigmar:

  • Aura: Small Movement Speed Buff and Attack power Buff .
  • Skill:_Wrath:_A seismic slam on the ground that does damage to the enemies in a row in front of the P Warrior Priest.
  • Passive: Gain twice as much Energy per Melee Attack
  • Passive: Push and block is increased by small percentage.

Hammer of Sigmar:

  • Aura: Crit Buff.
  • Skill: Banish: cast a Aoe Cone infront. any enemy hit by it is lightly knocked back and is stunned for 2-3 secs.
  • Passive: DMG taken is divided between health and Energy Pool, till energy lasts.
  • Passive: Reviving Allies makes you and Ally Immune to DMG for 4 secs.
  • Passive: Revives 40% faster

Don’t concentrate on the numbers as those are just place holders and can be changed. I hope FS takes my suggestion for this hero and give us this hero in the future.


Sounds like the new character and Saltzpyre would get along just fantastic! The dialogue about fighting heresy would never end.

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That is true. The dialogue would be very interesting. And imagine what new ways will Kerillian have to come up with to ridicule a priest.

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This sounds pretty rad, actually! Despite wanting a bretonnian added to the game (I like knights), this sounds pretty awesome. It would also allow for some similar combat-interactions on their remaining energy pool. For example:

  • Increase damage/attack speed if you are out of or low on energy (encourage mixing your combat between raged and melee constantly)
  • At full energy, next spell does % additional damage (or flat if it’s meant to deal with hordes)
  • Attacking raises attack speed so long as you don’t get to full energy or cast a spell (discouraging combat swapping for a bit to capitalize on buff)
  • Regenerate energy constantly, attacking costs energy but all of your damage is amplified by a % while you still have energy to consume, spells still cost energy but maybe a little less than normal (combat specialist, maybe a boss slayer build?)
  • Health regen while at maximum energy? 0 energy? While at 0 but you haven’t cast a spell in 5 seconds?

Potential non-energy based things:

  • Can function as an aggro-tank with long-range stagger abilities
  • Friendly fires a lot so you get to hear more dialogue (personal favorite)
  • Most spells can’t deal with specials but are good at protecting someone else so that they can deal with the special
  • Shouts about sigmar more than the Witch Hunter Captain by some miracle
  • % damage amp while near more allies
  • Movespeed increase when near more allies
  • Armor increase while alone (something like Guardian’s Vigil: “I hold the line alone so my allies might recuperate” sorta thing)

Sounds like a cool, thematic, and fun character to have as a teammate. Then again, Kruber would have to stop saying “We’re the Ubersreik 5 or 4 or it doesn’t matter”…

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@Torantolis those are some nice ideas.

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