New Hero and feedback discussion (AGAIN)

Hi guys both community members and devs.

First of all I must say that I absolutely love the game and it is much to say from Finnish guy (We generally “love” out Swedish neighbors) . In this game I have founded couple of things that I would personally like to see in future. I have worked as software and content developer so I know the struggle of time and focus what comes to development of a product.

  • New levels that include daylight and more open environments, this would increase tactical mindsets used by players and offer more traditional Warhammer elements such as larger size combats and usage of enemy regiments or units these would also offer chance to create more reflecting environment in terms of friendly NPC units at field and players options to participate their struggle. Also numerous war machines could be used as part of the game this way, since their presence requires substantial amount of space.

  • Bring the Warrior priest of Sigmar to game as playable hero. This can be argued by many, but my personal opinion is that WP is the most iconic Warhammer universe hero there is. Absence of this hero class the is my only personal disappointment in this game.

  • New, diversified visual content to hero and item skins would be nice.

  • Rise of level cap and skill tree remodel. This is most difficult process there is due the nature of fans so dread lightly :smiley:

Have a nice day you all,

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Warrior Priest - More and more people mention him as a playable character - career
Warrior Priest with dual hammers

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Raising the level cap (as much as there is one; you will still gain experience and levels after reaching 30, but they will only bring in Commendation Chests and a rising number) would need rebalancing the game completely, at least on Legend difficulty. There are already enough complaints about the ease of Legend play and power creep.

Skill trees don’t need a remodel, but more balancing. Even if a few Careers and levels are in a better place than they were, there still are a lot of must-picks and no-picks. Only if it’s decided that the current form cannot be balanced (and I highly doubt it will be) or otherwise doesn’t work a rework should be considered.

But yeah, otherwise… More of everything, I’ll take it. As long as it’s of good quality, at least.


I feel like we’re likely to get new Careers for existing characters at some point. A more support/tanky Warrior Priest class for Saltzpyre seems a rather good choice.

For new characters - well, I feel like there’s kind of two schools of thought, really. One could think of it as “do you want to put in a character to rep a Warhammer faction, or do you want to fit someone in who fits into the game story itself?” The options for the former are more narrow, but probably more popular. If you had a Vampire, their careers could be based on the bloodlines, for example.

The second option, you just start with anyone likely to be in that region in the Empire and assign them some relevant careers that makes sense to the story while giving them some interesting gameplay options. It’d be simple to say “here’s another citizen of the empire with -insert any three careers here-.” Even if they were roughly similar to existing careers (say, like, an Outlaw that in theory is similar to both Huntsman and Shade), you could make it stand out simply with gameplay differences.

Personally, I’d rather see the first option. Warhammer has so many iconic factions, I want to play characters that feed those fantasies. There’s also the issue that differentiating a more “local” character might be challenging. Wouldn’t any human from the Empire have basically all the same weapons that Kruber/Saltzpyre have? Wouldn’t any new Dwarf have basically the same weapons as Bardin? A more exotic character will likewise have a different and more exotic arsenal that makes its gameplay more meaningfully different. To mention my favorite idea, that of a Skink - their melee weapons are quite distinct, but their ranged options would be even more so - Fireleech bolas, blowguns, javelins, eldritch magical artifacts, and so on.


Warrior Priest would be cool. Zealot isn’t really a tanking class because experienced players always run him at 1hp and float temp health to stay alive.

What would the WP ult be like? Maybe a big 2h magic hammer you can use to smite stuff?

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Shadow mage with the Dread Aspect active skill, it would force all the enemies to flee from you in terror for about 10 seconds, maybe even deal a little bit of damage to the closest ones.



For my part I don´t want new careers. I want fresh air, a new hero that adds something really new to the game. So, at least, I’ll have something to spend my more than 100 saved chests and my crafting materials.

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