Any plans for a new character?

I’m just saying, a Warrior Priest of either Sigmar or Ulric would make ALOT of sense, since the story takes place around the temples of sigmar, and the north. I think it would add some nice mechanics and a fresh perspective to the game as a whole.


Short answer, not likely. The appearing devs touched this in last week’s stream, and making a new character is a huge undertaking.

I’d say new Careers for the existing characters is more likely, and probably even that will have to wait. There have been other threads discussing these, search those if you want a longer answer.

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Ahh ok, thanks you. I understand that it would be a huge undertaking to make a completely new character, but that’s also something that maybe they could throw into an upcoming DLC? I’ll search the forums as you’ve suggested.

They are already having a hard time balancing existing ones.

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True, dont know why I asked lol. I’m on the xbox, and right now I cant even play. Haven’t been able to since 8pm EST yesterday

Let us play as Lohner and Olessa :slight_smile:

No, I agree with OP, no Warhammer without Sigmarite : )

I have been imagining they saved the most important archetype character for a special update Occasion. Right, might not be easy to include (balance) Healing Powers or Divine Lore. But it must be done!


p.s.: a Norse Barbarian would be cool, too.

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We already have 2 imperials out of 5 characters.

I don’t think FS should add new character.

They should add new enemy types.

I’d love to see some new characters and new enemy types or even an enemy faction. Probably won’t happen, but I enjoy thinking about it. When modders get all their tools, we’ll probably see custom heroes, hopefully some really good ones.

It’s unfortunate that the idea of a new character is basically dead, as that is probably the biggest form of content update we could get; a new character allows every level, ever previous situation, to be experienced in a way that is slightly unique. It depends, of course, on how a new hero would play, but short of an entirely new enemy faction who might appear in old maps, there’s going to be nothing else that completely shakes up how we play old maps. Because a new character would have new weapons (with their own attack patterns, chains, et cetera), new passives, and a new active, but also even as minor as new voice lines and a new height.

I imagine if we do get new careers, we could get a Sigmarite Priest career for Saltzpyre.


I thought it would be a cool idea to have basically a copy of each character who just looks different so then two people in a game can play the same character. So maybe Bardin has Okri join him, and maybe Saltzpyre is teaching a new recruit. Maybe kerillion has a sister, and maybe Kruber finds his brother or a recruit to his mercenary band. Wizard maybe just has a friend from the magic place or whatever. I don’t really play wizard. Sorry

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I agree, I had the thought of an Ork a while back. Considering that Orks are technically an enemy race but not on the side of the Ratmen. I think they could get interesting class options like Wierdnob or Black Ork. Plus such a different character could add a really interesting dialogue dynamic.

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