Bardin New Career Idea - The Runesmith

After completing a distance learning course from an online university, Bardin is now a Runesmith. After all, If Kruber can suddenly become a grail knight, Bardin can probably swing this.

As I cannot test any of this, the numbers may be off, or there may be some unexpected interactions or ‘broken’ combo potential that I haven’t anticipated. Please let me know what you think!


Portable Anvil - Career Skill
Bardin places a magically infused anvil that causes enemies in the radius of its aura to be slowed by 10% and deal 10% less damage. Bardin can strike the anvil with a melee attack to lightly stagger and set these enemies on fire. The anvil remains indefinitely or until your career skill is used again. 60 second cooldown. The anvil can be picked up by holding “E” for 3 seconds to reset the cooldown of your career skill.
Lodestone - Passive
Every minute, Bardin absorbs all damage from special attacks for 3 seconds after getting hit by one.


Master Craftsman - Passive
Your weapon property percentages are improved by 1/4th.
If I Can Build It, I Can Use It - Passive
You can equip all of Bardin’s weapons, including the Slayer’s Dual Axes and the Ironbreaker’s Drakefire weapons.
Mind over Material - Passive
Gunpowder and Lantern Oil barrels will not fizzle or detonate while you carry them. The last barrel you held can be detonated from a distance using the weapon special key.


Level 5
Ring ‘Em Like A Bell
Melee stagger gains temporary health
Quenched in Blood
Melee kill gains temporary health
Heal allies when using healing items

Level 10
Trinket property percentages are increased by 1/4th
Charm Property percentages are increased by 1/4th
Necklace property percentages are increased by 1/4th

Level 15
Enhanced Power

Level 20
Reduce damage taken by 5% when holding a tome or grimoire. On death, grimoires on your person are not destroyed and can be picked back up.
Improved Propellant
Increase ranged attack power by 10%. Drakefire weapons overheat 10% faster.
Critical melee headshots increase the crit chance of your next attack by 5%. This stacks up to 3 times.

Level 25
Rune of Adamant
Reduce damage taken by 10%
Rune of Cleaving
Your melee weapon attacks cleave through more enemies and have a 20% chance to instantly break most shields
A Dab of Troll Fat In The Mechanism
Reloading on an empty magazine is 25% faster.

Level 30
Anvil of Doom
The effect of your portable forge’s aura is increased to 15%.
Enemy infantry and elites will be drawn to attack your anvil. Every time they strike it they take burning damage. After taking enough damage the anvil disappears.
Battle Beat
Hitting the anvil with a melee attack increases your attack speed by 5% for 5 seconds. This stacks up to 4 times.