Balancing Victor saltzpyre

victor saltzpyre
Rework and balances in careers and weapons.

I play Victor from end times until today warhammer vermintide 2, and I realize that he can receive some changes to improve the gameplay…

Witch Hunter


Level 10) response: rework, every 4 hits, gain 5% critical hit, stocking up to 3 times for 8s

level 30)

I will judge them all: buff, apply inquisition to enemies hit by hostility, each enemy killed while hostility is active, increases team damage by 5% stores up to 3 times, duration 6 seconds

Infinite Hunt: buff, when hitting 10 or more enemies with hostility refunds 40% of the cooldown, if it hits twice (20 enemies) refunds 50%



level 10

Fire weight: buff, the cartridge size of ranged weapons increases the power level of each available ammo by 1%. When expending an entire cartridge increases reload speed by 20% for 1 second



level 10

Unyielding Purpose: Rework, killing elites increases melee power by 6% by stocking up to 3 times for 20 seconds

level 25

Redemption by Blood: buff,
Taking damage restores stamina completely and increases the damage dealt from the next 2 melee attacks by 40%

Hardened inside and out: rework, this talent now transforms into DISTURBING ENEMY: increases melee damage on armored enemies by 7% per hit on armored enemies, stacks up to 3 times

level 30

Flood of Faith: buff, attacks during holy fervor increase power by 3% and damage to armored enemies by 1.5% for 7 seconds. Accumulate up to 10 times.

Scourge’s Fervor: buff, each melee hit during holy fervor grants a stack up to 30. Each stack reduces holy fervor’s cooldown by 2% when the buff wears off. If stacks exceed 30 for the duration, Victor receives a sigmar blessing, gaining holy fury that knocks down any enemy with a charged attack for 3 seconds (this effect does not apply to monsters)



level 20

Divine Excoriation: buff, pushing sends a holy shockwave around Victor that stuns nearby enemies. During worthy rage the shockwave damages enemies and increases area by 50%

level 30

Unshakable Blessing: buff, shield of faith now lasts for seconds and allows target not to be thrown, run over enemies and minor effects.
During effect increases fury gains by 100%


Increase the damage of all attacks by 15%.
After 2 heavy attacks the light attack will be 3rd in the light attack progression

Increase damage of heavy attacks by 50%.
All ax attacks break shields.
Push attack with armor piercing.
Light attack damage increased by 10%.

Two-handed sword:
Less movement penalty when defending (also applies to kruber)

10% more damage on all attacks

Hammer splits skulls:
+1 stamina

Cleavage skulls and blessed take:
Unique attributes:
(Increases blast area by 15%)
(Charges 10% faster)

Pistol Coupler:
Special reloads 1 ammo

Repeating pistol:
+7 damage per projectile
Or in the parasite he recovers 5% of the ammunition per projectile in the alternative fire (same as the slash crossbow)

Griffin foot:
Reduce damage by 2 per projectile

And finally, I would love to see these victor helmets back in vermintide: Reikwald hat, vermillion tidings, purifying light and the cult of SIGMAR.
And the paid skins of vermintide end times also in vermintide 2, I bought the red one from Victor and I would love to be able to play with it in 2

This has nothing to do with balancing. Its mainly just buffs for no reason at all, especially since Victor is already one of the strongest characters in the game.


If you were just suggesting reworking some of the less useful talents and weapons to be more useful, I would be with ya, but aside from that, all of Saltzpyre’s careers are fairly well balanced, they’re fun and I actually do get more experimental with his builds.

WHC level 10 “Riposte” is pretty lame, but I still think a well-timed block talent could be fun. It’s just getting one critical hit isn’t very cool.

I’d counter your rework with a suggestion that it causes the next melee attack to do 3x damage and cause a lot of extra stagger to the enemy. Also, give me some feedback sound effects too. I want to hear a sound indicating I’ve just done a well-timed block and hear a nice powerful strike sound when I use that Riposte.

I think the Level 30 Talent, “I Shall Judge You All!” is just fine.

To me, the selection of this final talent is just a matter of what sort of build you’re doing. I take this talent over the guaranteed crits and the cooldown when I want a crowd of enemies to take more damage (and they take more damage from everyone) and/or I’m using a slower weapon that isn’t going to benefit as much from a few seconds of critical hits.

BH “Weight of Fire” is generally the best talent on this row for stacking power with a weapon like the Volley Crossbow. I also prefer to have it with the Dual Pistols. Combine it with a bit of power stacking from items and other talents and it is usually the best talent on the row. It’s really the other two that might benefit more from a rework. You just recommended buffing one of his most powerful talents.

Zealot level 10 Talent for 5% power increase is kinda disappointing. I like the idea of killing elites increasing power, but that’d still be fairly weak compared to GK’s 10% power for every regular enemy killed stacking up to 3x, and it’s a bit too similar. Since the dude already generates power for every 25 health missing, perhaps just have it increase from 5% to 7.5% for every 25 health missing; I’m not even sure that’s such a good idea.

The level 25 “Redemption by Blood” is fine, and it is arguably the best talent on the row since we’re talking about a career that is supposed to get hit a lot.

Level 25 “Calloused Without and Within” is a talent I rely on to make a tankier Zealot in the Chaos Wastes. I don’t think it’s a good idea to turn it into a powerful offensive talent. When playing with curses and boons that constantly mess with health, the best way for me to make Zealot work in the wastes has been to take all the defensive talents and power stacking talents: Unending purpose, Enhanced Power, Armour of Faith, Calloused Without and Within, and Feel Nothing.

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but I didn’t say that he’s bad, but that some things could improve, now if you think that zealot level 10 talent +5% power is good…
do what?

what I’m talking about are things that I realized a long time playing, and all the talents I mentioned could be buffed, some more like zealot and others very little like WH.
Of course, with all the changes I proposed, they would be accompanied by other changes also in other characters that need a buff

so, these ideas that I gave were things that I noticed playing a lot with all weapons and different builds (I think all of them), and as you said, many of these talents are not weak, but with the changes I proposed they could improve without being op and also because I intend to bring other rework ideas for other characters that would be much better, like the engineer who brought these days.
What I think
WD: It’s very balanced and those changes I brought to him were thinking about the next characters I would bring and it makes him cooler with the changes from level 10 and 30, I wouldn’t be op and it would be more fun.

BH: I also think it’s super balanced, but I think it should mainly receive the change from level 10 to the build with the repeater pistol to have more success and quality.

ZEALOT: I believe that all these changes I proposed in zealot would be very good, now I left the numbers low, not to be op, and I don’t think the 10%-damage talent is necessary, even more as a horde class that needs to be get rid of him fast elites. could even improve this rework on this talent that I put from 7% to 13%

WP: great class, these changes I proposed were only for a few forgotten talents like the level 20 scorer, which I used it in all modes: plot, chaos desert… everything, in neither one it was efficient or decent, the other 2 are much better.

I talked about Victor first, because he’s my main character and I already know about weapons, talents, everything… I think with these changes he would be much cooler. Now later I will bring one of the other characters.

Sobre o talento do Victor parecer com o kruber GK, eu nem percebi, pq o GK foi a classe que eu menos joguei no jogo :()

I also didnt say that you said he is bad. I said you want to buff him for no reason at all and that is not balancing. None of the careers need any buffs. Some talents should get a rework, but there is no need for power buffs at all. Thats also coming from someone who played Vermintide since release of the first game.

What should actually be happen is taking out the nerf hammer for specific weapons, but players should know since Moonbow at least, that Fatshark isnt the best in balancing their game. But at least they are better at balancing than people who dont really understand what balancing is and just want to buff everything.


I think Hagbane with super armor damage and more damage in general was a bad concept weapon before infinite ammo entered the discussion, but that’s just me. It is still far superior to hagbane and swiftbow who only WS can use effectively (and why use swift period). Not even close to a crisis.

Are you sure that this is what you wanted to say? Specifically the weapon.

As you said, many of these talents aren’t weak. However, there are talents that are weak. I’ve tried making builds for careers by using the less popular talents, but the problem is that even though they can be interesting by allowing me to create alternative builds, they are not fun when they prove to be so much less viable.

With some of these suggestions, I think it’s better you also explain why you would make them. This way it’s a bit easier to follow, and when I know why, then I can explain why I might think different changes are needed.

For example, I do agree that the Repeater Pistol is the weakest ranged weapon Saltzpyre has, but I don’t think buffing BH’s level 10 “Weight of Fire” is the way to fix it. For one, that would only affect BH, and it would skew the meta in favor of using Volley Crossbow which is already decent on BH, it wouldn’t make the Repeater Pistol better on the other two careers that use it, and I don’t think it would really make the Repeater Pistol much more viable since the problem with it stems from its excessive use of ammo and low damage. A more direct solution would simply be to buff the Repeater Pistol in some way or another; as I understand, it was once OP but was gutted after an update that went too far nerfing it.

The changes to Zealot don’t make sense to me because he’s already great at clearing elites. To me, it seems he’s got two distinct playstyles: one is DPS, keeping his health near 1hp while using temp health, and the other is as a tank, focusing on durability. Also, the talents on the different rows, while they might not be created equal in terms of usefulness, they generally favor different kinds of items/weapons and different kinds of properties/traits on them.

For example, ‘Castigate’ is an attack speed talent that favors being low on health which pairs well with weapons, items, traits, and talents that can max out attack speed, crit chance and generates temp health so you can survive below 20% health. ‘Smite’ by granting guaranteed crits every 5 hits gives you effectively a 20% crit chance which allows you to use the “power vs. x” or attack speed properties on your items and weapons which compliments. ‘Unbending Purpose’ similarly favors power stacking over synergy with Fiery Faith offered by ‘Castigate’ but both ‘Smite’ and ‘Castigate’ allow you to stack power, it’s just one does it via freeing up crit chance from weapon properties in favor of other bonuses, and the other does so by directly increasing power by 5%.

On campaign missions, the Zealot is arguably the most powerful class in the game due to Fiery Faith. The only weakness he has are in situations where generating and maintaining temp health is difficult such as during longer boss fights and against monsters.


Yes? I don’t think AoE damage alongside ~120 damage from DoT was a good call, and the tears that this was changed fall pretty flat when its still one of the elf’s better ranged options. Which is exactly where my opinions fall on balance, weapons that aren’t as good as they could be aren’t nearly as pressing an issue as the abundance of underperformers with 1 niche use at best.

Especially in Saltzpyre’s kit, fix the repeater pistol and find a use for 1H axe, don’t start tossing talents. Outside of that I’d like falchion to be able to combo L3 after H2 but I don’t think its a bad weapon even if it can’t.

Hm, then I am probably reading this wrong. But if I look at the first two sentences then I am reading:

“I think Hagbane … is still far superior to hagbane …”

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You may test this if you want.
Your suggestions to damage increases are way too much.

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Nah its a conjectural broken weapon that actually existed (old moonbow), which was by all accounts super Hagbane. Old moonbow was hagsteriod.

possibly the only tweak id make is how Bounty Hunter generated THP. Other than that Vic is way down the list of things i’d focus on. I’d rather Pyro got a bit more options in her build than we tinker with the minutiae of Victor WHC.

Hell id even rework Zealot so he wasn’t punished so much with healing talents in Chaos Wastes.

Vic is just fine, leave him be.


bounty hunter ult variety could be improved, and I’d like more options to facilitate the melee/ranged hybrid build. that i would welcome, however his ranged build is skill expressive and thus i like that alot. (we need more skillexpression and less do nothing get alot talents)

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one thing has nothing to do with the other, victor is a siena is another, what i said here are ideas and some buffs needed for victor’s classes, one thing is for you to play with 1 build and think everything is great …
For me it’s not, if it has: axe, cutlass, flail, hammer splits skulls is for use, and the pyromancer siena has nothing to do with victor’s ax being bad

because if there was a balance, it would be for all characters and not just for siena, I leave here my ideas for victor (my main) and engineer bardin, which are some classes that I played a lot. Now for Siena Pyromancer, I believe a Main Siena would be a better person to talk to about what she needs.

Buff Zealot tbh. He needs to solo 2 matches at a time instead of 1.


Victor has nothing to do with Victor’s axe being bad. The axes in general are all the same, all are pretty bland.

By the way, I don’t think Victor really needs much in a way of balancing, especially not this much (and buff even less so - speaking as Victor main myself).
The only think that comes to mind as in need of rework is the 5% power talent on zealot and perhaps BH double shot ult needing a nerf.

There are careers that could use more general reworks than this and probably should be priotized over single talent reworks.