Buff/rework kerilian,Siena,kruber

Balancing/rework ideas kerilian,Siena,kruber
Warhammer: Vermintide 2

I would like to leave here some ideas to change the classes, and these ideas are to make the character better or more fun. I didn’t include some classes like some Kerilian ones because I don’t play much and I don’t have any ideas, Victor and Bardin’s I did separately from the other characters.

:large_blue_circle:Kruber knight balancing/REWORK

:shield:New BENEFITS

unbeatable: reduces the time of Kruber’s career skill by 3% for each blocked attack

no one is left behind: revive an ally, grants 50% damage reduction for 7 seconds


Level 10

Increases stun power by 35%.
Wielding shields increases to 50%.

TAKE YOURSELF: buff, stunning an elite enemy increases power by 15% for 10 seconds.
Wielding two-handed weapons increases power bonus to 25%

BREAK UP GROUPS: Pushing an enemy increases attack speed by 15%.
Wielding one-handed weapons increases attack speed to 22%.
This effect does not apply to dual weapons

Level 20

THIS IS TEAMWORK!: buff, increases the damage reduction of the protective presence by 5% for each nearby ally.
Each career skill used in protective presence reduces Kruber’s career skill by 15%.

ROCK OF THE REIKLAND: buff, protective presence size doubles and also grants 25% block cost reduction.
parrying an attack causes a shockwave to nearby enemies.

TAG TEAM: buff, Kruber gains 10% power and 10% damage reduction. The closest ally to Kruber gain 50% damage reduction and 10% increased power. Passive aura no longer affects allies.

Level 30

Valiant attack of invulnerability for 3 seconds.
Each enemy hit with a valiant charge gives 5% stunning power for 6 seconds, stacks up to 5 times.

RAM: doubles the range of the brave charge and allows the kruber to charge against large enemies.
Allies can dash through enemies hit for 4 seconds.

BULL OF OSTLAND!: each enemy hit with valiant charge gives 3% attack speed for 10 seconds.
Stacks up to 10 times.
Shield pushes now deal damage based on half the stun power for 10 seconds ( idea of 15 damage to like 50 maximum)



Hit where it hurts most: increased cleaving power from 25% to 30%

New COMBAT EXPERIENCE perk: +15% thrust and block angle



Limb Splitter: Increases cleavage power by 55%

Helborg Guardianship: every 5 hits deals a guaranteed critical hit. Critical hits no longer occur randomly. +2% damage reduction taken for every 5% critical chance


STAY AWAY FROM ME: For every enemy Kruber kills, he gives 1% damage mitigation to himself and nearby allies. Taking damage loses all stocks (maximum stocks 15%).
+12% dodge range

BLADE BARRIER: Reduces damage taken by 25% and increases cleaving power by 15% when rhythmic strikes is active.

BLACK MARKET SUPPLIES: Increases maximum ammo by 30%. Killing a special enemy with ranged attacks recovers 3% of kruber and allies’ career skill.


GET OUT: Buff, duration increased from 10 seconds to 14 seconds

READY FOR ACTION: Reduces the cooldown of Morale Injection by 20%. For every 2 temporary health lost by kruber, he recovers 1% of his career skill (1,3s).

KEEP UP, FRIENDS!: Morale injection also revives downed allies. Revived ally takes 80% less damage for 1,5 seconds

:large_blue_circle:KRUBER HUNTER:
I don’t know a cool change for him, I believe a main Kruber hunter knows better…

:large_blue_circle: GRAIL:

:shield:new advantage: When a passive skill quest is completed, Kruber receives a chalice in the healing inventory. When drinking the chalice, Kruber receives a bonus of 6% more damage against enemies with armor and monsters (lasts until the end of the match) and removes bleeding, healing, 10 health. (Max: 3 stacks)


Virtue of Stoicism: 50% of damage taken is regenerated as temporary health after 3 seconds. +10% damage reduction

Virtue of Discipline: Timed blocks increase attack speed 10% and power level by 20% for 6 seconds.

Virtue of the Joust: Increases push arc and stamina regeneration by 30%. parry an attack, gains 10 temporary life.


Virtue of Audacity: Adds a second stab attack to Blessed Blade, dealing devastating single target damage. If you do not kill the enemy with the first hit of the holy blade, the cooldown is reduced by 30%.

:gear:"Before the patch, the blessed blade cooldown was 30 seconds, after the patch the cooldown was 60 seconds. With this change, the delay when hitting a monster and not killing it would go from 60 seconds to 42 seconds"

Virtue of the Impetuous Knight: Killing an enemy with Blessed Blade increases movement speed by 35% for 15 seconds. reduces blessed blade damage by 68%, hits reduce blessed blade cooldown by 2%, kills reduce it by 5%.
(1,2s and 3s)

:gear:"This change would help with stagger on monsters with the blade blessed with low range and little damage, while still killing some elites… and extra movement to assist with these tasks"

Virtue of Confidence: Change Blessed Blade to a horizontal slash that Cleaves through and staggers multiple enemies. killing berserker enemies increases the damage of the next 2 attacks by 12% (maximum 5 stacks).



:leaves:PASSIVE ABILITY: amaranth: buff/nerf, kerilian regenerates 2 health every 10 seconds when below 80% health


Level 10

Blood Shot: buff/rework, after killing an enemy with a melee attack, Kerilian shoots an extra arrow on the next ranged attack made within 15 seconds. If Kerilian kills with the second arrow, the career skill interval is reduced by 4%

Jagged Shots: buff/rework, normal arrows make the enemy bleed to deal extra damage.
Arrows that already cause damage over time do not apply this effect, but their bleeding duration is doubled

Drakira vivacity: rework, headshots increase the speed that activates amaranth by 10% for 15 seconds, stocks up to 4 times


Isha’s hug: increases the life regenerated by amaranth by
Champion: 50%
Legend: 75%
Cata: 100%
Cata 2/3: 150%.


Fervent Huntress: buff/rework killing a special or elite enemy increases movement speed by 15%. special attack with long-range weapons now no longer has long-range weapon zoom, now all special attack shots activate “Trueflight” but with the bow arrow equipped. “Like Vermintide End Times Trueflight Bow”

Ricochet: Kerilian’s arrows now ricochet up to 5 times or until they hit an enemy. Each time a projectile ricochets, its damage is increased by 35%

Asrai Focus: Reduces the cooldown of Trueflight Volley by 20%. kill armored enemies
with ranged weapon reduces career skill cooldown by 1%.


piercing shot: rework, accurate volley uses only 45% of the barred skill but has its damage reduced by 55%

:green_circle:Sister of the thorn

:leaves:NEW PASSIVE: Blackvenom Thicket: kerilian modifies his spike wall and When an enemy or ally hits the wall affected by “Blackvenom Thicket”, it deals damage equal to 10% of the damage dealt to all enemies near the wall, when the spike wall ends it deals equal damage to 10% of all damage taken.
:low_brightness:Cooldown: 2 min.
:low_brightness:As long as Kerillian has a ranged weapon in her hand, she can use the special to activate or deactivate the “Blackvenom Thicket” effect.
:low_brightness:the visual effect of the wall is the same as the old red wall taken from the game.

:leaves:New advantage, A Cluster of Radiants (old passive): Kerillian is granted Radiance (a free use of her career skill) every 60 seconds.

Talent level 25:

Lingering Blackvenom: Critical Strikes apply Blackvenom to enemies near the target and deals 1 damage. And they also apply the bleeding from the level 10 Atharti’s Delight perk

Repel: Pushing at full Stamina increase the strength and range of the push by 100%. increases maximum life by 10%. (Now allies can see the visual effect of the talent)

Talent level 30:

Ironbark Thicket: Increases the width of the Wall of Thorns and its duration to 10 seconds. Projectiles that hit the wall do not consume kerillian ammunition. (For a new mechanic, place the wall before the enemies, and shoot the wall with the hagbane short bow)

Black Venom Grove: Thornwake instead causes roots to explode from the ground, stunning enemies and applying Blackvenom to them. Now deals 30 damage.


:red_circle:(necromancer has a link just for her Necromancer talent adjustments)

:red_circle: BATTLE MAGE


Level 10:

Volcanic force: adjustments/ now both beam staff attacks activate volcanic force

Level 25:

Immersive immolation: rework/melee burning damage over time is increased by 60% for 6 seconds after using “fire walk”

Level 30

Burn: Nerf/ reduces stun from “fire walk”



Level 10

Pushing an enemy ignites them with a dot (damage over time for 4 seconds). Heavy attacks make the next push arc 70% wider, and consumes only half the stamina.
damage stacks up to 3 knockbacks.
(when pushing add visual effect of fire around sienna equal to push and block angle)

Level 25:

Natural Talent: Reduces overcharge generated by 12%. while live bomb is ready the maximum power is increased by 12%.

Enfeebling Flames: Burning enemies deal 30% less damage.
Each enemy killed while burning increases the damage and explosion radius of the living bomb by 1%.
stocks up to 100 times.
(using a live bomb consumes all stocks)

Level 30

Fuel for the Fire: buff/rework -35% cooldown, each enemy killed by this skill reduces cooldown by 4%. Career skill damage increases by 100%, but all long-range damage is reduced by 25%.

Wildfire: buff, living bomb grants a fiery aura that sets nearby enemies on fire for 10 seconds and deals damage over time. Increases power by 3% for each enemy hit, stacks up to 5 times.

:red_circle: PYROMANCER

:key:Passive ability: upon reaching critical overload, you gain fire armor that blocks the next 4 area damage attacks, this effect only occurs every 2 minutes.
(visual effect of 4 fireballs rotating around Siena, with each damage block she loses a fireball)


Critical Mass: Now critical mass is an advantage. It continues to work the same way.


Level 10

Ride the fire wind:
Increases ranged power level by 1% every second up to a maximum of 30 stacks. Upon reaching maximum stacks the effect diminishes then starts over.

Martial Studies: rework, this skill now turns into EXPLOSIVE CUT: every 15 seconds Siena applies explosive mass to the first enemy hit by a heavy attack, this enemy will explode upon death or after being pushed. Enemy is repelled by Siena’s push. Explosion occurs after 1.5 seconds after activation.

Spirit fusion: increases critical chance by 10% when above 75% health.

Level 20

Deadly Dispel: Visual improvement/buff, an effect appears when Deadly Dispel is active. (Example: overhead bar of another color).
Killing a special stops your spells from generating overcharge for 12 seconds.
Increases projectile speed by 40%

On the precipice: Increases ranged power by 20% when overcharged or higher. Increases headshot damage by 10%.

Union with the Flames: Critical attacks increases attack speed by 2% for 4s and stacks up to 10 times.

Level 25

Soul Siphon: Rework, All siena’s burning damage over time is reduced by 95% and melee damage is reduced by 10%.
sienna’s long-range damage is increased by 80% but the damage is dealt over 4 seconds (25% per second).
Enemies killed by ranged attacks reduces career skill cooldown by 1s.

Flamestrike’s Tutelage: Sienna gains 100% reduction on venting damage. Each nearby enemy decreases the damage reduction by 15%.
+10% attack speed.

Fleetflame: (rework)Siena gains a command to burst enemies into flames (finger snap animation).
When activating the command, all burning enemies explode, taking damage equal to 25% of Siena’s current critical chance.
siena loses 10% overcharge for each enemy hit by exploding enemies.
(damage: if Siena’s critical chance at the moment is 45%, the damage will be equal to 25% of that value, which is: 11.25 damage)
(When exploding an enemy the burning damage is consumed and stops instantly)

Level 30

Burning echo: critical hits restore the recharge time, if the attack is not critical, the interval is restored equal to the amount of total critical chance at the time of use of the skill. (Example: critical mass 20% + 15% build + 10% spirit fusion = 45% cooldown)

United Flame: rework.
skill passive: the flaming head chases Siena when there are no enemies nearby (20 meters). The skull attacks random enemies within the area (pursues enemies more slowly than the normal ability).
When attacking the skull it causes damage on hit and another low damage per second to the enemy until it dies (example of damage: 20+10), when it dies the skull goes after a new enemy. Active skill: Siena loses 60% damage and increases the skull’s damage by 200% and the skull’s speed by 40%. This ability can be deactivated at any time. Interval 40 seconds. With each activation Siena gains a new skull (Max: 3)

Exhaustion: rework, Siena holds the flaming head in her hand, the skull pulls the vital energy of enemies in front of her making them fall (does not knock down monsters or bosses), at the same time as taking all of Siena’s overhead. The skill takes away 30% of enemies’ missing health for the duration (does not work on monsters or bosses). Siena loses 15 life when using this ability. Skill duration: 3 seconds.
(The knockdown of this skill would not be like a push but as if the enemy had fallen from a tornado)

:red_circle::red_circle: WEAPONS SIENA:

fireball: nothing

Staff of Conflagration: nothing

Beam Staff: Alternate Fire add +3 burning hits

Lightning Staff: +6 normal shot damage

Firestorm Staff: +10% damage, +20% range

Glow Staff: nothing

Mace: hitting an enemy with a charged attack leaves it on fire and inflicts damage on nearby enemies.

Bring Siena’s one-handed mace to Vermintide 2.

:large_blue_circle::large_blue_circle: Kruber’s weapons:
Mace and shield: trigger a special attack on the mace that hits armored enemies that are left bleeding.

Blunderbuss: adds special attack, uses twice as much ammunition and shoots twice as many projectiles.

Two-handed sword: Add special attack (I already mentioned it in another post)

Two-Handed Hammer: Add Special Attack

Among other weapons that could receive special attack

:green_circle::green_circle: Kerilian Weapons:
Add special attacks to some weapons you don’t have.

Create a shield and hagbane spear to guard paths.

Bring back to vermintide Trueflight Longbow

:yellow_circle:Bardin rework:

:orange_circle:Victor rework:

For Ranger Veteran, I think the only two talents that need a complete rework are Last Resort and Exuberance.

For Last Resort,

By default, this career easily maintains ammunition (for the more part) due to his Survivalist ability, and the power bonus from being out of ammunition, while significant, isn’t enough to make me want to use all my ammo and lose the ranged capability.

Instead, I’d recommend changing Last Resort to give 1 ammunition per melee kill and a 10% power bonus when under 25% of maximum ammunition. This way you can expend ammunition safely, and save the Survivalist caches for the team.

For Exuberance,

I’d have it grant stacks of 5% damage reduction per ranged headshot that last 30 seconds each stacking up to 6 times.

One more thing, Ranger’s Parting Gift,

Many times I’ve had this active without being able to find bombs for anywhere from half the mission to the entire mission (even when using Scavenger), in great part because teammates don’t pay attention to your talents, or when you ask for a bomb, nor do most people have their talents/items publicly viewable since the default changed. I’d just change this talent to also give you a random bomb (fire/regular) on mission start; this way it also works with deeds that have no pickups.

Other than that, I wouldn’t touch Ranger Vet.

Ironbreaker is fine, I’m not sure what you encountered that suggested a rework would do much for him. I have decent builds using all of his talents. Unlike many careers, there are no talents I avoid on his tree.

The only thing I’d change on Slayer is to have Path of Carnage give the entire team a 5% attack bonus too (regardless of distance). Maybe make Barge talent more useful since when using it, I hardly notice it. I’d like to see some more stagger on Barge when you bump into small enemies; maybe a sound effect for some feedback too.

For Engineer,

I like your idea for Full Head of Steam. I never use it, (partly because I personally favor Superior Gaskets), and the main reason I don’t use it is because it is tedious constantly cranking for that 5th stack and keeping it up so you keep the power bonus. I wouldn’t touch the other level 20 talents.

I like the idea of making Bombadier into something for Drakefire weapons, because it feels like Engineer should have something to make Drakefire builds more useful. I actually like your idea too, where it helps with career regen depending on the overcharge amount. I’d add that maybe venting shouldn’t help career cooldown. Letting out steam doesn’t help with steam buildup, and there’d be little reason to vent for cooldown when you get cooldown by having overcharge. Instead, I’d make using the crank gun decrease overcharge, because in effect it is letting out steam. One helps the other.

For level 30, I mainly use Linked Compression Chambers, and I love it as is. I use Gromil-Plated Shot when my ranged weapon is something to help with crowds, like Drakefire. I wouldn’t change any of his level 30 talents. I only use Ammo Hoppers in one build, but I think it’s very good if you can get away with using your ability for a bit without getting hit; I always feel the need to be faster with Engineer.

I also wouldn’t change his passive abilities, besides adding that bombs always have both effects. I think “Build Pressure” should be part of his career skill description and not a “career ability”. That would make room for the Bombadier talent as another passive ability and ensure there’s room for a Drakefire talent like the one you had for level 25.

I’ll have to take a look at some of the other suggestions another time, but so far, I’m leaning towards thinking you have a lot of ideas, but I’m not seeing the necessity for most of them. A few of them, like the Engineer Drakefire talent are pretty creative. I really like the idea that Engineer gets some cooldown with Drakefire overcharge.

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In a way that kind of synergizes together as well.

By being able to easily restore ammunition, it means blowing through all your ammo is less risky as well

But no matter what this is always meant to be a risky talent choice as the name implies

Was reading, but there’s a lot that you’re asking to change that doesn’t really feel like it needs a change at all.

I’d rather just focus on useless Talents or making new Careers in general.

E.g. Footknight is one of the better designed Careers in the game, you can play him as a FL, Support and even Special killer. Other than some changes to Inspiring Blow, and possibly a THP generation nerf on Stagger there’s not much point in changing him?

Merc could use something to make him more interesting, but nothing too huge.

Huntsman has lots of viable and interesting builds, probably just needs some minor tweaks.

Row 10:
Drakira’s Alacrity should be made into more of a melee survival Talent by increasing the duration to 10 Seconds.

Row 25:

This is the most annoying row, as Asrai Focus is just too OP, and you’ve doubled down on how OP it is, which doesn’t help. It’s also Passive, so it’s boring.

Fervent Huntress could be applied to allies too, and it would be better, probably with an extended duration, so it doesn’t grief. If you really want to make it more of a long Passive, reduce it to 10%.

Ricochet just sucks. I know it’s gimmicky and the idea is cool, but this game’s maps are too detailed, and as soon as you’re outside, the projectiles are gone. I’d rather see the arrow split and hit multiple targets. I don’t even use this with Hagbane, which it’s the only thing it’s useful for, because ammo back from Asrai Focus is so dumb.

Asrai Focus, remove it, put anything else there. Reduce her Career CD timer by 10%, but put anything interesting here at all.

Not really a fan of a lot of these changes, she only needs a little bit of a touch up to be really good.


It’s just not worth using.

On higher difficulties or to ledge a boss, I could see it, but if you’re on higher difficulties, you’re using the Career Skill more anyway? So the stacks will rarely ever happen.

Radiant Inheretance:
It’s good, but with the way the Career Skill works, sometimes it’s a completely pointless buff. You used the wall to give people space, but with Blackvenom Thicket it’s great.

Ironbark Thicket:
I just don’t get this. I get that Bosses get stuck on it now, but the other choices are still better. I’d love to see it get a secondary effect, so it’s useful outside of stopping high density.

E.g. I main SoTT. I mostly play Tanglegrasp Thicket. There’s matches where I will use it about 2-3x per match. The idea of playing Ironbark Thicket doesn’t even enter my mind because of this.

Hagbane for SoTT:
Yeah, I want it to work too, but blocking your entire team, so you can shoot a wall would just annoy people. It’s also extremely situational, and would look a bit dumb.

Change Ironbark Thicket into a large ground area of roots, which trap enemies and have this same effect? :100: :100: :100:

I would ask for a Briar’s Malice + Lingering Blackvenom added interaction for DoTs and explosions, as the only build that’s currently (BARELY) viable is Scrounger + those two Talents with Hag.

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So… I don’t make my ideas thinking about whether it’s possible for a fat shark to do it at the moment, but rather thinking about how a general change would be better regardless of the effort, always thinking about a variety of talents and builds…
My favorite idea is the warrior priest who after this update is very strange and they took away several synergies from him…
So these changes to Kerilian would be to make everyone’s talents good, accompanied by several changes to the game such as new enemies, items…

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Viable I certainly agree with you, but I’m not so sure about interesting. Subjective I know, but I always found Huntsman to be one of the most boring career in the game and in need of some sort of shake up. On a cursory glance it looks like nearly all his skills revolve around landing headshots to do sick damage and…that’s about it. I guess it really doesn’t help that Kruber have such a sorry selection of ranged weapons to choose from.

Agreed, but I rather they keep the main idea of ricochet but just make it work differently so that it actually does something.

Rather than having realistic physics based ricochet, cheat a little and give arrows bouncing off walls greatly increased effective range, stagger, and also soft-tracking. For extra fun make it to ricochet off armour and shields too.

After playing with Soulstealer staff I learned the strategic value of bouncing projectiles that homes in on targets in dark or vision obscured maps like Hunger in the Dark as it seriously helped keep track of hidden enemies around the corner.

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One talent allows homing as you said, the other causes very high extra damage with ricochet, and the last talent reduces the cooldown of the career skill.:thinking:

@GreenColoured :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: