Kruber Knight Balancing/REWORK

Kruber Knight Balancing/REWORK


level 10

Increases stun power by 35%.
Wielding shields increases to 50%.

TAKE IT: buff, stun an elite enemy increases power by 15% for 10 seconds.
wielding two-handed weapons increases the power bonus to 30%

SMASH GROUPS: Pushing an enemy increases their attack speed by 15%.
Wielding one-handed weapons increases attack speed by 30%.
This effect does not apply to dual weapons.

level 20

THIS IS TEAMWORK!: buff, increases the damage reduction of protective presence by 5% for each nearby ally.
Each career skill used near kruber reduces his skill by 5%.

REIKLAND STONE: buff, protective presence size doubles and also grants 30% block cost reduction

level 30

Brave charge of invulnerability for 3 seconds.
Each enemy hit with a valiant charge grants 5% stun power for 10 seconds, Stacks up to 5 times.

RAMMER: Doubles the range of the valiant charge and allows the kruber to charge against large enemies.
Allies can pass through enemies hit by charge for 3 seconds.

BULL OF OSTLAND!: Each enemy hit with a valiant charge grants 2% attack speed for 10 seconds.
Accumulate up to 10 times.
Shield knockbacks now deal damage based on half their stun power for 10 seconds (serious idea 30 damage to a 70 max)

Unbeatable: No slowing when taking melee damage

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