[Hero Ravamp] Kruber

With each new class released, I think an entire hero should be revamped to mix up the pick rates from being focused on the new release. With that here are my ideas on revamping Kruber as his new career has already been released.

Universal Talent Changes

Tier 1

Critical/Headshots: Melee and Ranged Critical Strikes and Headshots restore 2 temporary health, Critical Headshots restore twice as much

Tier 3

Assassin: Melee and Ranged Headshots and critical strikes instead inflict 40% bonus damage, as do strikes against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect. Includes

Changes to add more range options to temp health and stagger tiers which become quite bland for ranged careers. Ranged careers will all have the options in place of a less synergistic talent.

Kruber Weapons

  • B. Sword & Shield: Attack Speed Increase

  • B. 2H Sword: Attack Speed, Riposte Block Increase

  • Executioner Sword: revert attack speed change

Keep things fun and fast paced, executioner nerf was only due to being a popular pick, the weapon’s downfall already is its slow block movement and dodge which deters enough especially for 1 melee weapon classes.


  • Mercenary may equip a second melee weapon

Tier 2

  • Haleburg Tutelage: Kruber gains Aura +5% Crit & +10 Crit Power

Tier 3

  • Mainstay to Assassin

Tier 4

  • Reikland Reaper: Paced Strikes triggers when hitting less than 3 enemies and increases power by 20% for 10 seconds, no longer increase attack speed.

  • Enhanced Training: Paced Strikes triggers when hitting more than 4 enemies increases attack speed by 20% for 10 seconds

Tier 5

  • Stand Clear: Increase Dodge by 10% and pushes nearby light enemies out of the way

  • Blade Barrier: Paced Strikes triggers grants stack of blade barrier that can stack up to 3 times, blade barrier reduces damage by 10% for 10 seconds, shared by strike together talent.

  • Black Market Supplies: Increase healing received and ammunition stores by 20%

Mercenary has been an untouched career for a while, tuned for more crit, cleave or support based talents, Tier 5 tends to be a more utility tier as well and blade barrier could be something else instead of tuned for his passive ability as Tier 4 is traditionally though it fits well enough.


  • Call out Weakness changed to…
    Eagle Eyes: Adds Zoom/UnZoom to ranged weapons with use of weapon special key.

  • Hunter’s Prowl duration increased to 7 seconds, huntsman can pass through enemies

Tier 1

  • Temp health talents changed to Cleave and Crit/Headshot

Tier 2

  • Keep it Coming: Every 3rd shot is guaranteed headshot

  • Make em Bleed: Headshots cause enemies to take additional 20% damage, does not stack with similar effects

Tier 3

  • Bulwark changed to Assassin

Tier 4

  • Makin’ it Look Easy: After scoring a ranged headshot next attack is counted as a headshot

  • *Burst of Enthusiasm: Scoring ranged headshots also increases melee damage and attack speed by 10% for 5 seconds.

  • Thrill of the Hunt: Headshots increase ranged attack speed & reload speed by 20%, grants 1 extra ammunition

Tier 5

  • Longshanks: Movement speed and dodge by 10%

  • Shot Crafter: Moving X distance grants 1 ammo

Tier 6

  • Head Down and Hidden: Hunter’s Prowl gains 25 Temp Health and Increase Duration to 10 seconds.

  • First Strike: Doubles damage bonus for first shot, reduces CD, Duration and other damage bonuses to 50%

Huntsman is the best career for headshots his talents and kit should be more tuned to support it especially the new passive for added zoom/unzoom. Excessive headshot focus to be balanced down.


  • FootKnight can now use Longbow, Bretonnian Sword & Shield

  • No Guts No Glory: Damage reduced by 15% (up from 10%)

  • Staggering Force: New passive increase stagger power by 35%

Tier 2

  • Staggering Force replaced by…
    Supportive Precision: Each nearby ally increases Kruber’s critical chance by 5%

  • Have at Thee: Staggered Enemies take 20% more damage for a short duration does not stack with other similar effects

Tier 6

  • Numb to Pain: Valiant Charge grants immunity to damage and loss of control effects for 3 seconds

FootKnight was reworked very well in BBB very small touches, broken talents if they still exist need to be fixed but design is very respectable.


  • Bastion of Bretonnia: While blocking Grail Knight becomes immune to push back & area of effect damage at cost to stamina.

  • The Lady’s Duty: Quests Random, bonuses changed to 10% damage, 10% damage reduction, Grail Knight now receives double effect from bonuses (Quest for Monster Kill changed to Engaging a Patrol, Boss or Lord, Quest for Finding Art w/ Grail sense/tracking of art added)

  • Knight’s Challenge: Deal 0%~20% more damage to first enemy hit (down from 25%, to be balanced around Duty buff and sheer power stacking in GK)

  • Grail Knight can use all melee weapons! Halberd & Spear

Tier 2 (Renamed as Blessing)

  • Virtue of Ideal changed to…
    Blessing of Haste: Each enemy killed increase attack speed by 5% for 5 seconds, * stacks up to 3x

  • *Virtue of Knightly Temper renamed to…
    Blessing of Righteous Anger

  • *Virtue of Heroism renamed to…
    Blessing of Strength

Tier 3

  • Enhanced Power swapped with Assassin (No need for enhanced power without ranged weapons better used for crit build)

Tier 4 (Renamed to Knight’s)

  • Knight’s Reserve: Additional Duty, Duties reward 10% CD Reduction, 10% Damage Reduction, Health Regeneration

  • Knight’s Zeal: Additional Duty, Duties reward 10% Damage, 5% Critical Chance, 5% Attack Speed

  • Knight’s Duty: Additional Duty, Potion reward repeatable duty, rewards Lady’s Potion: This potion has effect of all potions, half duration and group shared, unaffected by charm traits.

Tier 5 (Renamed to Anointed)

  • Virtue of Stoicism to…
    Anointed Stoic:
    50% of damage taken is converted to temporary health, this temp health decays at double rate.

  • Virtue of Discipline to…
    Anointed Duelist:
    Timed Blocks guarantee next strike is a critical, double timed block window

  • Virtue of the Joust to…
    Anointed Guardian:
    Stamina Regeneration, Block Cost Reduction, Push Arc & Push Stagger increased by 30% for 5 seconds after blocking an attack(Inspired by Velsix)

Tier 6

  • Virtue of Impetuous Knight renamed to…
    Virtue of the Vangaurd:
    Grail Knight uses a Blessed Lance jumping forward with increased movement speed by 25%. When block cancelling resets cooldown to 50%, speed boost degrades by 5% per second. Increased range and stab damage applied to lance(Velsix Idea!)

  • Virtue of Audacity: Add a second stab attack to Blessed Blade and X seconds to CD

Grail Knight does one thing well… hit hard, attempted to add other talent paths for variety of play with more predictable attack speed, crit and defensive builds and less RNG duties. As well as refine talent names with less Virtue everything… and more weapon selection options. He likely requires a nerf to ultimate damage and Knights Challenge just not the one to hammer out those numbers.

Bastion of Brettonia becomes more versatile across all weapons but at cost to stamina consumption pushing and blocking will reduce its overall sustain per weapon he will need to decide when to rush a hazard or seek cover.

Reduced boring damage passive in favor of more active buffs to Duties for GK doubling effects for him alone, Adjust other GK ideas on Velsix inputs.

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These suggestions would lead to absurd power creep. I kinda like a few here and there, but honestly my initial reaction overall is that there was 0 consideration for overall game balance when you typed these up. I don’t think practically anybody wants THP and stagger talents that work for ranged weapons. I remember the old days of the ranged meta, and I have no desire to go back there.


The crit and headshot temp health are the worst temp health talents, with increased decay doubt it would even be useful for a ranged but considered it worth a try for an in between return of ranged temp health. When ranged temp health was in effect duration was doubled and everything was based on kills.

Likewise doubt the stagger talent would be better than 7% power for anything but crit range builds just gives an option.

Most of the talents were based on pre-existing talents and mixing around classes, but yah numbers should be tweaked I think overall everything should be tuned down a notch across the entire board.

The tiers are roughly designed by emerging theme of FS changes, Tier 2 is seemingly the most powerful slot except for final tier, especially noticable in GK

Tier 1 – Healing
Tier 2 – Offensive
Tier 3 – Stagger
Tier 4 – Passive Abilities
Tier 5 – Utility / Defensive / Mobility
Tier 6 – Career Skill

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@CopperBack1 I really like certain ideas. These three are my favourites:

  • FK: Staggering Force as default. I wrote an entire thread about this. If you want, take a look.
    Footknight: Staggering Force should be a passive : if you want to improve it with your opinion, you are welcome;

  • FK: an option to weaken enemies. I miss old Trample… we could introduce it instead of Staggering Force (wich should be a passive). In this way, who wants to play FK as pure tank/supporter, would have a valid option into row 10.

  • HS: an option to reward headshot with something unique and efficient (like free a headshot or more power);


The Lady would like to have a word with you m8

Taal would also like a word with you

For real, I don’t think careers should be mixing and matching their signature characteristics and, to my knowledge, Fatshark feels much the same way


The Lady was not the first to have only two weapons, was more of a fun option for Mercenary nothing really hinges on the change.

Longbow will have a more unique roll with Huntsman’s new passive zoom and strangely Longbow has been used by FK before… in the… tutorial! Thought some mixing would provide much needed fun change without being insanely game breaking.

Weapons being signature can be fun while restrictive, with 4 careers can be both!

i really, really wish we could use Bret sword+shield on all careers…
on GK with 2 melee slots, the shield rarely sees use except CC for clutching.

This new versatile shield with cool combos seems wasted being locked in a single career, that has 2 melee slots (therefore there’s no real need for versatile weapon on that career).


Yeah Bs&s I’d be fine with being available for others. Although personally I’m not a fan of the weapon as a standalone lol


Without GK’s single target damage bonus, I suspect the brett. S&S will disappoint greatly on Krub’s other careers. It’ll be suboptimal vs. hordes and single target compared to the other shield weapons.

As for the OP: It seems to me like a lot of these ideas are a bit power creep-y, a lot are uncharacteristic for the careers, and I don’t really feel we need change for change’s sake to keep things fresh as much either. It almost feels like these changes are made to just stuff the most meta gameplay mechanics into Krub’s careers, whether they really fit or not. Might as well just play Elf.




I do agree, a lot of these changes would be too much. Some of these suggestions would be quite nice as well however, like how making Virtue of the Ideal attack speed focused and Virtue of Heroism power focused makes them distinct. Huntsmen having a crit aura was always somewhat strange in my opinion.


Yeah powercreep is also something that came in mind when reading this. Also is the mercs equip 2nd melee an option where you can also go with ranged if you want? Like while i think that’s interesting it already makes the super busted merc even more jack of trades.

Lawl no still stuck with only 2 weapons until V3

Yeah i meant 2 slots but for option to go melee/ranged or melee/melee.

Yes that was implication should have clarified.

Alright so i understood it correctly. But yeah it is interesting idea but probably opens bit too many options for current mercenary.

Here’s some of my own ideas if I may contribute.

  • Virtue of Knightly Temper
    Increases melee headshot stagger and damage bonus by 35%. (I have no idea what number would be appropriate for a headshot stagger increase so 35% was just a guess).
  • Virtue of Discipline
    A timed block increases power and attack speed by 15% for 6 seconds. A second timed block further increases power and attack speed by an additional 5% for 6 seconds.
  • Virtue of the Joust
    Landing an attack increases push arc, push depth and stamina regeneration by 30% for 4 seconds. (High synergy with shields, particularly the Bretonnian Shield).
  • Virtue of the Impetuous Knight
    Kruber now charges forward with a blessed lance that has increased reach. Hitting an enemy with the lance increases movement speed by 25% for 30 seconds. (Combine with the attack speed talents for a less sluggish GK focused more on powerful and precise blows).

I personally think the quest’s should be shorter buffs that last for the duration of a horde, rather than things you just complete and then forget about. E.g:

  • Killing an elite increases the party’s power by 4% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Increases the party’s damage reduction by 4% for every Tome held.

Increase Blessed Blade’s cooldown by 10s. Decrease its bodyshot damage so that it requires more investment to bodyshot CWs while increasing its headshot damage. Should make it feel a bit less cheap.

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Liked some of your ideas, integrated into main post, but dislike most as others dislike mine. Perhaps FS will cherry pick some of each for next career release =]

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The concept of “Move this much do this” sounds not so good to me. I think “ammo regen by every x amount second” would be more better.

I like it.

And for the last, I hate all the “does not stack with other similar effects”. C’mon let us high on buff.

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