Necromancer talent adjustments

Necromancer talent adjustments


Level 10, Vanhel’s Danse Macabre:
Siena gains 12% attack speed when 4 or more skeletons are alive. Sacrificing a skeleton releases 100% of the encumbrance.

Level 25, lost souls:
Discharging 4% Overload releases a soul that stole life from a nearby enemy to restore 1 temporary health. Add +8 damage per soul.

Level 30, Army of the Dead:
Reanimating the dead now causes skeletons to remain for 25 seconds before decaying. Sacrificing a skull releases a soul that damages an enemy (same soul as the level 26 talent: lost souls).

:skull_and_crossbones::zombie:and adding a staff focused on summoning.

the primary attack: siena summons 10 normal zombies that attack the closest enemy (the focus of the zombies is to tank damage) (zombies last until they die)
(100% overhead cost)
(the zombies will have some coloring that does not cause visual pollution or disturb the players)

the secondary attack: siena conjures a zombie (bloated) with 200 health (cata) and when it dies, it explodes causing damage and knockback.
(cost: 15% overhead)

Special attack: heals all “zombies and skeletons” at the cost of overload. (15% health healing for 15% overload, per second) (she slams her staff on the ground and channels healing)