Necromancer - Army of Dead talent bug


  • Talent 6-1: ‘Army of the Dead’ - Changed so that Raise Dead now reanimates 12 Skeletons, 6 of which decay after 20 seconds. Spooky!

Now the talent means that when you cast the ulti, you kill all the current skeletons, and then raise 12 new ones.

So now it is literally impossible to unlock the achievement of raising 24 skeletons, because your maximum number of skeletons will always be 12.

I understand this is a bug, please fix it.

6 skeletons remain for 20 secs on cast. You only need to cast 3 times in time to get the challenge done. I’ve done it myself with this most recent version.

Ok, I already know what the problem is. If at the time of casting the ulti you have less than 12 skeletons, they all die and 12 new ones appear. If you have 12 or more, 6 new ones appear. So it is not possible to raise 17 (5 previously alive + 12 new) skeletons.

At least when you launch the ulti you will have 12 skeletons. If you have 12 or more, you will lift 6 at a time.

It is possible.
When you cast raise the dead, you get 6 “permanent” skeletons and 6 with a 20s duration.
If you recast, the “permanent” ones dissapear and 6 new “permanent” raise again, along with +6 timed skellies (the timed skellies keep on the field when you recast, they DO NOT DIE when recasting)

the battle mage also has a bug on the console (x box), all level 10 talents are bugged, the talent that causes fire damage until the enemy dies is accumulating fire, and the other two that accumulate burning damage over time of time (100% burning damage and +50% power on fully charged spell) are not stacked, the talents are reversed.

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