Suggestions for Necro

Hey. Necro feels great to play, but some of the talents are still lacking. Suggestions:

Lifetaker: Buff to 3% crit per stack. Just a little, itty bitty boost would make necro crits feel more consistent.

Vanhel’s Danse Macabre: Change to 3% attack speed per skeleton raised, max 6 stacks. Really just annoying right now that it’s all or nothing. Makes for a better generalist selection rather than the other two which are very specifically targetted at certain staffs/melee weapons.

Withering Touch: Add new effect in addition to current one: Malediction of Nagash’s damage bonus is doubled to 40%. As it is this does very little that you wouldn’t more easily do with a good weapon selection or barrow blades, and the other two contenders on this tier are seriously powerful talents that massively improve a build. This would make it a single target focused option for Necro.

Spirit Leech: Add new effect: killing an enemy elite also restores 5 THP. Every other skill on this rank has some kind of defensive benefit and this is kind of boring as it is.

The Curse of Undeath: Add new effect in addition to current one: While Curse of Undeath is active venting does not deal damage and overcharge slowdown is removed.

Army of the Dead: Change so that skeletons do not instantly time out after 20 seconds, but instead get stacking health degen for every 20s they exist. Kills by skeletons or Sienna heal skeletons. And if you want to be really cool, uncap the maximum number of skeletons completely so that we can summon a true army of the dead with a purple potion.

I don’t think any of these changes would make for any significantly overpowered builds compared to the ones that already exist with other skills of the same tier (aside from the lifetaker buff which is a small across the board buff to everyone), but would greatly broaden the options for her.

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