Balance - Rework and Discusion - Kruber

I will discuss about the balance between career but first I will introduce the usefull information about me that can explain my opinion.

About me :
I am a huge fan of warhammer world for about 15 years and i really like to change the rule for the « best » (in my opinion ofc).

My (brief) point of vue of the game :
He is really cool, the good continumm of the first. That let hope for the futur. And this is this hope that i like the most about the game.

I have a lot to say about the game. Every discussion will be argumented and will have a purpose (or try to).
I also speak only of champion i have played.

Remenber this is my opinion, and if you have one different please write and discuss !

This is a pdf about the rework on Markus. Sorry if i don’t respect the usual way, i just prefer Latex for writing. (90.5 KB)

Thank you


You´ll get more of a responsive if you post directly in the forum instead of forcing people to download a PDF.


I agree with Field.

Yes. This is my bad. I get it now ^^. Wont do it again. Thank you for the reply !

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This is what the pdf say i more beautifull way ^^ :

Markus Kruber - Rework proposal

He his my most favorite character and even if he seem’s to be well balance (Quick play show a good rotation
of the 3 Kruber), i have some point that i think would be better for the game.

0.1 First idea
The career skill of the mercenary and of the foot knight are "badly " chose. The mercenary is a melee damage

Fighter, he is not the best tank and even more he face the tide in first line. He is one of the first to die. Plus,
if we think about RP if he is a mercenary he would probably think at him first. Secondly, the foot knight is a
tank, he is here for the mate. His goal as knight is to protect people.

So i propose to swoap the two skills. With that, both character will be more logical. The mercenary is
a damage dealer and here to kill crowd and boss (Weapon will force u to chose, even if the hammer does all
efficiently.). The knight is a support tank. He hold the front line and when bad thing happened he regroup the team (Captain is dat you ?).

1 Foot knight

Note: Maybe better to call it knight directly no ? Bretonnian have only mounted knight not the Empire, and he
is clearly not bretonnian :).

Career skill: Rally (or assemble), exactly the mercenary’s carrer skill.

1.1 Talent

I found the level 10 of the knight under the other, so i propose the following:

  • Protector: Heal other heroes with remedy is 50% faster.
  • Counter attack: Don’t change.
  • Build momentum: Kick out the unit when he walk to a dying mate.
    2 Mercenary

Note: I found imperial soldier better and more respectfull of the lore.

The big change is the career skill plus 2 little change. If Markus get stopped by someone during is charge
paced strikes is triggered.

2.1 Talent

Hold Ground: For a short time he can’t get stopped or bump. (If you have better proposal don’t hesitate,
i’m not very “proud” of this).

3 Huntsman

Kerillian is a far better archer than Markus. And this is right. Markus is just stepping in the way of Kerillian.
And this is not an obligation.

Lore : The empire is made of 3 things : iron, faith and POWDER. Get some engineer !

3.1 Passiv
Call out weakness: => Get use to it : +25% reload speed.
3.2 Career skill

Home made powder, taste it! ) +20 % damage for 10 sec.

3.3 Talent

Hands off! ) More powder : +25% damage on armored guy.
Level 25:

  • 30% cooldown,
  • infinity ammo during the 10 second,
  • reload time reduce by 90% for the 10 second.

3.4 Weapon

The mercenary can get bow but no more repeater handgun, only the engineer can get it.
And i have a huge question : why Kerillian get until 30 ammo when you can take only 17 ammo with the
handgun ? It is normal that the handgun have a long time of reload but the big pro of the handgun is the
ammount of ammo that you can bring to the battlefield.

I know that this is something hard to balance and i don’t know if just giving more ammo will be balanced.

I agree, but in part.

Merch and Knight actives are appropriate (charge is the “classic charge” with a shield used by knights, while moral boost is a “scream of rage” common for an aggressive warrior)… but maybe need some buff/change:

  • moral boost: less cooldown and/or more temp health and/or another effect, like more cleave for everyone;
  • charge: i don’t know… it could taunt bosses, or debuff enemies.

100% agree about huntsman… his fireguns are terrible, and his talents are thought badly… we need more power to these weapons. Like better breakpoints to handgun, more damage against armor and bosses to blunderbuss, more damage to armor and more penetration for rep gun…

I think the charge does not need a buff, if the knight have more option to use this controle time to deal damage. (wich is not really the case). And for the moral boost, either you give more tankyness to the mercenary or you found another 25 level talent than revive ally.

An option is to swoap the 2 level 25 talent between both. Like, when Kruber charge ally around revive, with more cooldown. And when Kruber scream he boost is power. That will change the logic of his mercenary ultimate to boost in the early fight.

From my perspective of having them in the party…

Merc is really good even on Legend. He does kill very well… kill numbers between Merc and Footnight are pretty close… BUT…

The CD on Merc’s Ult needs to seriously be reduced, there is NO way you can justify 3 minutes for an AoE Stagger and some temp health. Especially when Footknight is doing the same every 30 seconds with their charge attack.

There is too much disaparity between the Ult of both. If FK is at 30 seconds, the Merc’s needs to be reduced down to 1 minute.

Secondly, I do agree, the Handgun needs to have the same relative power that it did in V1… and unfortunately it doesn’t. Its a low ammo weapon with a longer reload time. So it needs to have a little more punch to it. In V1 this could one shot any special… it falls a little short in V2.

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