Improvements to Victor and Kruber's two-handed swords

I believe these weapons are not bad, but they could have more gameplay personality and be more fun.

Would it be cool to add these first two attacks to Kruber’s two-handed sword?

  1. the first in the video as a special attack, causing 30% of the target’s life as damage (minus monsters and bosses), but base damage. the attack would be like a parry using 1 stamina.
  2. and the second attack as a single attack after the push attack.

In this case, Victor’s two-handed sword could receive other changes than Kruber…

  1. after the push attack he performs a side cut with armor penetration and bleeding. (this would make the weapon versatile for all classes and game modes (from the ‘+dps’ plot, to the chaos desert ‘heals a single hit on a bleeding enemy’).
  2. and a special attack where he blesses the sword and causes bleeding for 2 seconds.

Those changes are a bit much, in terms of hard balance they’re okay if rather underwhelming and pointless.

Saltzpyre and Kruber’s Greatswords suffer from severe redundancy problems. Their light and heavy attacks are literally just light and heavy variants of the same swipe. The only change up offered by V2 is the addition of a push-attack that lets it finally deal with something other than hordes.

The end result are a pair of really boring and one-dimensional problem that excels in something that nobody needs to excel that hard in even on Cata.

Only thing the Greatswords need is either their light or heavy attacks to be something different, like a diagonal or downward slash, or even a stab so their light and heavy attacks can do different things.

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Wasn’t the idea good? Look at the attacks in the video, that would be really cool… even though she maintains the “redundancy” of light and heavy attacks


I think the Greatswords are overall decent weapons, but I think they have the most bland attack combos in the game, and expending the stamina isn’t often worth it for that vertical slice when the heavy attacks deal decent damage.

Greathammers tend to be swung with plain heavies in crowds and eventually destroy everything, but slowly and with low dodge and low stamina, but at least their light attack combo breaks up the monotony a bit with some good single target crushing blows.

Now, Greatsword could greatly benefit from a quick stab and/or vertical slice in the attack combos. Look at the 1H sword, which is pretty bland, but at least we have a nice vertical slice that can be worked into heavy attack combos for maximum single target damage.

While Greatsword isn’t OP or weak, it is a low skill floor and low skill ceiling weapon that requires little effort to learn.

To fix this, all we’d need is a single target attack in the combos. The light attacks could end with a thrust that does some decent single target damage and the heavy attack could begin with an overhead cleave that does single target damage.
This gives you the combos Heavy, Heavy, Light for maximum single target damage
For crowds with no armor: Light, Light, block-cancel…
For crowds with armor: light, Heavy Heavy…


Agreed, Victor’s 2H hammer for example was a super refreshing change of pace when it was first released. While it’s undoubtedly the same as Krub’s and Bardin’s, you get so much more out of it with careful planning of attacks. Every time that combo hits just right it feels like a reward in on itself.

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I agree but disagree. I agree in terms of damage, but if the game adds the same form of attack that you described to all swords, all weapons will be the same and consequently boring…
The question here is: would these attacks I put in make the weapon better? Would she be more fun?..
for me yes. I can already imagine this combo from Kruber in the middle of a horde with a Mauler, Blackrat or Chaos Warrior, use the charged attack on the horde, then a push attack on the Chaos Warrior and a light attack to release the new hidden attack from below. up, and then charge back at the horde… or even hold back some armor just with the parry of the special attack, similar to a darktide weapon that I won’t remember the name of right now…
Now if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is…
sorry if there are any translation errors

If a better combos for single target and horde were added to the weapon, I’m all for it as long as it works and it’s not 2 attack repeating.

Also, if there were single target combos, the push attack could be changed to something for stagger like a pommel strike.


It was a little too much going in the background when all it has to do is just do damage and have a profile better suited for elites and single targets. I’m referring to the stuff like throwing in bleeds and % health damage, suddenly blessing the blade, etc. when this was supposed to just be a mundane greatsword

Like if I were to give a suggestion, I’d just shake up the attack pattern or differentiate the heavy and light attacks

For example their light attacks can remain the same, but heavy is a thrusting stab that propels you forward and do more armour damage, while a 2nd heavy shifts to a slam

Or more complex, they can make it like the Great Reckoner and mix heavy/lights with sweeps and single targets in their comboes

True, this % of life question was just an example, but for me the one with Kruber is perfect, the one with Victor would just be different, but it didn’t need to be the same as the one I said, I just wouldn’t want it to be the same as the one with Kruber.

this sequence of attacks that I mentioned would be something new in the game, nothing would be like it

While I’m not against different movesets, it doesn’t bother me too much if the same weapon is swung the same across two characters with identical backgrounds as empire human warriors.

With their different careers and ranf e weapons identical weapons takes on different identities.


I don’t like that idea at all.

Greatswords problem is the redundant light and heavy attacks being identical resulting in a boring weapon. Additing a string to the push-attack doesn’t address that.