So. Console version, eh? The update well is going to be dry


Anyone who actually has a positive perception of the roadmap, the current state of V2, and where its going and how long it is going to take, care to pitch in?

As of right now, I’m not getting much if any enjoyment out of this game, I’ve played in bulk, and probably will stop for a while soon. Okri’s Challenges is just unbelievably unfun, a 100 runs for one hat, for one career? This isn’t something I can be bothered to work towards, the skins are okay but they are far form interesting, and the recolored skins are part of the flashy “100 new cosmetics!” flaunted about in the content trailer, meaning almost 1/3 is just outfits with different color patterns.

I’m not spouting anything new here, but V2 is lacking in several important aspects. Not just with hats and skins, but a remedy to the laughable state of reds and duplicates, bugs, in addition to weapon and career balancing that outright denies certain weapons a spot in legend.

A year, perhaps even more? I didn’t originally think it would take as long as it now seems it will, even if certain things like careers are hard to get right.


I genuinely hope you are wrong and the first DLC will be announced soon, but i have NO clue.

I’d love to be proven wrong on this. :> Time will show, I suppose.

And a lot of it is just opinion.

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Would be nice if they could just come out and give us an approximate date. Or, if they don’t want to promise anything again like that did with the roadmap. They can at least give us some Screen shots of the new maps, a little teaser or something to keep us interested.

The programmers for the Xbox version are likely to be different people (at least partially) from the ones working on the PC version (although afaik Xbox and PC are pretty similar programming-wise), and unless FS decides to make some platform-exclusive cosmetics or somesuch, other people aren’t likely to share much of their time between versions. A more likely reason for updates slowing down is simply summer, and maybe that some people are needed for mod screening soon enough. Some people also mentioned that PC is likely going to act as test bed for updates for Xbox too, and that would signify at least the same amount of updates for us as before.

The DLC(s) will come when they are considered ready and when the game is considered ready for them. Balance and bug-fixing still needs work, but it’s getting there. Even if Xbox development slows down PC stuff (and I doubt it really will, people have already been working on it for a long time), it’s unlikely to have a significant impact, especially compared to vacation times, new bugs being found all the time, and all other incidental things.


To be fair, the xbox release isn’t something they just randomly decided to do last month. It’s most likely been in the works for months, probably since before the PC was even in closed beta. Devs don’t just decide to port a game and boom it’s done in 2-3 weeks. So if they’ve been working on the xbox version all this time, and still doing updates for the PC version. I’m assuming everything will continue at the same pace. Expect patches a few times a month, bug fixes and so on. I think a lot of people are just ticked off because of the road map they put up in which things were kinda implied with dates, but they’ve taken weeks/months longer to be released then what was originally implied.

But again, it would be nice if they could give us even a little teaser. A simple Screen shot of an area of one of the new maps. I’m sure that would ease a lot of peoples minds. Let them know that content is being worked on


Sure, there is very likely a different set of people on each platform, there is reason for worry however.

Remember the nerf to Executioneer’s Sword and Glaive that came out of the blue with no proper reasoning, and was admitted to be “miscommunication”?

Well, according to this post by a Dev,

There’s really only 3 people working the console ports. Meanwhile, if their staff page is correct, they have at least 50+ staff. So the majority are working on the PC version.

This also backs up my earlier point that they have been working on the xbox version most likely for months now. They currently have a working PS4 version according to that post, but again, it will probably be weeks/months before it’s released.

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Overall I’m happy with things. Bugs in particular frustrate me (like talents not working right off host) and while rerolling and red situation are annoying it doesn’t bother me much. Some of that is just me managing expectations though; after how the launch of V1 went I figured the launch for V2 would be a bumpy one.

The core gameplay and atmosphere is what I’m really here for and so far that still does it for me after 330+ hours. I think that’s pretty good, and most of the people complaining about stuff still have many hundreds of hours so that is saying something.

Another thing that helps is breaks to play other games, gotta mix things up a bit!


you know what I brought up the same points on the trailer and had tons of awful and ridiculing comments from Blind Fanboys screaming “PLAY THIS FOR FUN NOT FOR COSMETICS , COSMETICS DONT MEAN CRAP , IF YOU DONT LIKE PLAYING THIS FOR ‘ONLY FUN’ GTFO !!” and its just ridiculous…this post goes to show at least I am not the only one that felt the update was basically bloat and carrots on sticks and people say why are you whining ??? you GOT WHAT YOU WANTED ….ugh these people are the reason I have mproblems dealing with the human race…and lets not mention the modding that is a freaking joke they mind as well not even added if it isn’t even ready and half assed…ugh Im so done with his game XD but I love Warhammer so they keep grabbing my attention…

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Didn’t they say on a stream recently that the first DLC was nearing completion?

Mate, the first DLC was already announced on Reddit, months ago.
It should be out by the end of April according to FatShark.


Honestly, I’d love news but I can be patient yet.

It’s recently been a good time to be a warhammer fan, with the total war series and this game coming out, I’m going to be happy for the next few years.

When I get impatient, I have smash bros in December, and the last of us 2 coming out, and even TES 6 to look forward to in the long run. Overall, gaming has had some good news for me.

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I wasn’t talking about DLC.

Mine was a jest about Fatshark delivering late anyway.


uhm……its freaking almost July mate…

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…That’s the joke :sweat_smile:


This is based on speculation and personal experience from software industry and second hand experience from game industry in particular (i.e. I’m lacking any inside VT2 knowledge but rather assume they fall into common software dev traps).

Game released in March. Dedicated servers and DLC planned and coming along according to plan.

Exclusivity deal reached with MS on consoles, agree on release date in July-ish so FS can push VT to other consoles (PS4) in fall before Christmas. Development effort shifts to XBOX version due to contractual reason (i.e. liability and damages if VT2 not released on XBOX in July).

Realize PC-roadmap not met. Remove / update it.
Development team realise that it takes a lot of effort to optimise VT2 for weaker machines (i.e. consoles), focuses even more resources here, PC effort is shifted to keep PC version afloat.
Probable that some technology used in VT2 for PC does not work as intended on console, as an example some important Lua-library, and forces a significant rewrite of core functions.

80-90% finished dedicated servers and DLC are still on the shelves due to lack of time in the organisation to finish, test and sign them off. Communication quiet since

is a hard sell to the community.
Console development steams ahead.

XBOX version released. Dev team now knows that PS4 version will take a lot of effort.
Vacations start. Nothing happens until mid August and then the release date for PS4 will decide the fall planning. If PS4 before Christmas PC version will likely suffer, else I expect a large shift in focus to fix VT2 progression issues (which I consider the major issues today).

Yet again, I’m speculating. And I’m assuming that VT2 is meant to be a PC, XBOX and PS4 game, and that the developers made the eternal error of overestimating console performance and has to work their asses off getting it to work decently.

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Maybe you didn’t read my post, where I quoted the Developer. There are only 3 people working on the Xbox port, 3, out of 50+ staff. I don’t believe that the Xbox or PS4 versions have hampered the release of PC content in any way, if they have only had 3 something staff working on it. It’s more likely they ran into a lot of issues with the mod support which slowed them down. And now with dedicated servers. Not to mention, I don’t think they want to roll out dedicated servers when nearly all the bugs only affect clients, not hosts.

But again, it would be nice if we could at least get a sneak peak of the new maps that were supposed to be out weeks ago. Even if they’re not finished, I’m sure they could show us some Screen shots of certain areas of the maps.

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I think you misread that. Three people working only on / with console, not console related stuff only being worked on / with by three people.

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