Another week goes by with neither update nor info on whats being worked on

Fatshark please. It would help me a whole lot if I knew what is going on, and im sure alot more people would appreciate some sort of development manifesto. Dont promise anything, dont put deadlines, simply saying “we are working on X and Y” would already mean the world to me. Alot of problems have been discussed to death and things have been acknowledged, but I cant help but wonder what is going on. More or less pressing issues like sound bugs, bugged boss aggro and general balance are being held back by… what exactly?

The only thing that came out recently was xbox, and according to this post there are only three people involved with consoles. So what is the rest up to?

Fatshark pls. I dont want to lose faith.


Honestly, you are better off playing something else. Devs have pretty much confirmed our theories. The silence can be attributed to them working on the console ports.


I’m actually waiting for you to say something sensible in one of these posts that isn’t toxic and actually contributes towards a good conversation between players and devs. You know, just so that I could make a joke about your nickname and you being right for once.


And OP, devs have stated NUMEROUS amount of times that they are working on the game constantly and they don’t want to rush themselves any more than they did already so that we don’t get another half-baked update or DLC because they know exactly just how pissed off everybody is at them for every single little thing going wrong since release. So, in other words, you just have to wait and not get you knickers in a twist in the mean time.


They have also said that (except for level designers) the entire team has been working on console since okri’s challenges.

Meaning the game is still half-baked with missing artwork, talents that don’t work on client and a whole host of bugs, inexcusable RNG issues and more, and they’re perfectly content to leave it in that state while they work to rake in money from the console audience.

They have also said they’re not doing dedi servers because the CPU draw of a server is high so the server cost is high - meaning they won’t do dedi servers until A) they have somehow improved on their shoddy code to make it more lean or B) when player numbers have dwindled low enough for them to want to foot the bill for servers.

FS are doing a lot of things very, very wrong, and despite selling an unfinished product to PC players, they laugh at the very idea of giving us FREE compensation to gain any goodwill at all.


They are doing things that are in their capacity. Do you seriously want the whole dev team to keep crunching the game round the clock until it’s completely up to your standards? That’s not going to happen. I mean, it is, just over a long period of time. Just curb your unrealistic expectations a bit and things will get better. Of course, you might say that the standards that you have are just having a “normal/fixed/polished” game, but it’s insanely difficult task for the devs. Because, as you said yourself, they also have promised to produce console versions of the game and it would be equally unfair for the console players to get ditched forever just because PC players want everything to be pitch-perfect.


There’s a world of difference between pitch perfect and a working, function game with promised features. I am perfectly aware of how long software development takes, but the there is only one reason why they’re so far behind - they released the game when it was miles and miles away from being finished.

You could excuse DLC etc being delayed after release, with work taking longer than expected - you could excuse mod support and dedi servers taking longer than expected because of code issues.

That’s not really what’s happening. They’re months behind schedule for mainly one reason.
They released a completely unfinished product. This can’t possibly be up for debate. It was so full of bugs, non-working systems, non-working talents and flat out missing artwork that it is simply undebatable that the game was released far, far too early.

Whatever else may be excused, as publisher and developer, releasing the game several months too soon is the responsibility of Fatshark. Every delay since then is a direct result of months of a desperate scramble to fix bugs and fix basic functionality.

I can expect a developer to work very, very hard to fix such a huge mistake - because they sold a completely unfinished game as finished. Is it unrealistic expectations to want a developer to fix the game they sold as finished?

If you think that is unrealistic expectations, I have a bridge to sell you. Possibly even the eye of london.


The game is in a very playable state as of now. I’m not saying that the game came out that way - it was, as you say, quite a broken game. It still is, in some respects, but it is a LARGELY fixed and playable game. I don’t even know what major bugs are still in the game, like silent specials? Silent patrols? Honestly, people on this forum exaggerate the “broken” state of the game.


You may want to take even a cursory glance at the bugsection of these very forums - or even briefly read the many threads on the subject.

It is playable, certainly. Most of the time.


Again, the bug section has either been largely silent with game-breaking bugs apart from network hiccups and server issues that come and go from time to time or it has been flooded with minor glitches like level geometry holes and such. And I don’t need to search every nook and cranny of this forum to know that the game is in good shape - I just launch and play it, hence why I have 600 hours of gameplay.

Where did they say that? I believe this statement, but I have not seen them post anything the like on these forums. Which should be the major source of information for the game and from the developers, their own bloody forum.

They never said that, they have three(3) people working on the Xbox port right now and that’s their entire console team. The rest must be working on the game as a whole, but people prefer to rage at the devs for having a console port team to begin with.

I think they’re referring to this (?):


I was referring to Robin saying that they are only three people on Reddit, maybe he wasn’t telling the truth then.

This was in response to how many people they have working on PS4.
The entire team is working on console, aside from level designers which are obviously working on content that will go to all platforms.

Jeez, they can’t even get their own story straight…


So you are saying that developers letting their playerbase know what exactly it is they are working on is bad? Because thats all im asking for. Saying “we are working on the game” is a whole different level than letting players know what it is. It doesnt have to be in-depth, it doesnt have to be any promises. Just a rough idea, a heads up, anything but the current radio silence concerning patches. Hype isnt always a strictly bad thing.


I’m not saying it’s bad, I actually didn’t insinuate that sentiment at all.

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Then why did you feel the need to write what i quoted? It is a direct answer to me requesting more information. And if you didnt intend to counter my request, what is it you intended?


Me saying that devs communicated information that you have requested numerous times is not the same as me saying that them communicating with us is “bad”. I don’t understand how you could even vaguely interpret those statements as the same.