Another week goes by with neither update nor info on whats being worked on

For those who missed it - quote from Robin

Since Okri’s challenges was released we have ramped up the console team though to get the last stages of polish on mainly UI, xb1 features, tweaked difficulty and improved performance. Performance improvement that has and will reach PC as well for the most part.

The main cost to porting the game to xb1 has been making the new updated graphics performant enough to run on a console and to make the UI console/controller friendly. As well as the project management side that runs all this, does the submissions to microsoft etc. The one thing that it has not affected is how fast we produce maps as our maps are more or less platform independent. We’re releasing the same maps on xb1 as we have on PC.


So they “Ramped Up” the console team? Jeez, I didn’t know about that. That doesn’t sound too hot, I agree.

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Of course it’s from reddit.


So, hol up, they are improving performance for consoles only? Why not work on pc performance first, then have an easier time converting it to consoles?


Reading between the lines, especially the last bit - it seems he is admitting that essentially everything PC has been slowed down because of XB release, aside from maps, because maps are maps.


That’s kind’a tricky wording. It could mean the three devs. are going into overtime or that they’re moving more human resources to it.

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Err he goes on to say they have people specifically working with management, cert etc, you can’t ramp up a console team without ramping up more people to it :slight_smile:


So essentially until a full XB release happens we have an update crisis? Hmm…


And then ps4. Probably.

And then switch. Maybe.


This is my fear, and the fear of many others. Let’s not forget they’re releasing on PS4 as well, and PS4 is NOT as similar to PC as xbox code is.



We just need to take a break, malve one year:slight_smile:

Okay, I start seeing why people are so agitated about this. Let’s just hope that there is a big content patch around the corner and that we are all wrong.


To be fair, general engine/graphics improvements are bound to be very similar across platforms, hence it doesn’t really make sense to only work on PC graphics, or only work on xbox graphics. These things are pretty interconnected, hence why he says most performance enhancements will benefit all platforms.

Not that I am in any way excusing putting their whole team on xbone before PC is in a satisfactory state.

Also because despite all the utter bs their customers have had to put up with I get the strong impression we’ll end up with nothing to show for it compared to new customers, who will be far better off for buying a product closer to what was advertised and for not having to have put up with all this crap.


A wise man once told me," Holy Sigmar! Bless this ravaged soul." I think there is some meaning in that, it at least gives me hope for the future :slight_smile:

I mean, of course we won’t. I thought it was kinda clear that there will be no kind of compensation for essentially the “early access” customers that have played since launch.

This is how you lose goodwill :slight_smile:

Man boycotting future Fatshark products no longer is a dilemma. :slight_smile:


Indeed. It really seems inevitable that at some point, cosmetic droprate will have to be dramatically raised, AGAIN.

And that at some point, red dupe protection and bad luck protection have to be implemented.

Meaning after that point, new players will have a far less punishing grind, while we old veterans will have 500-1500 hours of grind with minimal reward.

And FS being flippant FS, it would be crazy to reward or compensate their most loyal customers. Those verysame customers they screwed over by selling an unfinished product.


Yep and if that turns out to be true they can kiss my money goodbye.


The more I think about that the dumber I realize their approach to the whole thing was, because: Why the actual #$$% are droprate changes retroactively applied to existing chests in the first place? Wouldn’t relinquish their responsibility to provide better customer service vis-a-vis compensating the people who keep their company afloat but it would at least have been common bloody sense to ensure someone who stockpiled a thousands chests doesn’t get a payday while everyone who played like a normal sane person gets screwed.

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