Anything new pls?

Hi there Fatshark Team ,
Can you give us ANY News about console content Updates? Still waiting for emporium and Drachenfels or even some Patches.

Pc got a ton of new stuff already.
I know that console dont got the highest priority for you guys but the game feels like it’s more and more dying and that would be horrible cause I love it… @Fatshark_Hedge can you guys give us at least a date where you can announce something?


I’m guessing you’ll get one big update. They said already they might skip some things and add it all in one patch, at least I remember them saying something about that regarding season 1 and season 2. They have to wait for things to get approved as well. Their plan was to have all versions of the game on the same patch. So hopefully they’ll bump you guys up to the current PC patch and you’ll have tons of new stuff.


Would be great

Just curious when did trelly posted this ?

If I remember correctly, last week?

I hope we get updated soon. I keep crashing and getting my progress reset. Trying to beat all legend maps with my trusty bots but it’s getting really annoying when I’m about to enter the bridge and I get to soak in depression for a bit. Fatshark bless this ravaged body.

I know what you mean man loading times are a joke atm and the rate of gamecrashes is pretty high when you play 1 hour at least one of 4 ppl get a chrash