So.... new lvl only for pc gamers? Ouch!

I’m sure I’ll catch flak for asking this question but I must!

Is any of the content available on pc’s EVER coming to any other platform? New level, portraits… everything I read about is seemingly pc only, minus the upcoming expansion. Is it technical? Is it preferential? Love to know

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Last I heard, the Devs confirmed that the last update is still coming to the consoles. They never gave a date though. So I guess you guys have 2 events incoming.

I suspect there are much less hoops to jump through the get things onto PC, and the patch process is much quicker than consoles.

Also your anniversary is different to ours :stuck_out_tongue: so maybe wait for the 1 year console launch anniversary?


Ever heard of Christmas in July? At this rate that’s when consoles will get the Mondstille event.

I don’t have anything positive to say about Fatshark or how they are treating console players right now.


Doubt it. Fat Shark really don’t care about console players. We get everything late, or not at all. I’d rather they just fix everything that is broken with the game on the Xbox than anything else.

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Getting updates to consoles is certainly slower than on PC, at least because both consoles have their own approval process of some sort on the updates, but likely also because some things need to be reprogrammed or tweaked differently. Because of this, FS likes to do somewhat bigger updates on a slower schedule for consoles.

There’s also the thing that they use PC as bit of a testing ground for certain things, to iron out platform-agnostic bugs and other issues (again because the process is more complicated and time-consuming for the consoles, and this way they don’t have to make the changes multiple times), so that also adds to the time it takes for the consoles to get the updates. As far as I know, no content beyond mods (and even those are possible in some form) are planned to be left out of the consoles completely, but it will take more time for the various reasons mentioned. They will likely come out in bigger batches, though.

As for the events, I’ve understood that for the Mondstille there have been quite a few snags, and this one is (as others said) specifically for PC at this time. The consoles will likely get their drunken rampages at their respective release dates (if things go as they’re supposed to, anyway). Remember, it won’t be available for PC indefinitely either.

As a final thing, I’ve personally gotten the impression that FS in general is less experienced with the consoles, if only from the amount of troubles they specifically seem to have, and certainly the console team is small and have their hands full constantly.


Thanks that pretty much answered everything :grin:!

I can’t complain about FS, it’s been awhile since I’ve put so much time and enjoyed a game SO MUCH, in a long time! :heart:

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Not only does P.C get events, but they get ample time to complete them vs consoles.

Example: Halloween event on Xbox had 7 days to finish. Three of those days were lost due to glitches and errors not allowing anyone to participate. No time extension was offered.

Meanwhile, P.C had their full week, and also three weeks to complete the Mondstille events IIRC.

Now, we are at the anniversary, where it was mentioned for “everyone” to watch in game when the 8th rolled around. P.C gets showered with events, while console players are still wondering about Mondstille.

The seeming favouritism has driven me away from the game for the time being. I can’t spend money or time on failed promises and consistently getting the finger anymore.

Soon… soon.

The big thing we had planned for March 8th specifically was the original scheduled announcement of Winds of Magic, which was due for reveal on March the 8th, but when PC Gamer wanted to feature it in their March edition with the cover piece we couldn’t turn them down (of course!) so the March 8th plans were brought forward. The anniversary event itself was going to be a cheeky gift to the PC players for their 1 year anniversary with the console updates to follow a little time after.

We’re still working on the console side of things, and our dedicated console team has taken a few unexpected hits recently so the time to completion has, regrettably, been slowed down to a point neither party (you or us) are really happy with. We’re doing all we can with the people we have who are experienced in working with the platforms. It’s not a matter of favouritism at all, we respect all platforms equally, as noted earlier by @Yzneftamz when it comes to PC, we can build a patch and push it live for PC instantly. For console, there’s a whole process that spans the globe with heaps of back and forth and approvals and additional testing and certification that simply doesn’t exist on the Steam platform (for better or worse!).

We’ll get there. Just takes us a bit of time <3


Oh man too exciting :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Thank you for the reply. Just remember that keeping the community informed goes a long way in managing our expectations.

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