Mondstille: Still on the board for Xbox/PS4?

I’m just putting this out there in case anyone else has heard anything.

I was scrolling through my FB feed and noticed a Steam sale for a “Lunar New Year” event. This was two hours ago today, and it made me wonder if Mondstille could still be a go for consoles, but under a different event name (and 2 months later).

I’ve said this before, inquired before, and the reply has always been that it’s “in the works”. But with little else for us to go on, bugs running rampant, and everything else being “in the works”… It’s starting to seem like it’s not going to happen.

Forgive my frustrations- I do love this game. I am well aware FS has their plate full fixing three platforms at the same time while developing new content, and by no means was this intended to come across as a “chop chop laddies, daddy needs dat content”

But after missing out on that sweet Halloween bite frame (PC only), and now potentially the animated Mondstille frames, I’m starting to get the feeling the priority scale tips in favor of the master race.

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It’s quite possible the event will go live soon. An update just dropped on Xbox within the hour, but patch notes aren’t public yet.

By chance, did you catch the size of the update? Haven’t been on in a few days- had no idea.

I don’t think FS cares about the console version

Mondstille is definitely happening for both our Xbox One and PS4 players! It’ll be included in our next large update due in the coming weeks.

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