Khorne frames on Xbox

My friend plays on both Xbox and PC, and he shows me these cool looking Khorne frames that he has on PC. Is Xbox ever going to get these?

They already exist on PC, so it shouldn’t be too hard to put them in the console games. From what I can tell these were from a Khorne event on PC from about a year ago. Can we get the Skull Throne event on Xbox so we can earn the frames? We eventually got Mondstille, albeit in April.


When will the event come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

  • This year the Skulls for the Skull Throne event is exclusive to PC. We hope to be able to bring future events to all platforms.

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This year? It was exclusive to PC last year. We should get it this year.

Fatshark doesn’t care about console players. We get Christmas in April, no updates for months, and then this. I hope they understand how pissed off they’re making myself and my other console friends. Vermintide on Xbox has less and less players because of this. I was looking forward to getting another event to get back into playing. No chance now.

I guess I’ll never get my Khorne frames, because Verm 2 Xbox will be dead by May 2020. Why would I ever buy another Fatshark game on console?

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it’s not. Sadly they don’t support the console version most play on pc


The Mondstille events were a nice touch to let us know they heard us, but a month later and we’re right back where we started.

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lol… oh boy, the salt in here. The game was not even released on consoles when this event happened last year. As a matter of fact, it didn’t release until nearly 2 months later on xbox and 7 months later on PS4. Of course you didn’t get the event. Which means the keep graphics were probably never added to the console ports. From what we saw with the Mondstille event, it can take 2-3 weeks just for Sony and Microsoft to approve patches when they are ready to go live. And from what I understand about this event, it’s a Games Workshop event that happens every year at a certain time, they might need permission to do it. Now, do you really want them wasting time on this so you can get a portrait or do you want the Winds of Magic Expansion released sooner and with less bugs.

As for you not getting the portraits. Who cares? You console players have portraits that we didn’t get just for owning the game. You need to understand that this is a PC game, which is being ported to console. Not the other way around, which is what most companies do. So, thank you Fatshark.

You console players got all the content way faster than PC. I hope you understand that? Us beta players on PC had to wait 9 months just to get our first DLC, Bögenhafen.


@smomerT69 hey, maybe fs shouldn’t release a game they can’t or won’t support? Don’t be mad at a FAN expecting to get support from the dev. This is another fail on FS. They shouldn’t have released the game on console, they wanted the money, but not support it. You come running to their rescue to give excuses for them doing nothing smh🙈 This is why console will stay small. No support.

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I’m not coming to the their rescue lol. I agree, it should have never released on console. All focus should have been left on the PC version and maybe ported it after year or so. But I just find it funny how console players are upset when they got all the DLCs we got much faster, and got exclusive portraits just for playing on console. I mean the guy is literally complaining about not getting a portrait for an event last year when the game wasn’t even released on consoles at that time. lmao


Oh, guess I’m totally wrong on this one. I should have fallen to my knees to thank FS for giving us the Christmas event so much faster than PC got it. Or getting the Khorne event so much faster than PC. It’s clear that Xbox is the most favored platform for this game. You can tell that by the hordes of players waiting to get into games. It’s totally not a ghost town…

No crap we got updates. We waited just as long, but we also had to wait for the game to drop while you were already playing. They were already made and just needed ported. You talk like console players get everything and PC gets nothing. If PC got no updates or fixes for 5 months like us, the game would be dead there, too.

I wanted the Skulls event because we didn’t get a chance at it last year. I’m a huge Khorne fan. Now we’ll never get it, because this game will be dead by next May.

I don’t trust FS anymore. We’ll probably get winds of magic this time next year, if at all. I’ve already mostly moved on to other games, but this would have brought me back. Keep talking how Xbox players have it so good.


I clearly stated you got the DLCs faster. But ok… Again, the Khorne event happened before the game was even released on consoles. So it was most likely not added and would be too much work to add now and take weeks just to be approved. Meanwhile, just a guess here. But they’re probably waiting on the Winds of Magic beta to get accepted for testing. They did state before that they were looking into that.

Saying that you had to wait for updates when the game was not even released on console seems a bit disingenuous. It would be like saying I waited my whole life for a KFC and one finally opened up in Sweden. But it’s not as good as the one in London. You can’t say you waited for something you never had to begin with… i think you mean you hoped it would be released on console and you weren’t happy with it when it finally was.

Yea it’s so easy. They just copy the game files from PC and paste them on the Sony and Microsoft operating systems. It’s so easy, I can’t for the life of me figure out why more companies aren’t doing this.

You probably didn’t read my comment? But we got very little of anything besides this Khorne event and the midsummer event last year before the DLC dropped in September. Guess what, January to May is 5 months. 5 months before we got this event. But that’s not being fair either, as the game was in Beta then.

The game is getting continuous support and updates/DLC for 5 years. So another 4 years of updates are still on the way. If the game is still selling DLCs at that point, they will continue for another 5 years. So, 5-10 years of updates and support. But somehow you know the game will be dead by next year May?

Well that’s a personal issue. Good luck with that. As for winds of magic, they stated summer release. If it’s not coming out then, they’ll issue a statement. All the live streams and so on seem to indicate it’s on track.

And just to be clear, I never stated you have it so good. Waiting months for a xmas update must suck. And then you finally get the content and have to play with a controller. I can’t imagine your suffering. I was merely pointing out that you got the DLCs quicker compared to PC players and that the event you were complaining about not getting last year happened months before the game was even released for your system.

Well, at least look on the bright side. You can always get a PC?

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“you got the DLCs quicker compared to PC” this immature excuse to balance out FS lack of dev support is laughable. These are question posted for the dev not sure why you ran to respond initially. I agree they shouldn’t have released a console version they sold over a million copies why won’t they higher staff to support their product or just waited to release another version. They obviously can’t handle it. To say “oh, u didn’t suffer as much as us” is childish af. How about say " hey FS support your product or wait until you can before you increase your commitments?" The console release was a cash grab. They should have waited until 2020 since they won’t increase staff and obviously don’t have time.

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This is not the first time you’re responded this way. Myself and others have posted issues we’ve had with console support in the past, and I’ve seen you respond in a similar way. Your attitude has been that our concerns are laughable, and we have things so good we have no room to complain.

The Xbox version of the game was announced at the same time as PC. I don’t know what you’re on about with KFC. I signed up for the Xbox beta as a long time Verm 1 player, and that was while the PC beta was starting. I expected the same level of support that Verm 1 got, but it seems like we’ve got less.

This game is dying on Xbox. From last fall until the April update, it would sometimes take 5-10 minutes for players to finally spawn into a quickplay run after starting to join. You’d be down a bot while this happened. If you had more 1 player join mid-run, your team was in serious trouble. This was one of the things that killed player numbers. They finally fixed it, but it seems like the damage has been done.

My friends and I can do entire quickplay runs on weekend nights and nobody joins. We need more events and special weekends to bring people out. It doesn’t matter how many years FS will bring out DLC if there are no players on the servers.

They could have made this right just by delaying the event like they did Christmas. Bring out our Khorne decorations and frames, and add in a few extra chests to earn next month or the month after would really have helped server populations. They could do a Khorne event outside of the GW event to give console players access to these things. But it really seems like FS has spread themselves too thin with a brand new game on the horizon, and a second console to support with a small console team.

That’s the decision that they’ve made. And I’m just here to make sure they realize the conequences of that decision in case they don’t. Vermintide 1 had a rich group of dedicated players right up until Verm 2 was released on Xbox. Verm 2 on Xbox doesn’t seem like it’s going to last that long. That’s why I’m concerned and bringing this up in this thread.


The question to the Devs was when the event was coming to consoles, which the Devs answered as clearly as you can hope for. It’s not.

I was merely responding to the salt and rage. He was upset he didn’t get the event last year when the game was not even released on his system during the event. I understand you guys are angry, but try to think logically.

As for not hiring more staff, they just bought a small design company a few months ago and brought them onto V2.

I wasn’t trying to imply that you didn’t suffer enough therefore you don’t deserve updates or something. I never said that. I simply pointed out that in terms of content, the consoles got the content faster. He was complaining about not getting exclusive portraits, consoles get portraits that PC doesn’t get.

But again, I do agree they should have waited for the console ports. You can look back in the forums here, no one was happy when they announced the console ports. The community felt ignored and the regular updates grinded almost to a halt. And the end result seems to be PC players were not happy during the console development time and once it was released, console players aren’t happy with the product either.

You have to understand, the game is developed and produced on PC. It’s beta tested on PC, everything is done for it on PC. Then it’s ported to consoles. I don’t see thus changing… even look at the new expansion, releasing in the summer for PC and “later” for consoles. I’m afraid this is just the way it is. But again, at least there’s nothing stopping you from getting a PC in the future .


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Can you think of anything beneficial to say other than “get a PC”?

This elitist, gatekeeping attitude is one of the biggest reasons why there’s a lack of console users on these forums posting their feedback.

It’s just like one big pissing competition.


How is it elitist to suggest getting a PC as they are obviously unhappy with their console version. It’s a solution. Otherwise, take a break I guess, wait until the game is up and running properly on consoles. There’s not much else you can do.

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@SmokerT69 again u r not a dev. u don’t work here so why are u running around speaking for them? Their no communication approach isn’t ok. Nobody made this thread for your opinions. U add nothing beneficial to the conversation. Now this thread is about YOU, when it was about a legitimate issues.

@Ashaw i truly believe fs doesn’t even play the console versions. Never seen them touch one on a stream. They’d be surprised how much we don’t have or the game would keep crashing.

This is a public forum to discuss feedback, ideas, and get peoples opinions. If you just want to give fatshark feedback and don’t want anyone to reply, there are official avenues where you can do just that. Also, there was communication from Fatshark to the exact thing the OP asked. Are consoles getting the Khorne frame/event. Fatshark clearly stated no.

They actually have played the console on stream before.

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