FS: If you need more money, I'd rather you put out some cosmetics for money than bother with console ports

There’s a difference between stuff like EA does where the marketing department gets paid to dream up new ways to monetize every possible aspect of the game and charge extra for everything to increase profit for shareholders and C-level execs. If a company like yourself making a unique product needs some cashflow, I’d rather you just make some nice cosmetics for sale. You sold us some skins in Vermintide 1, and unless those were just a complete flop in sales, I don’t see why you wouldn’t repeat that in V2. Selling us cosmetics directly is different than selling us loot boxes.

I’d rather see the PC version polished up, talents fixed, all the other promises fulfilled, and have polished bug free DLC than for the PC version to languish while you spend time on console ports.

I highly suspect that you HIGHLY UNDERESTIMATED what you were getting yourself into when you decided to port V2 to consoles. You will have a lot more problems than you imagined. And while you’re putting out fires on console, the PC version will still have the same core bugs like bad audio and stuck patrols (which the console versions will also have and then some).

What I’m saying is: PUT THE CONSOLE VERSIONS ON HOLD. Once the Recent Reviews metric on Steam is back up to Positive, then go back to the console version. Much better to finish polishing the PC before you turn to consoles than to have to fix the same big bugs on different systems.

I mean, just what sort of sales are you expecting from consoles when your game is getting trashed in reviews on PC?


We didn’t wake up in March and decide to release V2 on Xbox One - that’s really not how any of this works. Thanks for the feedback, Krazy.


I’d rather they didn’t, so I guess that balances out.

Thanks for the console port, fatshark. Already got it preordered, now I can get all my old l4d2 friends on xbox into it.

I have been saying this for a while. Game Devs don’t just randomly decide to port a game to consoles and then have a beta out instantly. They’ve been working on the console ports since before the PC version even launched.

It would be nice though Hedge if you guys could tell us what you’re working on next after each patch. Maybe just include it at the bottom of the patch notes. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, but your top priorities for the next patch. I understand you guys might start working on one thing and then a rather large issue pops up somewhere else. But it would go a long way in helping with the communication problem.


I know FS has been working on the console for a long time. But you could have postponed the console launch and finish the dedicated servers. or maybe even DLC first? But you decided not to.

Also…FS doesnt need money. They sold more copies of V2 in the first 2 months than V1 in 2 years. They sold millions. They just decided its ok to abandon pc players for months to get that juicy console money.

False. This is just an ever increasing exaggeration perpetuated in the hate train.

Next month we’ll have sold billions at this rate :wink:


Ok it wasnt more copies but revenues. It doesnt matter. You sill sold million+ copies and made more money in the first 5 weeks than in the 2 years for V1. So FS wasnt in the “need” of money.

The fact is still you decide to cater to the console first than release what should have been in the release build, dedicated servers. And also other stuff but Ill just let that slide. Now we are probably looking at no updates for a few weeks/months.

Lol, hatetrain. Now you are suddenly the victim here. The forum was still ok a few weeks ago and now there are complaints left and right. Maybe the patience have run dry and FS is doing something wrong?


Oh boy, are we really going there, Mr “It’s not the end of the world”? Not wanting to be rude, but you guys are hitting new lows on a daily basis now with your absolutely pointless antics. Now playing the victim card? What’s next? Blaming the customers?

Tell you what: If there is such a thing as a hate train and we are the passengers, the engineer is an morbidly overweight ocean predator and the stoker the allmighty dollar.


Fair play, I was irritated and should have phrased myself better above. I apologise for that. I worded myself poorly, in part, due to a behind the scenes campaign to agitate me (which regrettably worked in this instance).

A trend I wanted to knock on the head was perpetuating myths that we’re greedy and money hungry - hence the Xbox release, hence the roadmap going up shortly after launch to ensnare people before being pulled.

None of this is further from the truth, however. We try our best to be honest and fair, we do not monetise progression and we price our games and additional content to be as accessible as possible so people can play what are our passion projects. We’re not in games to get Lambos and Ferraris but because we just wanna make games that we wanna play and hopefully other people want to play them too so we can keep making more of them.

We’ve apologised in every channel we can that we’ve dropped balls and made mistakes, but these are all honest mistakes and we’re working hard to correct them and learn from them. They may even be mistakes we’ve made before which hurts us (and you guys) even more. We’ll do our best to learn from them further and enact change for the future.


Fair enough. I think most people who compaint doesnt want the ded servers/DLC to come out tomorrow or something. They just want an explanation.

We can only judge/evaluate things we get from Fatshark. Which is minimal. If we get more info like what you are working on, why the delay etc then the “conspiracies” stories wouldnt spread like wildfire.

First there were no significant patches the last few weeks, then everything big got delayed, roadmaps removed etc. And then the console release. These were the info the community had to work with. Ofcourse we judge Fs based on these info. Thats all from the point of view of the community.

If you had released more in depth interview, behind the scenes video or weekly/bi-weekly progress/update announcements. We could make a better judgment from this whole situation.

SO…tldr…more/better communication. Right now Fatshark is just a blackbox to us. Occasionally you pump out some content but we have no idea whats going on in that tiny box.

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Continuing the discussion from Vermintide 2 - Patch Content Update:

Guess it’s not the end of the world.
Me and my group stopped playing. When you got your prios right, we will definately come back.
It sucks tapping in the dark. Dedi-servers, DLC - and most important: 50% of the talernts are just NOT WORKING.
I totally love this game, but I cannot stand this bs anylonger.

When you release on Xbox: Please put in the store description, that 50% of skills and talents are not working.


I think the reason for such rabid hate being flung in FatShark’s direction is simple - great many video game fans that also REALLY like your product(s) have gotten burnt in the past when buying products from other companies in the gaming industry, and now said gaming fans really-really don’t want to get burnt by actions of a company (that is FatShark) they have put their trust and money towards.
Some of said fans are so jaded that it is easier for them to take up a hostile position towards FatShark, since they just don’t want to hold out hope for improvement anymore, lest said hope be dashed against the rocks of reality.
They might be rude and loud, but i am almost certain that most of them are just afraid of being utterly disappointed yet again.

Just wanted to get this off my chest.
Have a great day!


Fk its like you are in my mind. Thats EXACTLY how it is. I have 1600hours in V1. V2 was suppose to be my GOTY in 2018!!! Now Im starting to get hostile because they made those mistakes too in V1.

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Yeeeep, man.
As it stands currently V2 is my disappointment of the year, but i still hold out a sliver of hope that V2 will rise back to Game of the Year for me due to proper care it will hopefully receive.


The people, the ones I know for a fact have been by a fatshark employee been called “evangelists” who spread the word of the sleeper hit that was Vermintide: The End Times, at least the ones I know, are leaving. Uninstalling and quitting, myself included.

Surely you must understand this is one of the most demotivating things about Vermintide 2 as it stands right now? It is easy to tell that things have slowed down, patches and balances; inevitable around another platform release don’t get me wrong, but there are so many pressing matters at hand right now that make the game unrewarding and frustrating to play. Talents needs fixing, weapons need balancing, careers needs tweaks and balancing; and you’re releasing it on a platform infamous for strict patching?

Not to mention the abysmal state of cosmetics, and how the lack of transparency has backlashed once it was revealed there are close to what, a hundred hats in the files? I’ve got almost 600 hours, and one hat from drop( I mean, stop wasting my time pretending there will be cosmetic rewards for dedicating time), and countless red duplicates it appears I will have no use for, and this is a problem for all the endgame players V2 has, you know - the people who are the most likely to buy DLC.

Well, people are going to leave and are leaving.


Well at least you didn’t give us a passive aggressive response like Robin did.

Thanks, I appreciate your honesty and tenaciousness. I also appreciate how you are the only one, as of this moment, who is engaging with us. Again, thank you. Now, I don’t necessarily think people consider you greedy, nor attribute malice to your actions. The community in general is just frustrated by recent actions that your company has displayed.

PC players feel neglected, and worse abandoned. This is further exasperated by the silence from the dev team. People just want to know what is going on. Why has PC not received any patches? Why has PC not received any balance or content updates? More importantly, how does the company plan to address the locked content?

I understand it is difficult to follow multiple channels, but surely a simple weekly update on the current state of things; shouldn’t be too difficult,right?

Again this isn’t meant as an attack or to antagonize you. I deeply apologize if that is how the community has been treating you as of late, It’s not fair nor right. I want you to also know that most people here condemn such things.


I hear you, and my goal is to get a regular Dev Diary posted. It may not be weekly (as that might result in very short updates which may not even differ week in, week out) but I’ll find a suitable frequency and ensure we’re more open, communicative and transparent in what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Sometimes you wont like what you hear (insert tired and out of context ‘end of the world’ meme), but hopefully sometimes you will, and at least at all times you’ll know what’s going on.

We’ll get there, and we’ll do right by you all. Hedgey promise.


Thank you, this is all that I wanted. I’m also sure the rest of the community will appreciate this.


Sounds good. I think a good frequency for starters would be every other week, then adjust for how much there is to say, as that has seemed to be the average frequency of updates and I don’t think there will be that much change in things in a single week either. Another interesting thought might be to give a different area of development the voice and focus each time (or at least occasionally).

Steam players have reacted positively to your post, albeit skeptical, but still.