What if they are crunching on the console port, and no new content is coming?

Its going to be a sh tshow


Game development takes time. I wouldn’t worry about that yet. It’s a problem they wouldn’t have had they just pushed back the release a few months so that they could finish everything in peace (from us, most likely not from the people holding the money).

You obviously weren’t here for: Vermintide 1 & 2 which both had their development halted so they could finish porting to console.


In case you didn’t play vermintide 2: This is exactly what they did then and are most likely going to be doing now. They simply f’d off to work on the console version for several months with absolute radio silence.


Agreed and its also what I’m concerned they’re going to be putting the majority of their time towards as those are new sales waiting, it’d make more financial sense to prioritize that and we all know FS desperately needs money or we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.

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I don’t believe they will go to develop console port for now… they cannot release an unfinished game on a console. The sacntion would be massive (see Cyberpunk).

This is literally what they did in Vermintide 1 & 2.
They released the games unfinished, made a few inconsequential bug fixes that didn’t really do anything… Then went complete radio silence for a good year or so and released the console version.

Are you ready for round 3?


People were posting a reddit thread here that explains how this is pretty much Fatshark’s MO going back to before VT1&2.

I wouldn’t touch VT2 for months at a time because of content droughts. Really hoped they would have changed their approach but it seems increasingly likely that Fatshark is back on their BS. Definitely won’t be buying their next game until I know it’s finished.

I think this is how the majority of players feel right now coming from their previous games.


Lol just watch them :rofl:

Professionalism is the difference between stating self-evident facts like that and saying how much time would it take. FS have obviously failed to do that, otherwise their game would have been: a) finished, b) released without delays.

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I imagine their deal with Microsoft was that their game could be on the gamepass but they must make it playable on consoles. Anything they add to PC is going to be one more thing they need to add on the console version. It would be extra work for them to fix issues on the PC version of the game. I’m guessing they will only be focusing on the console port for the coming months. This is why we haven’t had any updates at all since the new year.

considering Psyker ( my favourite class despite how awful it is ) is basically unplayable right now and has been for weeks now, this is absolutely the last time I give them any of my money if they pull that crap.

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They still had updates between them though, like several monthly ones while they were sorting out egregious crashes and bugs. Like applying an illusion straight up deleting your weapon, or Sienna Unchained taking damage and overcharge even when downed, bile trolls never dying and hundreds of other things that players remember fondly.

Here we’re going to end up with a gap in the update log between December and February, unless they have plans to shove something out the door soon which would still be like 40+ days with no update at all. Which didn’t happen with VT2, I mean you can just scroll the announcements section there for proof. This is a unique level of mismanagement, they were also apologizing for things in patch notes and telling us what other issues they were looking into. Night and day to right now.

Given the issues CDPR experienced with a functionally complete albeit buggy, poorly-optimized prone to crashing mess released to previous gen consoles and PC (somewhat less so on next gen) resulting in a class-action lawsuit, I couldn’t imagine what releasing an ACTUALLY incomplete buggy, poorly optimized mess prone to crashing would result in for Fatshark.

I’m guessing [read: assuming] if they want to keep the money they’re greedily grabbing at, they’re going to have to figure out how to fix the game on PC and use that to inform the console port at a later time.

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