An open letter to Fatshark

Editing to add: while I’m still not a fan of the selling of skins directly overall, I’ve seen that they aren’t planning on making their soft currency purchasable. Assuming that holds true I’m glad I was wrong.

Guys, I know you’ve probably heard a lot of griping in the past year. In fact some of that has come from me (though not on this forum). I have done my best to keep my complaints both constructive and reasonable, and will continue to do so here.

Historically I’ve thought of you guys as being really good devs, and hopefully this isn’t something that you’re so committed to that you’re totally unwilling to reconsider.

Setting up a soft-currency cosmetics shop is a bad move. It’s bad for the game, bad for the players, and in the long term bad for you as a company. It’s not the WORST move in any of those regards (which would be loot-box mechanics), but it’s going to drive more of your players away. I’ve bought the main game and every single DLC at full price (for myself and my wife both, in fact), advised friends to buy the game, and indeed have bought copies for friends when it was on sale. I’ve bought 7 copies of the main game in total for various people at various times because I really enjoy the game. I can say with absolute certainty that if the cosmetics store goes up I won’t be doing that anymore. You won’t be getting any more money from me and won’t be getting additional players (who in turn may buy DLC’s themselves).

Adding microtransactions or skins is not in and of itself inherently a negative thing in a game. Numerous free to play games have done so in a mostly ethical and transparent way. That said, they aren’t a good fit for this game for a few reasons. Firstly, a huge chunk of the core gameplay loop of VT2 is built around acquiring different skins and weapons for your character. Adding in a way to just buy them does actually rob the game of some of its appeal (though doesn’t necessarily ruin it entirely). Second that’s not how the game was sold, and indeed one of the things I actually used as a selling point for friends was that there was none of the microtransaction or lootbox silliness integrated into the game. Third is that the time being used on this could be instead used on actual improvements to the game, more actual content and fixing the complete disaster that is the Weaves.

Using a soft currency to hide the cost of in-game items is deceptive at best and grossly manipulative at worst. Doing these things while making the game competitive rather than cooperative is likewise extremely suspicious.

The Winds of Magic DLC was a big letdown, but still didn’t ruin the core of the game for me the way it did for some others. There have been plenty of people who have discussed why it wasn’t really worth the money, but still it didn’t actually make the game actively worse by its existence. It just didn’t add value equal to its cost. This is different. This is a bait-and-switch that fundamentally changes the relationship between your company and players and simultaneously ensures that your company can’t be trusted in the future.

There is a more ethical way to do this. Rather than an in-game microtransaction store, you can sell these skins as a pack for a reasonable amount of money ($5-$10 for a pack including 10-20 skins for a specific character including weapon skins and the like), which then adds them as possible rewards for opening chests with that character and/or rewards for challenges. That keeps them in the same mold as prior added items, while simultaneously eliminating one of the bigger problems that the currently espoused model creates.

Just for the record for anyone reading this: this isn’t world-hunger level important, but it’s a shame to see a dev I’ve previously really respected go down the corporate scumbag path.

Hopefully you’ll reconsider,


I am confused. As I understand it, Lohner’s Emporium will have cosmetics you can purchase with in-game soft currency, and other EXCLUSIVE cosmetics you can only purchase with real money. I wouldn’t really consider that to be a microtransactions store at all, and VT1 had cosmetics you could purchase with real money already.


I personally have no problem with them implementing micro transactions for whatever made up currency they choose. I have many complaints about the game and the direction it has gone, but giving people more options on how to acquire things is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

But to be fair I don’t really care about cosmetics in the first place. Of the many scummy things game companies do, this doesn’t even make the list. I don’t know how many people agree with you but I Seriously doubt most of the players are on your side, I would guess the opposite.

Of course, there is no way to know the playerbase’s opinion since Fatshark, for whatever reason, never releases their poll data.


Agreed, but thats not what we’re getting with the Emporium. The ingame currency (shillings) can not be purchased with real money, it’s earned by doing daily/weekly quests.


Fatshark will sell cosmetics for money beyond Lohner’s Emporium if I recall correctly.

This means rather then having a DLC map that includes some cosmetics that would be sold for around $10 they could sell cosmetics that when combined could yield a ton more money/revenue.


I am rightfully wary of microtransactions as well, but as far as I understand, the actual emporium is only a way to earn cosmetics through playing the game - which has been in V2 since the beginning, only that grinding currency for a shop is way more comfortable than hoping for random drops with next to zero chance. There will also be a few skins that are real money only, but these are a seperate beast and should state their price outright.

If the devs jump the Fatshark with the shop I will throw it in their faces, but what they have outlined so far seems fine to me. I´ll have a first live look at this tomorrow.


From your post I get the impression you may have misunderstood what Lohner’s Emporium is supposed to be?

As others have stated before, the idea behind the store (as most of us understand from the info so far) is that you can earn “Shillings” in game, which are used to buy cosmetic stuff. The crux is that Shillings aren’t supposed to be able to be bought with real money. So all it really does is give you a way to earn cosmetics with gameplay (old and new), without being dependant on RNG. This system has absolutely no downsides at all. It’s not unethical in any way. It’s not unfair (quite the contrary!).

Where people are sometimes confused, is that FS has announced that parallel to this store, they will run an experiment in which they will also sell a few select new cosmetics for real life money, while releasing new maps (the remade Drachenfels maps) for free, instead of their old buisness model in which they sold the maps. To be honest, I also can’t be against that either. Fatshark needs to get paid for their work one way or another after all, and this way you get gameplay affecting stuff for free so you don’t miss any non-essential stuff even if you don’t pay anything. And it won’t split the playerbase either.

I agree with the whole “freemium like microtransactions in a non-free to play game being a scummy buisness practise”, however Lohner’s Emporium does not seem to be anything like that at all.


Also one thing that is good about the new business model is that the player community won’t be further split up due to DLC Map Packs being sold for money.

I remember how Shadows over Burgertown and Back to Ubersreik had a lot of people getting upset over this fact - more so when Fatshark made it more restrictive for those who didn’t own the DLC.

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I gotta disagree I see a lot of potential here. Cosmetic transactions allow the maps to be given for free. If its successful they theoretically eventually keep releasing the maps without gating expansions behind DLC. AKA all your friends can join you in on the new maps simply by owning the base game. You the player don’t have to buy to try, you can play the new content as much as you want and then if you want to fund it buy the hats. If it goes really well they can drop selling the base game and make it free (on sale it sells for super cheap anyway).

The tricky part is balancing the cosmetics. If the earned ones are garbage and the paid ones are super good it could be seen as earned cosmetic offerings being disingenuous. On the other hand if the paid ones are garbage and the earned ones really good then people may choose not to buy. So its on Fatshark to ride that line correctly, but I think there’s quite a bit of potential and am hopeful this could turn out a positive.

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I’m happy to hear that I may have been wrong!


Oh you could be right too. I mean its true of anything that how you do it is as important as what you do and any model can work. The thing about Vermintide is despite any intention that might have been otherwise VT2 is getting played like a “games as service game”. The problem with a DLC model is that once you’re 8 DLC’s in it becomes really intimidating as a new player to decide what you should and shouldn’t hop in and buy. With cosmetics that answer is easy. Hop in play the game and if you want some of those cosmetics in the shop then that will help fund the game.

Again this is an ideal execution of that scenario and Fatshark is already in at least mild conflict with this because cosmetic sales is traditionally go over better if the game is free but that’s not currently the case with Vermintide. So while there is potential for this to go well there all sorts of disaster scenarios too.


I think its fair to say that the earned ones will be cool as well as paid ones…but the paid ones are DEFINITELY gonna have an appeal you know they will…and I am going to buy all of them lol


I don’t think this is different than being rewarded something during a mission to unlock a cosmetic, or even unlocking a cosmetic after reaching a certain level (equivalent to a value of time spent) except you pick what you want to unlock. many other games use this model and I think it isnt a problem unless you sell the shillings for real money which I would think is bs because it would punish people for not spending money due to the time investment offset.

The important factor that hasn’t been mentioned is the shillings awarded and item cost. Is it a 100 shilling hat and 1 shilling per game or is it a 100 shilling hat and 500 shillings per game? 1:20 is probably in line with other levels of effort required for things in game I think, though i cant help thinking of the 100 champ games hat, that’s 1:100 (if you dont lose any). And if you can’t buy shillings you can only get them from playing which is ideal no matter your motivation. Prob diff prices recolors cheaper than new unique, unicorn head and glitter rgb for the most

I Think it would be ok to buy shillings for money as long as you also can earn them in game
i would be fine to grind like 20 full book legend games for a hat or maby 50 for one full skin when the skin is cool enought .


Selling Shillings for money is sounds like some real darkside stuff. The idea alone would really bother me. I would really really really prefer it if they didn’t. Ever.

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Why should this be a problem idont really get it ? As long as you can also earn them in game it’s just another opportunity you can take or leave as you’re pleased…


FS is fishing for whales. No company that I know of has targeted whales and then switch their model back without public outcry and financial backlash. Why not buy achievements as well(this is the slippery slope argument)? Or unlock careers. After all, It’s just another opportunity.

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How? By not selling the in game currency?

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By creating a platform on which to do it. Look at the ‘demand’ already. Seems very tenuous. How long before Toasty and other like minded individuals start asking to buy shillings(as above). But now the infrastructure AND the demand are there.

I make a fist and cokk it back, it’s not a leap of faith to assume I’m gunna punch

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So i dont really get the Argument i said its ok as long as you can earn it ingame as well so what’s wrong with it ???