Xbox One Possible Issue -- Monstille bonfires missing

Issue Summary:

Went to do the bonfires today for the Monstille event, checking two levels. Neither level had the bonfire as was indicated in guides. Not sure if they’re moved in the Xbox version or just plain missing, but if the latter, figured I’d report it as a bug.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to bonfire locations
  2. See no bonfire
  3. (Hunger in the Dark is the fastest one to check)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

I’m not sure about how it works for you all, but our events on our side (PS4) are dictated by QP and bonfires have nothing to do with it.

@SICKOMODE posted about this a week or two ago, maybe he can confirm if they ended up being in a different location or not?

There were a few posts in the PS4 release notes and our dearest Hedge posted this. That’s the best information I’ve got for ya!


Yeah basically, the bonfires weren’t intended for the console version, we added a seperate quest instead, but seemingly some bonfires snuck in to Fort B.


Thanks for the follow up!

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