Mondstille Bonfires Event! Hot Fix Needed!

So far I’ve only got one from Fort Brachsenbrücke , Can’t Find Nothing on : War Camp, Hunger In The Dark, Skittergate .

I what order I need to do this ?

I don’t think you need to do them in any order. For hunger you might want to look around the start of the level a bit before dropping down. I can give you little hints for the others if you want.

I know where it is man, but there is nothing there the only that worked was fort brachsenbrücke

Hunger In The Dark No Bonfires

War Camp No Bonfires

Skittergate No Bonfires

I would suggest being more clear in your original post then to avoid further confusion on what you are asking.

what you mean ?

Could it be possible they changed the location of the fires for the Consoles to stop people insta-rushing to the locations? Perhaps you need to… explore and find them yourself?


fort brachsenbrücke is the same as on PC

What ?

What ? I Didn’t Withdrawn nothing

He withdrew it himself.

That’s what that means.

He’s the author of the comment, and he withdrew it.

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Hey Sicko, have you had any luck finding any other information on the bonfires? I posted in the lounge but no luck so far.

Well, this is rather strange… you might have to wait until they’re back in the office tomorrow. It’s Sunday today, doubt anyone is working.

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I’m sorry, this is an error on our part. This quest requires us to patch all the levels once the event is done and since we wanted to avoid another large patch we decided to remove that quest from the console versions and replace it with a simpler one. For some reason the bonfires on Hunger in the Dark somehow snuck in there anyway. I’m sorry we wasted everyones time. The bonfires doesn’t do anything. Maybe we will use them for something down the line now that they’re in the game though. You cn find the current mondstille quests under the event tab in the Okri’s Challenges menu

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