Fort Brachsenbrucke Game breaking bug: final event not firing

Game mode: Legend
Map: Fort Brachsenbrucke
Bug: Can’t progress past defend the gate event

On the final objective my group couldn’t get past the “defend the gate” event. The cannon never became active and all the enemies stopped spawning. I can’t think of anything we did out of the ordinary the event just never fired. We all jumped off a cliff to get our XP. Idk why we suicided I’ve been playing over 700 hours and I’ve only gotten 2 hats out of commendation chests and both were for a character I never play.

I’ve been seeing this more often lately. I’ve also had events not fire at the end of Skittergate and at the end of War Camp. Final bosses just won’t show up, though sometimes waiting for like 3-4 mintues and walking as a group all over the end area causes them to come out.

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