More Brachsenbrucke respawn shenanigans

Issue Summary: In continuation to other troubles with respawning in Fort Brachsenbrucke, today while fighting a Chaos spawn in the area between the second Tome and first Grimoire, three of our four players died. Two respawned sensibly, on the river crossing, but the third didn’t. Our poor Zealot spawned in the end event area, missing at least three possible respawn points in between.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Die in Brachsenbrucke in the aforementioned area
  2. Possibly see yourself tied up in the Fort proper, in the end event area.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Once, but the map has history of troubles with respawning in the correct places.

And just for clarity: Two people tied up in a sensible (if inaccessible for rescuing) location, with the boss fight still raging in the background…

…And the third, not so much:

Often I find these errors are related to map-progress-distant spawns being quite close, geographically speaking, because of the twisting and turning of the map. I guess that could be the case, here? Did the Zealot respawn while the last person alive was very near the dropdown after the 2nd tome?

Could well have been, I didn’t pay that much attention to the exact locations at the time as I couldn’t exactly predict this happening. Might be worth paying attention to in the future, if I remember though.

I mean, it’s still a bug! I think the game basically draws a circle around the still living players at the time of respawn and then picks for a list of respawn points that fall within that circle. Adding exceptions to that process (because “close” geographically isn’t always “close” in map progress terms) is probably kinda fiddly.

As you may already know, you can use this to your advantage by “pulling back” during the interval between a player’s death and respawn so that they respawn less far along in the map. This allows you to fight fewer ambients to get the revive, and sometimes to get your team back before an event instead of after.

Yep, I know, and it’s basically the only way to manage to rescue team members during (most) Boss encounters.

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