Fort Brachsenbrücke Respawn Bug

On Fort Brachsenbrücke, if a player dies around the area just before the large debris bridge to cross the river (where the path diverges randomly, leading to a high road or a low road), it is possible for them to respawn on the wrong side (where the bridge does not lead).

Steps to reproduce the issue: Die on Fort Brachsenbrücke, before the large debris bridge (I died on the platform leading up to the Grimoire).

How consistently the issue occurs for you: Randomly. Doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it leaves the dead party member out of the rest of the mission.

Screenshots and/or video evidence:

This is a very common and widespread bug at the moment.
People had been complaining about it for weeks by now, so I really hope the fix is coming soon.

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I can appreciate how annoying this issue is. I’m hoping we can solve this in our next patch.

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