Fort Brachsenbrücke Garbage Respawns

So I died in Fort Brachsenbrücke on Legend. No big deal, deaths happen when you’re playing on Legend. But I died shortly after the first grim just across the log dam that you cross to the next area.

My respawn location was the Final Arena.

Is there seriously 0 places to respawn between the half way point of the map and the finale? I sat for 15 minutes. I had time to sign up, confirm the email, write this post and post it in its entirety before my team finally unbound me… and that’s including getting up and going to the kitchen downstairs to get a drink.

That, to me, is garbage respawn placement. It’s really really bad when you can sit out half the game and make a single mark on the scoreboard.


what drink did u get


Depends on the way you went for the exact spawn points.

Theres a spawn location on the hill to the caves, in the ravines, at the second grim location. My guess would be that your team was too close to the next spawn location, and the game pushed it to the next nearest one (as the crow flies) and that meant the final one which sucked for you.

If your team are thinking when you go down they can pull back to try to distance themselves from the closest spawn point, getting you to spawn closer, (more importantly with less enemies between you and them.)

Not that I think your complaint is invalid…

Aye, I’ve died on “against the grain”, after the first tome. When you jump down off the cart and head into the big field, I died up by that huge tree on the top of the hill. The next respawn was on the other side of the barn, near the 3rd tome, in the water area near the river.

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There have also been troubles with spawning in the end event of Brachsenbrücke, with people (e. g. yours truly) spawning in the previous area. That has been reported as a bug, and sounds like this maybe should too. I can think of at least two spawn points after the log “bridges” in there, plus the ones right after it, so there definitely was something wonky going on there.

Athel Yenlui is another amazingly inconsistent-feeling map regarding spawn points, especially on the large area with the first Grim and two Tomes. At the beginning of it, you can spawn in two or three different locations in it, possibly quite wide apart. go a little forward down the left side, and the spawn spot jumps to after the cave next to it. Then again, go down the right side, and you can end up spawning not 20 meters from your friends (so incredibly close, closer than anywhere else but the Lord arenas in my experience).


The best is when 2 of your team mates die during a horde, yourself and the other guy haven’t moved. You’re dealing with the horde and specials. Clean up the rest of the mobs and look to ress the two that died, they’re both in a different spot? lol wut O_o

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This is definitely something that needs to be looked into. It’s not only FB, many other maps can potentially spawn you literally 10 minutes ahead of your team. Time for a beer I guess. The biggest issue is, this leads to people leaving a match. I’ve joined in on a spawn where it took over 20 minutes for them to get to me.

I had a WS and me die in IDENTICAL places on The War Camp when sandwiched by a spawn and patrol, and the WS was much closer to the party than mewhen we spawned.


yea, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I’ve had people respawn only a few meters from where they died and others halfway across the map lol.

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It seems to me that at least in some places, there are limited “slots” for respawning characters. At a certain location, only one or two chars may be found bound, but not a third. If they get filled, the next one gets bumped to another location, which may be significantly farther away. The “slots” may also be somewhat separate in some areas, causing the dead characters to spawn not right next to each other, but somewhat apart. This would also get any particular character to spawn n a random “slot”, not very noticeable when they’re all right next to each other, but can be noted with the “separated” slots. For example, one I witnessed today /and several times before): On Against the Grain, near the hill with the huge tree. One respawn next to the fallen cart with usually a few resources, another under the tree. I remember seeing two spawns under the tree, but not three. Same next to the cart.

Also the boundaries for where the characters will respawn seem to be quite sharp, and as such, even half a meter’s difference can affect the spawn location.

It doesn’t matter where you die, what decides where the characters respawn is where the remaining party (or most likely, the remaining player farthest ahead on the map) is when the dead characters respawn. That’s why you see some groups backtracking when waiting for others to spawn; it often spawns them closer anyway and especially spawns them so that there’s no roaming enemies between the remaining group and the respawned ones. Much faster and easier to release them that way.

Of course, these things don’t explain all the weirdness going on. The rest, I suspect, are caused by simple troubles in level design.

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