Problem with the cannon in Brachsenbrucke

Issue Summary: I the end event of Fort Brachsenbrucke, after certain point I couldn’t turn the cannon anymore. Another client and the host could do it fine, so it wasn’t game-breaking, but for last man standing it would be. It may have to do with that I got hit by a catapult ammo (interrupting the action) just as the turn finished. Afterwards, me trying to move the cannon resulted in its position (at least apparently) being reset to a certain point (possibly the position it was when I initially started turning the cannon). The prompt for turning the cannon appeared for me even after firing the last ball, but it seemed to work as before: I tried to turn the cannon, but nothing was affected besides my ability to fight.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to the end event of Fort Brachsenbrucke
  2. Start turning the cannon
  3. Get hit by a catapult shot as the turn finishes and the fuse gets lit
  4. Attempt to turn the cannon again

Reproduction Rate: Once

Console log: console-2018-10-06-16.26.15-3F06B2BB-9391-4B7B-BC85-FAD4.log (1.8 MB)

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