[XB1] Vermintide 2 - Update #8


Welcome to update #8 for Vermintide 2. This is a small bug fix patch.


  • Fixed missing Blood Decals.
  • Fixed broken objective markers on level Ussingen.
  • Fixed a functionality issue for keyboard and mouse in the in-game Friends list.
  • Fixed an issue where the party screen text alignment was improperly displayed inside the player’s profile.
  • Fixed an issue where the joining icon would disappear when opening the pause menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash if a Packmaster dragged a player with the talent Ellinill’s Venom through a patch of warpfire or vomit.
  • Added additional SFX for flaming weapons.
  • Added charge ready sound for Bardin’s Drakegun.

Are we getting the Ubersreik DLC on Xbox this week after the huge update last week?

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I can’t find any information online regarding this, so how the heck are we supposed to get to the first grimoire now on righteous stand? Spent a good hour last night on the map trying to figure it out with a team (on recruit for the specific purpose of trying to get it) and we ended up just quitting and playing different maps. We tried jumping across the room, wiggling through cracks, falling from the ceiling holes, and someone even thought maybe it would be a jump outside the window…

Nothing worked! And no one else I have played with has known either… Every game since the update I’ve never seen two grims in a lobby. Any help here?

Someone from FatShark said the new wall was unintentional and would be fixed in an upcoming patch. For now, you’ll have to use Slayer’s Leap from the side, or Handmaiden’s Dash from the floor above, to get that particular Grimoire.

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Use handmaiden, Slayer, zealot, etc etc. U can use ult to jump over to get grim. Ez

Thanks for the fixes. Any release date for the new dlc?


Sooooo, there was another update today. What was it? @Fatshark_Hedge

I can’t play Sienna Fuegonasus Pyromancer because she causes the game to crash.

Could you please tune the volume down a bit? It is way too loud.

same here :thinking:

We have some fixes on the way in update 10, due very soon

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