[XB1] - Vermintide 2 - Update 4 - Stability in Focus


We recently put out Update 4 for Vermintide 2 on Xbox One. This patch focuses mostly on stability, the notes of which can be found below.


  • Fix for potential crash when the player selects the Xbox Store from the main menu after installation of DLCs
  • Added support for network_hash checks and better matchmaking for occupied profiles
  • Updated Offline mode to be on par with Online mode quests and challenges
  • Fix for a majority of the broken connections / disconnects from host
  • Fix for a number of crashes related to Challenges
  • Fix for italian and spanish localization of Bögenhafen Battler achievement descriptions
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I’m sure the 8 people that play on Xbox will be jumping with joy for this patch.

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On behalf of the 8…yes, yes we are.

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Everyone always hating the xbox version. I’m curious, do we actually have any numbers on the amount of Xbox players like we do with steam?

Eu também :sunglasses:

Yes there is plenty more than 8 on Xbox who play. Many of us play quite a bit. I just think we don’t cry quite as much as some PC players. :grinning::grin::joy:

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I don’t know exact numbers but the game seems healthy but i think that’s because It’s offered in the xbox game pass which I think helps in terms of player count. I can always find a game in QP.

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