[XB1] Vermintide 2 - Update #11 - Patch Note


Sorry for the delay with these patch notes. Well, more specifically ‘note’!

  • The recent update corrects a crash that manifested when players used the Mixer game mode on Xbox One.

We’re still preparing the Mondstille event but we plan on including it with a larger game update for efficiency purposes. We hope to have that with you in the coming weeks.


If we have to wait till spring for “Christmas”, that’s pretty lame. It’s Feb already. Clock’s ticking.


Please prioritize allowing Xbox players to play Quickplay in Private like the other platforms can. Quickplay join-in-progress takes way too long (20+ minutes sometimes) and has a high chance of crashing every time someone tries to connect, no matter how far into the run you are, so it kind of makes the game unplayable.

I uninstalled a while back, and the only way I’m coming back to the game is if this change is made. All we really need is a checkbox for “Make lobby Private” or whatever.


I agree. The time it takes for players to join in progress is far too long many games. That takes a team member out of the game for what can be several minutes. You basically have to quit back to lobby if you’re playing a quickplay and more than 1 player joins. You’re more than one player down for several minutes, and that ends up being an auto-wipe many times.

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It’s been nearly a month since this update. Any news on the Mondstille event? At this rate the equinox will pass before we get the solstice event.

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Fat Sharks support for the Xbox community is non-existent. The game is broken on so many levels, and they couldn’t care less. If they ever make a V3, I won’t be buying it. Which is a shame, because I really did enjoy V1, and V2 has so much potential if they fixed the many broken aspects which are ruining the gameplay.

If you’re not a PC player, they don’t give a s**t.

Nah man, way I see it, they’ve recently released the game on a new platform (PS) and have had an influx of custom through Xbox gamepass, as I understand it they’re a small team, with sick ideas. So yeah, I expect delays, especially as they have that evident priority for PC players, but, give them a break, they’ve workload is probably higher than it’s ever been, patience is a virtue… (Insert cliches here…)

Also it’s alot harder/more time consuming to update consoles than PC…

The equinox has come and gone…

Can we at least get the Khorne frames that PC got in their Khorne event last spring? We never got that.

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