Mondstille is over, but the year has just begun


The small update today brings an end to Mondstille on PC - we hope you got your snazzy animated frames! We’re still working on getting it live on console, so watch this space :slight_smile:

This year will bring a lot of new content to Vermintide 2. We recommend circling March 8 in the calendar, and joining us for the one year anniversary of Vermintide 2, with streams, giveaways, cake, and more.

Happy new year in the mean time! :slight_smile:


Hey you were talking about the 3rd winter frame maybe coming sometimes later this winter. Is that still a thing?

Damnit, I thought it was a few hours later.
Now I didn’t get them frames. Only came back from vacation yesterday. :confused:

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Sorry, but what does it mean?

It literally means that March 8 is first VT2 anniversary, coz VT2 launched March 8 on PC. And it’s natural that FS will trow out some kind of event on the first game’s anniversary.


oh man I need to sleep :expressionless: “circling” as drawing a circle around the date on the calendar
anyway, ty … :expressionless:

Looking forward to March 8th! I hope that this doesn’t mean the content drop planned for January was pushed until then, but if so it’s no big deal. Delayed content is better than ruahed content.

Can we save console guys complaints and time and just say this will be for pc 1st and console tba. :joy:

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So we’re going to get Mondstille in March on Console? :thinking:

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FS was on vacation over the winter break. If the previous patches are any indication, you might be getting it soon. Wait a min, have you guys even got the BBB patch? I remember reading before the B2U DLC went live that you guys didn’t have it yet.

The BBB is indeed already live on console but it feels half done. I dont know about PS4 but for xbox we’re playing a game with A LOT of things that need to be fixed (fantoms hits EVERYWHERE, sliding mobs, IN YOUR FACE spawning etc etc)

Just waiting for a sign from the overweight fish

I’ll be back then

The Mondstille event lasted for three weeks.

And I was away for 18 days of those. So?
I mean, it’s been more than 2 weeks now…

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