[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.4.1 - Mondstille Quests & Double XP

“It is a time of darkness and despair.
When flakes of snow tumble through the air.
The wolves’ howls will give you no rest.
As you show off your sweet rewards from these Mondstille quests.”

It is time for 1.4.1 - update #44 - bringing you a couple of winter season event quests & rewards to keep for ever more. These event quests will run until Wednesday, Jan 9 - there’s plenty of time to get these new animated Portrait Frames, so go and get in line.

We are also running a Double XP Weekend, from Friday, Dec 21 19:00 CET to Tuesday, Dec 25 19:00 CET.

Known Issue(s):

  • “A challenge says to quickplay, but any legend run will count,
    Custom included, just run the required amount”

    (The 5 Quickplay Legend “event” challenge mistakenly states quickplays. You can complete the 5 runs on custom games as well.)


  • “Olesya brings a gift you all will like,
    Debriefing voice lines added for ‘Back to Ubersreik’”

    (Added debriefing voice lines for the Back to Ubersreik levels.)

  • ““Hurry up, we don’t have all day” - Lohner said before you entered the Bridge of Shadows,
    He will now pester you less if you are ready to transpose.”

    (Lohner will no longer pester you to hurry up when you are alone in your keep. And he will do it less often when you’re in a party with the Bridge of Shadows ready.)

  • “There was peace and quiet across Helmgart, and all were sleeping softly in their beds,
    All but Kruber, being busy as his Executioner’s sword now consistently played signature sounds when chopping off heads.”

    (Fixed the remaining cases where Kruber’s Executioner Sword didn’t play its signature sounds when chopping heads.)

  • “The Crowbill was noisy, and caused quite a fright.
    The sound has been tuned now and should be less… bright.”

    (Updated the sounds of Sienna’s new Crowbill - it’s less loud and annoying now.)

Bug fixes

  • “The Huntsman could prowl before his bow had loaded,
    and in doing so found himself quite imploded.
    This has been corrected, as it has been re-coded.
    No more Kruber disconnected, unloaded.”

    (Fixed a rare crash that could happen when activating Huntsman Kruber’s Career Skill after changing ranged weapon and before the weapon had loaded.)

  • “Joining during the finale of the Garden of Morr;
    A big crash boom bang could easily occur.
    This is now fixed, cured to it’s core.
    Commence slaying rats and burning their fur!”

    (Fixed a crash that could occur of hotjoining during the end event on Garden of Morr.)

  • “An Ubersreik illusion can only do so much,
    In some place it seems you got stuck,
    Players, bots and enemies were prone to such,
    Levels have been patched up with some Nurgle Muck!”

    (Fixed many issues with Horn of Magnus, Garden of Morr, and Engines of War. These includes fixing places where players, enemies, and bots could get stuck. Or making sure players would not spawn, or hotjoin in incorrect places.)

  • “Grimoires can make you sickly,
    They decrease health so you might die more quickly,
    Horn of Magnus’ second grimoire proved to be a little tricky,
    Reaching it now is less finicky.”

    (Made the second Grimoire on Horn of Magnus less awkward to reach.)


  • Dual hammers:
    “There’s nothing like a festive rhyme,
    to say it’s dual hammer time,
    to increase stagger, cleave and range,
    also chained light attacks will see some change”

    • (Bumped range across the board
    • Switched diagonal heavies to medium tank profiles, more cleave and stagger.
    • Fixed issues with hit stop anims triggering on the “leading” hand weapon on heavy attacks.
    • Increased light chain attack speed slightly (like 15%).)
  • Mace Sword:
    “All you need is a little tweak,
    three things were going a bit too hard on the killing streak,
    Mace and sword requires a little more technique,
    and the damage will still be at peak.”

    • (Bumped range slightly across the board
    • Tuned heavy damage templates:
      • Lower damage (from 0.3 to 0.225 for mace and from 0.275 to 0.225 for sword) and lower headshot multiplier for sword (from 2.0 to 1.5).)
  • Crowbill:
    Couldn’t get through armor with the right hit?
    The damage was aimed towards the wrong crit,
    Now you can smack them straight,
    with crit on the right trait.

    • (Lowered raw damage on light attacks (from 0.2 to 0.175).
    • Fixed an issue where light attacks used the wrong crit settings (too little damage vs armor, to much vs unarmored and bosses).)


  • “What is that under the tree?
    A re-factorisation of the weapon actions for thee,
    This should give you an easier start,
    So, mod away with all your heart.”

    (Refactored weapon action code in order to make modding around weapons a little bit easier.)

Snow and flurry, rush and hurry
Don’t get eaten by the wolf.
We hope you all,
like this rhyme.
Festive wishes,
in Mondstille time.

– The Fatshark Team


That is some effort on those patch notes, respect.


So we got some nerfs for Mace’n’Sword and no changes to Axe’n’Falcion, I mean realy, what’s the point of it? Axe&Falc is the best DLC weapon, it’s all-rounded weapon that is overall better then Mace&Sword, I just don’t understant why you nerf worse weapon and just do nothing to the most broken one :man_facepalming:


Thank you SO MUCH!


Agreed, I am so happy to say goodbye to the Stick of Thunk.


Previous sound for Crowbill was too loud, but satisfying. The way it sounds now is not as fun( But the volume is fine

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Excellent patch notes, an entertaining read and pretty stoked about the changes too!

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I like the change to the dual hammers. From my perspective, it did feel a bit lackluster, but now feels on par to the rest of his selection.

I also miss the thump from the Crowbill. It was a bit loud, sure, but it had such a satisfying, meaty impact.

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These are beautiful patchnotes
My respect to the team who made them wrote

(And I’m pretty sure my english grammar is terrible xD)

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Most excellent, our dearest @Fatshark_Hedge! Thank you so much for the hard work you and all of FatShark put in for us to enjoy this game. I, for sure, look forward to bashing some heads in with everyone! Woohoo!

And for those of us that might not hit the forums as the holidays approach: happy holidays and good hunting out there! We’ll see you… during the End-Times!

The new elf axe needs faster movespeed when attacking to match her other light weapons.

It doesn’t really feel “elf” and how fast she moves around

Yeah the old crowbill sound was great, the only issue was that it was too loud in third person (like the executioner sword headshots on Stromdorf release). The change to volume was needed, but the new sound is a downgrade over the old one imo.

While I was OK with the sound (never heard it from the outside ), I understand the complaints.
But now the crowbill lost it’s weight. It feels like I’m swinging a wooden weapon (not yet a dagger) instead of asomething heavier / hammer-like. Less satisfactory to use it.
It would be better to roll back to the original and just make it quieter for the other players

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Why the hell did you nerf mace and sword and not Axe and Falchion? Do you guys hate Kruber players or something? Now the weapon feels average once again, congratulations

Is the goal for balance otherwise one weapon overperforms.
I’m not saying falaxe didn’t deserve it more just commenting on your choice of words.


Every character has at least a pretty powerful and above average weapon, Saltz has the unnerfable Axe and Falchion, Kerillian has the daggers, Bardins has the 2 axes and hammers, then there’s Kruber, that only has average weapons…He’s not unplayable, but i always get the feeling that he is the weakest out of all the characters, but i don’t know anymore honestly. I wish they were consistent at least, and nerfed Saltz weapon as well, but no, why nerf that god damn beast, when you can nerf the mace and sword that almost nobody complained about…I would have been fine with a stagger reduction maybe, but now you can’t even kill chaos soldiers with a a single heavy headshot, while a few meters from you there’s a witch hunter that’s cleaving through entire patrols. It just doesn’t feel fair.

We’re probably going to see a falchaxe nerf soon. It’s not like they’re done balancing things…

Which kruber class are you using? His melee weapons are pretty solid. Merc with 2h hammer or exsword and repeater is a goram beast.

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I’d say Kruber has some very good weapons. Halberd is one of the best. Great damage, long reach, fast attacks. The sweep angle is a little narrow, but that makes sense. It takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, I’d say it’s one of the best in the game. They’ve also improved both two handed swords, so they’re useful if not as good as the halberd.

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@Haxorzist, I understand your point very good, I could’ve agree with you if you are talking about pre-bbb VT. But bbb changed a lot, there left almost no straight bad weapons, majority of weapons now are “average” “good” or even “too stronk”, so considering this “average” literally mean “one of the worst”. TBH I just think Mace&Sword didn’t deserve it.

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I’m using Merc.

Yeah he’s good with those, but the 2h hammer is really slow (i get hit so many times while im charging attacks it’s insane)and it lacks mobility. While the exc sword feels better but has the same slowness on the heavy attacks, and the mobility is still sub par. I’ll agree on the repeater pistol, that’s one of the few good things that Kruber has.

Again, not a bad weapon, but after several nerfs it has gotten really slow and clunky, the mobility on it is atrocious as well.