[PC] Vermintide 2 - The Big Balance BETA - Update #3 & Hotfix #1

Hotfix #1

  • Fixed crash when using Unchaineds talent “Reckless Rampage” or Pyromancers talent “Spark Smith” together with Flaming Sword, Hammer or Dagger.
  • Fixed the patch not having a ‘content revision’ within the ‘settings.ini’ file, making it both hard for us to identify beta specific crashes as well as causing a host of problems when trying to use mods.


Today we’re putting out Update #3 for the Big Balance Beta - our ongoing test bed for shaking up the meta. You’ll find the notes for this update below.

Please provide your feedback in our forums and social channels, else feel free to use our private feedback form if you prefer to fire and forget your thoughts!

To access the beta patch:

  • Right-click Warhammer: Vermintide 2 in your game list.
  • Select properties.
  • Go to the ‘Betas’ tab and enter the password: 4GBBetaOct23rd2018
  • Select balance_beta from the dropdown.

The beta uses your account - any progress you make on your characters, or rewards gained will be permanent. Any items salavaged, will be salvaged permanently. You are free to switch between the beta and the live game, by opting out of the beta branch. There will be a download each time you switch in and out of the beta.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where gaining temporary health increased stacks of Zealot’s Fiery Faith passive.
  • Fixed an issue where the Necklace trait Barkskin was not functioning properly when playing as a client.
  • Fixed an issue where attacks with Shield Slams or first heavy of Sienna’s Flaming Sword and Ceremonial Dagger could miss targets that were extremely close.

Tweaks & Balance

  • Dodge time window reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds for normal enemy attacks. Heavy cleaves and most elite enemy attacks remain unchanged.

Sword & Shield (Kruber)

  • Remade action chains - Sword and Shield now has more choice in attack chains.

Two-Handed Hammer (Kruber and Bardin)

  • Increased efficient dodge count from 1 to 2.

One-Hand Axes (Saltzpyre and Bardin)

  • Added 10% bonus critical strike chance to Axe light attacks and push attack.
  • Increased damage of light attacks across the board, significant increase in Infantry damage.

Sword & Dagger (Kerillian)

  • Changed damage profile of the dagger attack for the first heavy attack. Should now use the same profile as the sword attack. (Basically increased damage of Heavy 1).
  • Removed 10% critical strike chance modifier of first and second light attacks.

Dual Swords (Kerillian)

  • Reduced critical strike of 3rd and 4th attack from 50% to 25% and 99% to 50% respectively.
  • Removed 10% critical strike chance modifier of first and second light attacks.

Halberd (Kruber)

  • Increased attack speed of all attacks by 5%. Still lower than live game.

Executioner Sword (Kruber)

  • Reduced damage taken by the first target hit by light attacks.

Falchion (Saltzpyre)

  • Increased damage of third light attack.

One-Hand Swords (Kruber and Sienna)

  • Increased damage of third light attack.

Slam attacks (Kruber and Bardin Shields, Sienna Flaming Sword and Ceremonial Dagger)

  • Increased stagger versus Infantry.

Brace of Pistols (Saltzpyre) *

  • Increased damage versus armor.
  • Slightly increased damage on close range.
  • Increased damage on long range.
  • Reduced spread (tighter crosshair).
  • Reduced movement speed slow while aiming from 65% reduction to 15%.

Repeater Handgun (Kruber) *

  • Increased damage versus all targets.
  • Increased armor penetration.


  • Heal on Cleave - Increased the healing granted for damaging multiple enemies. First target now triggers a minimal heal. Gets progressively more powerful up to 5th target hit.
  • Heal on Stagger - Increased the healing granted from staggering enemies with melee attacks by 25%. Increased the healing granted for pushing enemies from 0.25 to 0.4 per enemy hit.
  • Heal on Kill - Increased the healing granted from killing enemies by about 30% across the board.
  • Heal on Crit/Headshot - Increased the healing granted on headshot/critical strike from 2 to 3.


  • Natural Bond - Being healed by other players now yield permanent health. This includes healing from First Aid Kits and Heal Share talents.
  • Hand of Shallya - Increased healing from Hand of Shallya from 35% to 50% of missing health.
  • Hand of Shallya - Healing from Hand of Shallya can now trigger heal share talents.
  • Resourceful Combatant - Reduced internal cooldown from 5 to 4 seconds.
  • Resourceful Sharpshooter - Reduced internal cooldown from 5 to 4 seconds.

Yeah uh… so is heal-by-bully meant to be a legit tactic then though?.. Cause it feels wrong and I’m head-scratching a little bit at seeing it buffed.

Also, while Im mostly alright with the weapon changes, you people do know that the 1H axes both have heavy attacks, yeah? Like, they… exist. It’s alright if you never noticed, because it’s pretty easy not to, honestly, but, they exist. And now that the light attacks are even stronger than they used to be, I’m only half sure why.

I mean I use them, but only for positioning purposes…


Also reduced damage to both Armoured and Infantry on heavy attacks, is it intended but unlisted or just a bug?

UPD. Seems like damage is actually tha same but crit/headshot modifiers are lower than on live/previous iterations of beta.

Wow, I was NOT expecting 1h axe to get another buff, it’s already one of the best weapons in the game atm. Looking foward to trying it out though!

Glad to see the beta will be making it live soon. Overall it’s a huge improvement over the base game, and addresses issues which have been present since launch.

  • Hand of Shallya - Increased healing from Hand of Shallya from 35% to 50% of missing health.
  • Hand of Shallya - Healing from Hand of Shallya can now trigger heal share talents.

Imagine 2 players with healthshare and hand of Shallya, what happens when one of them heals the other or even him/herself (=> healthshare), does that trigger an infinite loop until they both have 100% hp ? Would that also incidentally heal the two other teammates back to full hp if they are nearby ?

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Shhhhh…just let it happen…


Healing from heal share can’t trigger another proc of heal share :stuck_out_tongue:


Once again, how is Heal on Cleave supposed to work with Sienna’s dagger?

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WTF Fatshark?

  • dodge time reduced but stamina regen is still so low?
  • still not temp hp if, “cleaving and staggering”, I kill the enemies?
  • 30% on 0.25 temp health given by infantry rats, is still nothing.

p.s Executioner sword nerfed? Seriously? It was a valid alternative to 2h hammer.

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Nice, but I don’t quite see how it still not just a worse version of dual swords? Until Dual Daggers are boosted to be at least useful, SnD will just be a novelty weapon before you return to Dual Swords.

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And Blunderbuss???

U know what wonders me even more? No changes to DD, 2h Axe, Volley xBows, Shootguns, Bolt Staff and both Sienna and Bardin Flamers.

TBH some of this weapons don’t need much, just a few tweaks or slight increase in Monster damage could be great for something like Bolt or Blunderbass, but no, only after you create another cry&rage topic with over a 100 posts on this forum or reddit.

Haven’t FS stated that they kind of look at things in the order of what seems to interest people the most?

I still believe dual daggers need some love. There had been plenty of discussions about it by more people versed in the matter than me, yet still no changes to them. I hope there will be a couple more changes/iterations before this beta balance ends so we can see some tweaks.


They really do. They are the worst weapon in elf armoury right now.

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That is complete and utter nonsense.

Edit - unless you were being sarcastic and it went way over my head…

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In which situation do you feel DD are preferable to other weapons as they are now?

Still the best mobility, slightly reduced heavy attack on elites, slightly reduced horde clear. They are still more versatile than glaive or 2h sword. Definitely not her worst weapon, not close to that.

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Please make these purely percentage based, and without cooldown… At its current (and previous) state its a trash tier trait, since swift slaying simply outshines it at every aspect…

Well, then its strange that i trashed my daggers since beta, and started to use literally anything else (namely 2hsword, spear and glaive mostly…)

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