[PC] Vermintide 2 - The Big Balance BETA - Update #1


  • Fixed crash when hitting enemies with the torch on Blightreaper
  • Removed the buff icon from Natural Bond
  • Fix for elf 2h sword having 250% extra crit chance on push attacks. Now 25% extra as intended.
  • Heat Sink now functions on Drakefire Gun and Flamestorm Staff non-charged attacks


  • Reduced the temp health gained from the stagger talents (noted below), should now be more in line with the other temp health talents:
    • Huntsman - Taste of Victory
    • Foot Knight - Back Off, Ugly!
    • Ranger Veteran - Roots Running Deep
    • Ironbreaker - Rock-Breaker
    • Battle Wizard - Confound
    • Unchained - Soul Quench
  • Tweaked the temp health gained from the cleave talents (higher floor, lower ceiling).
    • Mercenary - Drillmaster
    • Knight - Bloody Unstoppable!
    • Ranger Veteran - Ranger Reaper
    • Slayer - Doomseeker
    • Waystalker - Dryad’s Thirst
    • Handmaiden - Spirit Echo
    • Witch Hunter Captain - Walking Judgement
    • Zealot - Sigmar’s Herald
    • Pyromancer - Spark Smith
    • Unchained - Reckless Rampage
  • Increased the temp health degen delay start from 1 to 3 seconds.
  • Temp health now decays twice as fast when not wounded ( to clarify, wounded state is obtained when you’re knocked down and revived).
  • Removed stamina regain burst when gaining temp health.
    • Previously whenever you gained temp health you restored a small amount of stamina if you had less than 50% stamina remaining. This has been removed. To compensate for this change passive stamina regen rate has been changed from 1 second to 0.5. Stamina should now regenerate at a more rapid rate. We will keep monitoring how this change performs closely for the duration of the beta.

  • Added some stagger resistance to Ratling Gunner, should ignore the weakest hits now.


  • Dual Swords tweaked:
    • Reduced stagger on dual sword attacks slightly (-25%), further reduced stagger against armor (-33%).
    • Reduced armor pen bonus on crits for dual sword attacks (-40% for damage, - 50% for stagger).
    • Increased crit stagger vs armor bonus for dual sword heavy attacks (+50%).
    • Slowed down chain to final light attack slightly.
  • Reduced push cost for sword and dagger.
  • Slowed down 1h Sword attack speed (0.95 to 0.9 speed multiplier).


  • Brace of Pistols tweaked:
    • More stagger on crit vs armor (+50%).
    • More stagger vs armor in general.
    • Reduced damage dropoff.
    • increased ammo by 5.
  • Bounty Hunter - Career Skill Cooldown reduced from 90 to 70 seconds.


  • Pyromancer - 10% ranged damage perk restored.
  • Pyromancer - Career Skill cooldown reduced from 80 to 60 seconds.

Known Issues:

  • Bounty Hunter talent ‘Inspired Shot’ does not function properly for clients
  • Pyromancer perk gives 5% instead of the intended 10% - whoops!

Thx for removing that unnecessary hidden clutch mechanic that allowed for unbeatable push followup spam on certain weapons and really a far easier time with stamina in general now its valuable resource again.


@Fatshark_Hedge There is a bug with this passive on Pyro, tooltip says 10% but in fact it gives 5%, tested it with Fireball and Bolt staves.

You just took my advice straight to heart. I almost feel special now.


So you are going to leave SnD and DD as they are? 2h Sword still feels like the weakest Kerillian weapon, alongside SnD. 1h Sword was hardly good enough to require a nerf in this update already. No mention of Waystalker ult cooldown increase for no reason. Was there any rationale behind the 70to80 seconds increase at all? All the temp health changes seem very sporadic to say the least.

About that my suggestion would be to buff the daggers headshot bonus until they have the same dmg as before (maybe slightly less but still in reach for the 30% breakpoint).

As for Sword & Dagger match it together out of the actual attacks of Dual Swords and Daggers instead of giving it weaker values.

Shade weapons are still too strong with ult. Over 250 dmg and a conc pot are just too much. While I do like that you won’t be that weak if you don’t have a pot with a high dmg ult if you have one it’s just too much. So you could also increase her cooldown or change how the pot works in order to balance this in my opinion.
If you would nerf her you could add 10-20% move speed for like 5s after using the ult that would really help to catch up with a boss if your not that lucky with your team. Not to mention the escape and revive possibilities.

WHY does health on cleave ONLY WORK WITH PUSHSTAB???
What am I supposed to do with Sienna’s DAGGER?

Open the letter and then throw envelope to CWs face so he cant see shoot. Reply to your grandma

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What part of “ongoing balance beta” are you not understanding? lmao


This beta should be alive more than 3 weeks

Some weapon got huge nerf while others got too much buff

Also enemy became too weak becuz of 3s dodge…

Dont rush it to live server like previous beta

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They already said that they aren’t pushing it live until they are happy with it. It isn’t going to be a “let it run for a week and then push” thing.

  1. Vik’s Repeater pistol buff pls. nobody using it.
    More base ammo would be nice so you could at least pew-pew enough if you can’t kill things heavier than a marauder.

Basically how it works now:

  1. Pyro can’t spam her F with ranged weapons.
    1.1. She can almost do it with Spear + double Resourceful build if she goes melee (witch is bad and why you would do that).
    1.2. Laser does not proc crit traits when HS’ing at all. Why?
    1.3. When Conflag and Flamethrower fix?

REWORK HER F for Sigmar’s sake. Right now she is in a limbo when she have literally no purpose in game. She is all around bad if compared with BW and UN. And have huge drawbacks with almost no benefits.

Make CD like 100 seconds to get rid of any F spam (way above):
Make her 25 LVL upgrades:
A. Fly little one - Low cleave but can be recast 3 times (anti armor).
B. Hell skull - skull has very low cleave like for 2 slave rats to get into the crowd. But it explodes like a flame grenade.
C. Soul syphon - every hit with Skull gives some* temp AND Real HP, -overheat and 2 seconds of CD.
*(1 for infantry, 5 for armored, 10 for specials and monsters). Avereage should be 5~15 of everything.

  1. Critchance on 2h elven sword was a mistake. Even after patch.
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May I suggest that lingering flames, instead of a stack limit, receive a damage limit?
Some DoTs were balanced on being somewhat stackable, others were not, and tic rates vary.
Though honestly most of them could be a slight bit longer, anyways — DoTs, most of the time, could just be extra damage with the short duration they have.
Also, as I was too late for that, I’d like to express my excitement over this balance beta. Nice. At times a bit extreme, but nice no less.

Edit: Upon testing, I think the temp health drop might actually be a bit too steep - dodging a few times and shooting a special may have already eroded everything before returning into the melee of an ongoing horde. This is compensated by enemies just not hitting anymore. I suggest that enemies that are currently not winding up an attack to only be affected for half as long by dodges.

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HS = headshot? what traits are you talking about?

What does spear mean in this context ooc?

I like B & C of those ult ideas. I’d give her a high cleave option for A instead so it goes through a few hordes and a SV, or two SV alone. Since you can’t choose the original ult once you pick a talent for the first time, you’re basically stuck with a lower cleave option if you don’t pick C. Personally, I also don’t think there should be too many ults that leave your finger on the ult key for more than a split second. Yes most of use have it bound to mouse, but still.

  1. It wasn’t refined idea. So there might be like some rough cases of “how certain staffs and skills inreract”. But this is gonna be a problem for every offensive skill.
  2. You can get vanilla F with C. because you just gonna be rewarded for strategicly using it but its offensive functionality wont change.
  3. Maybe something entirely else would be better. Like Concentration mode that gives Pyro powers for few seconds or casts. It would surely get rid of “double down on vs armor damage or something”. But alot of coding is needed to be done.

How about somrthing like “Ethernal focus”:
CD: 90 seconds.
Activation gives: Charged cast gain bonus properties.orange glow for 10 seconds or 1 cast. (like shade’s skill).
Bonus effect:
Every hit: deals flat bonus damage 1000 vs unarmored, 3000 vs armored, 4500 vs boss. Flame thrower and dots deals 1/10 of that bonus.
Specific weapon’s bonuses (for charged attack):

  1. Staff fireball - explosion radius increaced, explosion leaves flames on the ground for 3 seconds.
  2. Staff bolt - old ult buffed to cleave TROUGH 1 stormvermin.
  3. Staff beam - Buckshot that has 180* degrees spread and huge push power beam explosion that ignores ranged invulnerability.
  4. Staff conflag - 150% radius, ground fire lingers for 12 seconds and dot deals 1000 dmg vs bosses.
  5. Staff firethrower - no speed penalty while charging or spraying, leaves flames on the ground.


  1. Exhaust.
  2. Temp HP.
  3. 30% CD

Is spear the bolt staff?

I guess so.
Annoying; people are writing stuff in forums, maybe for the archives and want to present or discuss something but don’t have the “time” to write complete words. Not only here but in nearly in every forum.
“DD-Shade” … Damage Dealer Sha…oh! Dual Daggers! At least the author saved 1.2 seconds.

Sorry for the rant.

But If you want to discuss specific balancing parts maybe you want to open a new thread? This one becomes a little bit crowded/confusing


Maybe this is not the forum for this question, but is patch 1.2.1 live for the Xbox One yet? I noticed the crafting materials have the changed names, but I’m really looking forward to upgrading some weapons to veteran, as well as gettin loot die from defeated bosses.

This is the balance beta. I doubt the Xbox has it yet, as it’s not even fully released on PC yet. I might be wrong though, but to my knownledge, Xbox players can’t do the beta’s.