Any word on console?

I haven’t been keeping up on the fat shark latest. Any words on WoM for console yet or still radio silence?

“Before the end of 2019” is all the word we have so far, regarding console WoM.

More news then I had before, thanks a million

Where did you hear that? Last I remember, they were focusing their attention on the PC version. But they were hoping to have it out on consoles. Did they say for sure that it’s dropping before the new year on consoles?

Its not much, and of course like all vague release windows its subject to change. Currently its the only word from Fatshark on a console release date (at least that I’ve seen) so I thought I’d include it.
I’m pretty sure fatshark_tazar is one of the devs on the console team as well, judging by their comment history.

The sentence @TheCuteLittleGhost is specifically referring to comes from @FatsharkJulia found here:

I appreciate that people may be losing patience over this but I can assure you an announcement for PC will be with you soon™. I really, really, really wish I could say more.

As for console, we’ve learnt from previous mistakes and don’t want to compromise on quality. Therefore we’ve chosen to concentrate on one release at a time to ensure this doesn’t happen, but please let me reassure you that we’re not leaving our console players in the dark. I want to reiterate that we’re eternally appreciative of your patience and support, but at current we’re not in a position to be able to provide an approximate ETA for the console release of Winds of Magic. <3

Update: You all know when it’s coming to PC now, but I can also share that we hope to have Winds of Magic released on consoles by the end of 2019.


Every time somone creates a post about it they add a week to the release date.